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  1. Could we consider the Exige V6 the first Lotus designed by Donato Coco? Each picture of the Roadster can not stop me thinking about Italian references, this car is just sublime. Remind me when little I was dreaming looking at the Ferrari 308 GTS. I feel the Exige Roadster is nearly the only modern car I like at 99% for the design (the 100% would be reach with a 2 * 2 exhaust, similar to the 308! (or the new F-type V8...))
  2. Thank you indeed guys. Yes, I'm not far from Hedge End, I've sent them an email few weeks ago but no reply (I think there is one dealer in Bournemouth, which is near where I live as well).
  3. thank you Bibs. Shame, I do think there is a market for it... pricing range in the early 40s and plenty enough HP (at least for me!) :-) It may catch also some that planned to get an Evora Roadster, initially expected for 2012...
  4. Hello everyone, happy to join this forum, it reminds me the happy time with my Lotus Elise s1 when I was in France. It was one of the first LHD (VIN 357) and got it during 3 years in mid-2000's. I'm now in the UK since 2006, feeling good over here. I'm planning to get an Evora by the end of this year, as an everyday car (My S1 was also my everyday car in Paris!). My heart would go a roadster Exige V6 though, particularly if they launch a N/A version. Cheers to everyone, Fred
  5. Hi everyone, I wonder whether a N/A version will be available for the Exige V6 roadster? Fred
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