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  2. Cheers guys. I will give it a shot and probably take the splitter off and make some more as Bibs suggests As for the Personal Import side of things, it is the most flexible method of importing vehicles into Australia. RAWS is quite limiting but PI only needs (in NSW at least) to comply with the basic seatbelt ADRs and then the normal blue slip road worthiness side of things (equivalent to MOT). My only concern is that the 2 eleven only comes with harnesses and no lap sash retractable belt but I have a compliance company looking into it now. Would be nice to have the only road regist
  3. Thanks for the reply. It should be ok regardless of wheelbase as the problem is as both axles are on the level road, as the front of the car comes up the driveway is where there will be any issues. As soon as the front wheels hit the lip of the driveway, the splitter gets plenty of clearance. At least I hope! It isn't a major issue. It would mean I would just have to throw down some timber anytime I come in and out. Would just be annoying as I would want to do the run to work on nice days and it doesn't look super easy to just jump in and out of the car all the time! I see you're in
  4. G'day all, I'm seriously looking at getting a 2 Eleven but just had a worrying thought about getting it up my driveway. Overall, it's not steep but it has an area where it transitions from the street over the footpath that has a fair rise on it. I have a mildly track prepared Toyota MR2 roadster at the moment. It clears it by around 20mm. On level ground, the road to front splitter (bottom of front bumper really) height is 130mm. This lowest part is approx 700mm in front of the contact patch of the front tyres. Would anyone be able to give me the equivilant dimensions I have here so
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