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    Decent stereo now, alloy fuel/header tanks, K&N, braided clutch hose, Protech shocks, Aldon Ignitor, Magnecors, Flamethrower coil, Goodridge stainless brake hoses
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  1. Another recommend for Jack at Royal - did a first class job on mine that many have commented on.
  2. Mine broke in 2016. SJs told me they were obsolete, maybe they have a new source now. I found one on ebay listed as off a hillman hunter.
  3. Thanks for the kind offer, will try here first though. I was in Singapore in April - I hope your air con works! Can't be many Esprits there.
  4. Nice work. Can you share where you found the motor? Mine has been sounding unhealthy for a while now.
  5. Argh, would love to, especially as the green peril is back on the road after a protracted heatshield saga, but am pre-booked to take family to Whitby for the weekend. Next time for sure!
  6. Hi James, welcome and I think your urge for Esprit will be well understood here. I was also looking for an SE but they don't seem to come up often, so was swayed by a slightly tatty carb turbo for a lot less cash. No regrets on my part but the usual advice is good: hold out for the best you can afford. Also ask yourself how much spannering you are prepared to do as a lot of work is quite easy and will save lots. If I was buying now my first choice would be a private enthusiast selling up. Ideally get an expert to view with you, but a few pointers when looking at them: the aircon seems to be a pig to fix, if this works that's great. Look for chassis damage near the exhaust manifold due to heat. Exhaust manifold shouldn't look like it's on it's last legs. Press all the buttons to check the electrics. Check doors close properly and don't be fobbed off with a "just needs an adjustment" story, could be the hinge bushes and door removal. Steering should be smooth albeit heavy at low speed. Engine should sound like a sewing machine when warm, not hiccup or be underpowered, but you'll need to drive a few first to know. best of luck!
  7. Good suggestions from chillidoggy. I had a similar problem but much improved when i was able to access the cable drive behind the panel, clean off the old hardened grease and relube. With a long straw you might be able to get some lube on the water valve through the stereo aperture.
  8. I used jdo to get my vdo speedometer fixed: good service and fair price.
  9. All sounds very frustrating. On the cutting-out issue - you could try replacing the fuel pump relay? I had a dodgy one and I noticed it took about 30 seconds for the carbs to stop supplying fuel. On mine you can hear the pump constantly, but on yours I think it is an intermittent clicky one so hard to tell if stops? Carb float level too high so going too rich?
  10. Uk Sports Cars has a Stevens carb n/a esprit up for 23k. No mileage given, no engine rebuild, looks ok but nothing special. Even 20pc off that feels strong to me but good luck to them. If it goes i might have to review my insurance valuation!
  11. For what it's worth I used a smaller diameter (think 6mm ID) PVC tubing to replace these hoses, as I had some lying around and the job needed doing when I bought my car. Four and a half years later they're fine.
  12. My biggest ever Lotus spotted haul outside a gathering. Last Thursday 25th May: 2.45ish Grey Excel on A45 near Northampton, looked great and sounded better 7.45ish Red M100 Elan on a40 near Thame services and finally, a gorgeous Essex Esprit parked on a driveway in headington/temple cowley borders in oxford!
  13. Hi Freek, I don't know about the bleed nipple but the whole cylinder is so cheap (Landrover S2A) at about £10 delivered, that you could just buy one of those, the bleed nipple will likely fit your existing cylinder and you've then got a spare cylinder!
  14. OK, here's my review at last. First off, don't think you can just install new brake hoses, of any brand, onto your 28 year old car over the course of a day or so. Oh no. As well as needing 11/13/15/17mm flare spanners (ideally 2 x13mm ones) you will encounter one or more of the following fun issues: - seized nuts. Get your Dremel with flexi attachment ready. - seized caliper to hose adaptor on the rear Bendix calipers (seized to the hose, not the caliper thankfully in my case) - rusty brake pipes, particularly at the front. You will want to replace them! Get some M10 locking washers to replace the old ones if you don't have any to hand. Oh, and the bleed nipples on the front calipers are M7 1mm threads. OK, the hoses themselves. Goodridge kindly sent me the ones with stainless fittings, in smart black. I can't fault the quality - these things feel like they will last forever. They have a little permanent collar on them showing date of manufacture, which I guess is quite nice if you want to prove the work you did was recent. They come in a slightly boy-racerish box, and I can see why as they market these hoses as a performance upgrade. I guess the folk who are drawn to quality and reliability will do their own research rather than impulse buy. A point to note is that the Esprit Turbo kit they list on their website, is I think the one for the SE which it turns out is not quite the same as for the Stevens carb turbo. There are 6 hoses in the kit. The 4 rear ones are identical to each other and fit perfectly, but the front hoses must be different (think the SE hose goes straight into the caliper rather than into a little curly pipe bracketed to the caliper). I needed all 6 pipes with the same fittings at each end, but 2 slightly shorter. Happily Goodridge were very quick to sort this, and replicated the front hoses from the old one I sent them. They now have the knowledge to produce a specific carb turbo kit, so they should be able to help if you give them a call. There isn't any literature in the package to help you work out what hose goes where, in my case the two front hoses were slightly shorter. From a buyers point of view this information would be helpful and save a lot of swearing if you start at one end and fit what look like the right hoses until you get to the other end. Fitting took ages for the problems outlined above (might do a blog post on it), but once all in, brakes bled, leaks dealt with, it was time to go for a spin. All things considered, braking performance is I think a marginal improvement. Not so much in outright stopping power, but in firmness of the pedal and effort needed to get same result. It is slight, to be honest, although conditions at the weekend were a little damp so I couldn't give the brakes a full workout. I suppose I couldn't rule out that I managed to bleed out a little air that had been there before; nonetheless I'm happy that things are better than before and so I would recommend. Just don't expect a radical transformation. The key thing for me is that these hoses inspire confidence. Looking at the old knackered hoses which came off the car (possibly original), I feel a whole lot happier that I'm not trusting them any more. The Goodridge hoses look and feel like the premium product I think they are, and given how much these cost vs how much we all spend on Esprit maintenance, it seems a no brainer to go for the quality and consider the performance improvement as a bonus. Just my 2p worth!
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