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  1. Hi Ross, I have a megane 265, you'll love it. The cornering abilities are unbelievable as is the acceleration, the RenaultSport guys achieved a great setup. I'd recommend the cup chassis (but for comfort I'd advise the leather seats and 18'' wheels). I drove 3 hours motorway today with it, no prob. 2 cars in 1 really. Also, you'll find room for two adults at the back and quite a large boot. It's a great car. If you're not sure, I live in the New Forest, you're welcome for a quick (!) ride.
  2. FredP

    Lotus Evora 400

    I like that short video, give sense of this car's stance
  3. FredP

    Lotus Evora 400

    Source: Source:
  4. FredP

    Lotus Evora 400

  5. FredP

    Exige 400

    on a style side, an Exige roadster with that lovely interior and wing mirrors from the 400 would probably convince me
  6. It seems they were working on improving the setup... will see from the first review of the Spider. Have you noticed the new (black) air intake on the left side (front of the rear wheel)?
  7. Alfa Romeo 4C Spider
  8. Is a roadster version anticipated as well for MY2016?
  9. source:
  10. Source:
  11. Zurich autoshow (Source:
  12. Well, they 'just' need to talk with the supplier of the R8 spyder, I don't see this project as a big deal technically (providing they've done the hardest part, a chassis that can deal with roof less structure). I guess the delayed Evora facelift and convertible are due to cash flow optimisation, also because of a not-so-clear business case, but I don't see a technical feasibility issue here. I agree, the spyker style is very inspiring, particularly all the work behind the seats to the back, very modern and lean, no wing (I was surprised of the latest).
  13. There is no official picture of the targa 4C so I guess you refer to some photoshop assumptions? I hope the Evora convertible will be similar to the spyker venator, as they share the same platform & engine.
  14. From this article, it sounds they will address the headlights, enhance the interior, offer a targa version and a more powerful model
  15. it looks they have a proper product plan, hopefully Lotus will react by positioning an Exige NA roadster in the 40k bracket New headlights Targa More powerful version "A new report indicates Alfa Romeo has some updates in tow for the recently introduced 4C." Auto Edizione is reporting the Italian marque will offer the 4C with a new set of headlights derived from the 2011 concept. This is great news since the headlight design has been the subject of many disputes revolving around what we consider as being a very beautiful car. This piece of information has actually been confirmed by the car's design team leader Marco Tencone..."
  16. The air flow on the v6 should be far better above the engine I imagine (thanks to the cover)
  17. I may miss your point as I don't understand your view. The best rear engine sport cars have a front boot for many many years and their engines are properly cooled.
  18. The problem is we are in 2013 and it seems that asking 60k for a car that is sold with an interior that has been designed in 1996 is very ambitious. Of course, we can't challenge how technically a Lotus is finely tuned and conceived, we are mostly owners/ex-owners so we enjoyed it. But, in 2013, a successful company will not have only fantastic engineers but also fantastic designers that make the product likeable. Try to sell an ugly iPhone with the same features: it won't sell! I don't think it is utterly expensive to change how the interior looks. Furthermore, it is feasible to offer an android based multimedia touch screen if it is properly considered & budgeted by the management team. On another point, but that shows there is little influence from the designers against the engineers at Lotus, to conceive a rear engine car with no front boot does make little sense in term of design & usability.
  19. (I was half joking in my comment) It is at least 6 months old I guess, I recall this was a picture for EVO or so
  20. I'm not obsessed, but I do think there is a white roadster in this picture (!) ... behind the two guys
  21. Still not seen any picture of the roadster in white (except an unfinished one at the factory) That one:
  22. I think Lotus future success would be to stay faithful to their values but innovate with a model that wide their audience. (See Ferrari California). Ferrari is a good example of innovation and exclusivity in the sport car business. Having an Asian shareholder in a car business nowadays is a fantastic asset as the volume is there. Also, the Elise is a fundamental product for Lotus. Most car makers are chasing the first time buyers that will enter and love the brand, and will grow with it. I start with an Elise in my late 20's, then an Evora in my 30's, etc... This is where Porsche have a very strong business case: they don't lose the 911 second hand buyers once they need more space for a family: they will get a Panamera or a Cayenne. depending the wife preference. I hope Lotus still have this model in mind for middle term plan:
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