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  1. another review I love this picture, can't tell why, so many Italian exotic cars come to my mind
  3. looks good in white from: :Lotus factory Tour June 2013 - Lotus Roma Facebook
  4. yep, when I read this kind a review, I don't recognise at all how thrilling it is to drive an Elise, let alone an Exige roadster. I feel they are either blasé as they drive great cars on a daily basis or they are simply not petrolhead and can't wait to find another journalist role in a office in London to write political reviews or so!
  5. First Drive: Lotus Exige S Roadster
  6. Definitely Ben, I agree
  7. paint & panel assembly details look of very high quality
  8. Lotus Exige S Roadster first drive review
  9. Superb shots:
  10. In the latest article about the 4C, lot of production figures. those in the car industry may assess the production cost I guess: "The tub uses ‘pre-preg’ carbonfibre, which is hand-laid in a one-piece mould and oven cured in vacuum bags. It takes 90 man hours to create." "There are nine main assembly ‘stations’, each manned by between two and three workers, who have 14 minutes to perform multiple assembly operations. The 14-minute ‘cycle time’ is long by volume car factory standards; typically, they are as low as one minute. But 14 minutes has been the standard Maserati cycle time at Modena, so it is also adopted by Alfa. Station 4, where the engine and gearbox are installed, is one of the most time consuming. Overall, it takes between 20 and 25 hours to complete the build, which is spread over about three weeks. By comparison, a Maserati takes about 60 hours over two months."
  11. you got it, the financial outcome of this project will be interesting for Lotus (technically, we all agree Lotus can deliver or design similar models, they even may be involved in that 4C project...)
  12. Indeed, you're right, and Ferrari clearly stated that they will use Aluminium in the future, CF is not part of the equation for their most selling models (they produce 7000 units per year!). But, yes, I think the experience is interesting particularly for Lotus.
  13. As per the production, the director of production is talking about 3,500 units per year in the article below, the carbon fiber features 13% of the components: Having said that, auto express source is not the most reliable one. To reach this production rate, you need to sell a lot in Asia and US I think. Lotus don't even sell the Elise in the US anymore. In a 'normal' business, it won't make sense to produce a non-compliant model for your biggest market.
  14. Well, they plan to produce 2500 units a year so the Carbon tech seems able to cope with that. Also, Maserati may produce there own model from this plate-form. As per the Elise, the 4C seems 25cm wider (!!) if we believe the 2000mm width in the brochure ... so I'd compare the footprint of the 4C against the Exige V6 Never seen in the metal yet though....
  15. few more videos... On Wiki, the 4c is announced as 2000mm wide... as wide as a 458? Does the 4c look as a short Ferrari in 'real life'?
  16. That's very good news indeed, funny how we can be personally involved with this company! As for the new model, they may be refer to the Exige roadster (?) Is the official presentation planned in Goodwood?
  17. Exactly my thought I think it'd make sense a N/A version to be more GT oriented. The Supercharger version is just 'too fast' for my drivestyle to be honest. And I'm less into track focused cars (I can stop thinking the AM Vantage is now in the 30k£ bracket...)
  18. I think your car will look like that one:
  19. Lotus Evora S Sports Racer roadtest (video)
  20. I know Bibs (seen on my elise) :-D but my question would be then why the rad is so big? Ferrari, Porsche... needs to cool bigger engines and they design their cars with a front boot! hehe :-)
  21. I see in many forums this car is seen as the new 308 GTS and the interior fitting will be an important feature if they wish to sell it not as track focused car, which I do feel as well. Just a general question though (relative to the touring / practicability): why the modern Lotuses don't have a front boot?
  22. I don't agree, the wing won't make sense on the roadster. It will look tacky (IMO). Also, I do think there is market for a cheaper version, with the Naturally Aspirated V6. At least for the roadster. The usage of the roadster won't be that similar to the coupe I think, the roadster won't track that much, but tour a lot more. This car would sell like hot cakes in the US...
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