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  1. Very interested to know how you get on Roy - this is all on my list for this time next year, assuming I don't need an engine rebuild before then! Beware the ebay silicone hose kits from the far east - they're good quality, but I assumed the kit for the SE was the same as for the X180, but (at least) the hose from the bottom of the rad to the chassis pipe is not. The others look the same compared to the parts manual.
  2. Hi Jacques, I have regular fuel hose used for that air bleed hose - not sure about the diameter but 6mm sounds right. No problems that I've noted. On mine the bend to the tank is quite tight as the hose is a bit shorter than it should be, which probably puts some strain on it. Personally I wouldn't worry much about the white deposits in a 20+ year-old car. Keep the coolant fresh and only worry when you get a leak. I use the pink coolant, Halfords' (UK retailer) most expensive stuff but I suspect most recognised brands are fine as long as you change the coolant every year or two. I like the idea of Evans waterless coolant but need to hear some more positive reports of it first; it's quite expensive and doesn't make sense to me unless you have a very sorted cooling system (no leaks, recent radiator, new hoses etc).
  3. Has to be understated, well, as understated as you can with an Esprit. Personally I'd say the S3 in a very dark blue, with cream leather. S2 perhaps a bit noisy to be truly cool? Same for the S1, also not so keen on the S1 front lip. That said, any early Stevens without a spoiler does look great - not as cool as the G cars yet, but one day. It's the lack of ears...
  4. That'll do it. Or you could effect a sympathetic upgrade... Probably the first thing I did when I got stuck into my car was pull the binnacle and replace everything in sight with LEDs, apart from the indicator telltale (which needs to work with either polarity, which LEDs can't). Lovely deep green and will last pretty much forever. My fear was constantly having one or two bulbs go and be pulling the binnacle all the time. Very worthwhile, and the bulbs are practically free on fleabay now.
  5. Been spending a lot with SJ over the last year online and in person with a suspension overhaul and have been very happy; opening up on Saturdays so I didn't have to take time off work for the drop off and pick up. Some bits are cheaper elsewhere of course, just do your own research, but the website is a great resource. They're well known and you have to wait a while to get an appointment, so they must be doing something right.
  6. Apologies for what is most probably a stupid question... How are you all turning the engine when setting timing etc? I presume it's a socket on the crank pulley, but that seems inaccessible to me, at least from the top of the engine; it's right at the bottom just above the "triangle of truth". What am I missing or am I just not trying hard enough? I'm seriously considering jacking it up and turning on the wheels in 5th gear. Assuming I'm not trying hard enough; what size socket is it for the crank pulley? much obliged...
  7. Get access to a garage for your own peace of mind, and make sure it's big enough to get out of! Be prepared to fall in love with it even more after purchase, to the extent that you'll spend more than you expect on replacements/upgrades. Above all, and it's been said many times, don't buy the first one you go for. I bought the second one but it was still overly tatty for the price. I'm much wiser now. Don't know about gt3s specifically but they're all special and they will make you smile every time. If it's the car you've always wanted you will not regret it! And it was Turbo Esprit on the Spectrum that started me off so i must be a few years ahead of you!
  8. Yet to be convinced on DAB in cars after terrible reception with a kenwood unit, admittedly a couple of years back. Great at home though, if you don't have excellent FM signal. Couldn't agree more on how modern stereos are aesthetically and ergonomically poor. Flimsy, overcomplex and invariably with the volume control on the left. I want metal, clunky sliders and clicky knobs, circa 1990 but with usb ports and cd. No hypnotic lights either please. I'm 35, hardly an old git! I love the sound quality of the pioneer 80dehprs i have in the Esprit but wish it looked more like the old Alpine which came out. Nakamichi comes closer to what i want aesthetically but seem to be pulling out of ICE. Moan over.
  9. An update for what it's worth; I've managed to solder a longer cable to the tip of the choke control pullrod. I cut the old cable, then Dremelled a little channel into the pullrod which the new cable can sit in. This process removed the bit of the old cable which is crimped or soldered into the tip of the pullrod. Then I silver soldered the cable into place with some bits of solder and a blowtorch. Seems solid enough for what it needs to do, and the result fits back into the control holder with no problems. I'm sure the Imp control would work if you could find one, I'm just keen to put in a new OEM part if possible. Now to fit it and see what a choke-assisted start is like!
  10. For the record, I've found the replacement. It's from a late model original Mini and is described as a "ratchet type" choke control. Found it here: The microswitch from the original control will just fix onto this. BUT, the cable is too short for the Esprit. I'm working on a solution to this; possibly soldering or a cable clamp/tube device...
  11. Fair point and wise words. This is why i'm saving up for some Pirelli 235s for my 15 inch wheels rather than looking for new rims!
  12. I got Protechs fitted all round last month and have to say i'm very happy with them; ride is comfy enough but taut. Admittedly my whole suspension and steering had seen far better days before the overhaul (new rack, some bushes, springs, full geo) so anything was bound to be an improvement. Personal taste is everything with suspension though.
  13. Bienvenidas Gus, y bien eleccion. Hablo un pocito espanol (pero tengo que praticar), entonces puedes mensajer si necessario, pero mi Esprit es un Stevens y soy contador no mecanico... Suerte con el proyecto!
  14. Might have been a Turbo, heading towards A420. Brief glimpse but looked to be in super nick; glad I had the shades on... Shame I opted for the Citroen today as I haven't yet "met" another Esprit out there!
  15. Nice work. I did the same to mine a few weeks ago. Trouble is that it makes the bulkhead carpet look terrible now, and that's probably a pretty grim job to tackle...
  16. It's a reinforced one with a metal spiral through it; similar to the original. Having driven around a bit more, it seems to be making an interesting noise to accompany the dump valve. Like an angry bear some distance away...
  17. Oddly enough, I've just replaced the standard hose with various bits on my 88 carb turbo: 76mm to 60mm silicone reducing hose (the 60mm fits the turbo) About 50mm of 76mm alloy tubing Flexible neoprene hose 76mm diameter to the airbox Another 50mm of 76mm alloy tubing Then a rubber collar I had from an earlier project which held the alloy tube and wrapped around the airbox outlet, which I couldn't measure very easily but is I think 80mm. Looks convoluted but I'm happy enough. The alloy tubing is just to give the hose clips something to grip to. Can't honestly say I've noticed a difference one way or the other, but if you do go straight out from the turbo (ie in line with the turbo inlet) be careful to leave space for the back of the boot floor panel. I had mine out when I did it and now it's back in there's a bit of contact.
  18. Here's mine in A61 Atlantic Green. Not my ideal choice but I'm getting to like it.
  19. SCC082910JHD13147 1988 Esprit Turbo Atlantic Green/Magnolia Oxford, UK
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