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  1. Very positive and educated review by KBB, lot of followers in the US
  2. Is there any premium applied in UAE by Porsche from the EU pricing?
  3. I see... yep, the slatted cover looks claustrophobic and makes the interior darker, a bit irrelevant for a roadster I believe
  4. are you sure? It'd be great info... as I love the roadster but not the 350 rear wing and engine cover at all... so was disappointed by the 350 roadster updates really
  5. This video shows quite well the 400 auto, i guess in race mode
  6. Test in Dubai, I like the way it simply shows how great this car is, and the paddle-gearbox working well and this sound!!!
  7. What's wrong with my topic? hehe
  8. Indeed Getawayer, like many EU & US youtube reviewers do very good job and hence get plenty of subscribers. They don't necessarily ask for press day invitations, but to get a car for a couple of days. I'm quite sure some of them are more influencers than the traditional press. I've started to think about getting my MRS after watching this:
  9. FredP

    Lotus Evora 400

    You'll find the pictures there:
  11. FredP

    Lotus Evora 400
  12. FredP

    Lotus Evora 400

    I like this green Source Twitter:
  13. FredP

    Evora Roadster

    This photoshop might be the closest to what I think it'd look Source:
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