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  1. Happy to hear this :-) Re-Evora interior: from the latest improvements in 2013, I read only good things about it, even compared to Porsche, where the Evora seems a place more special and different than the Audi/Porsche kind of quality. Have you noticed Porsche offers virtually the same interior across all the range. Started from the Panamera to other models. I guess Lotus will refine the Evora interior and implement it in the next Elise/exige generation. [Note: the 2 last pictures attached to your article are excellent I must say]
  2. I see your points and I agree (high sills, minimalist...). My concern was about the statement re the improvements in quality I don't really follow. I mean I do think my Elise S1 1997 interior was 80% similar to the Exige S roadster 2013. The best example of minimalist and up to date interior is the Mac Laren 12C. And I do think the new Exige needed a Revamp of the interior. I'm from the Internet industry and a 15 years old interior of a product sold 52k£ seems crazy. Just my opinion though.
  3. This is strong statement: "We tried the Boxster S earlier in the year and it doesn’t have half of the appeal of the Roadster. " On picture, this is very hard to imagine the interior to be that different in quality from a simple Elise. " ...improvements in quality make the Lotus feel worth its price tag. "
  4. I had a chat with a lotus director when the Evora was unveiled in Paris (or London?) years ago, and clearly (at that time), the convertible Evora was a 2 seats car.
  5. Pebble Beach / Spyker: it is clearly stated that Lotus is involved in the design of this car. Will the Evora use the same platform?
  6. A coupe "roadster" in Monte Carlo Source:
  7. Hill climb Exige V6 + Evora
  8. A V6 Cup .... Roadster !! Source:
  9. I think the article is also here:
  10. Review Sunday times
  11. Plus invest to make it compliant for the US market
  12. Source:
  13. The first 20 sec of that one too
  14. FlickR
  15. I can't wait for a pic/video of a white one....
  16. Essai en Francais
  17. FredP


    Just my opinion, but with the roadster, she could have use far bigger tools and shot behind not only sideways.
  18. I love this picture from Bring up to my memory so many thrilling Sunday countryside drives
  19. For the record, I think the production reaches 50 units per week. The reference to 40 a month was for Malaysia I guess (the interview was published in a Malaysian newspaper). I agree for the US homologation + the interior re-design. The Evora targa is less a priority considering the road friendly set-up of the Exige roadster (particularly if they re-design the cabin).
  20. Lotus Cars Limited is pleased to announce the expansion of its auto retail operation in Germany, with the addition of a new dealership in Anzing, near Munich. Exklusive Kollektion, the prestigious German auto retailer has moved its flagship Lotus store to Anzing, whilst its current Dresden location will now be dedicated to pre-owned sports cars. The move has been prompted as a result of both Lotus’ and Exklusive Kollektion’s growing customer base in the south of the country. To celebrate the new opening, Lotus München organised an Open Day event on Saturday 20 July 2013. Cars displayed at the event were the Lotus Exige S, Lotus Evora S Sports Racer, Lotus Elise S, Lotus Elise Club Racer, the special one-off “Top Gear Lotus Lada”, along with a number of classic and pre-owned Lotus cars and a selection of Lotus Originals products. Lotus München shares the existing showroom of Sportwagen Teiber, an established and respected retailer of sports and classic cars to discerning Munich clients. Close to the A94 autobahn, around 15 km east of Munich, this recently built facility, complete with Lotus corporate identity, displays the full range of Lotus sports cars. The new facility is close to some great test drive routes so potential customers can experience some of the greatest handling sportscars in the ideal environment. Exklusive Kollektion was established as a Lotus dealer in 2008 and is consistently one of the best-performing Lotus dealers in Germany. Its move into the Munich and the south-German market promises to delight existing Lotus customers and welcome lots of new clients to the Lotus brand. Stephan Carstens, Dealer Principal for Lotus München commented “We are looking forward to the opening of the new Lotus München dealership. It allows us closer proximity to our customer base, the chance to attract new clients and enables us to respond better to the ever growing interest in Lotus as a sports car marque of choice. Munich is one of the largest car markets in Europe and we’re delighted to be representing this vibrant brand in this automotive heartland. Ultimately this means more choice for the sports car enthusiast, an expansion of Lotus in the German market and a new base for the Lotus range in Munich.
  22. My Christmas' list would be a N/A version with IPS for early 40k, :-D
  23. The IPS / Paddle shift does not seem to be in the option list, does anyone know why? Cheers
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