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  1. 21 hours ago, MartynB said:

    Err, Derek, which aero components are you thinking of?

    The Sport 350 roadsters I've seen have no splitter and no rear wing. The show car that Lotus Cars have on their website seems to be a peculiar one-off, with a splitter, motorsports wing and the 360 Cup front access cover. None of these seem to figure one production Sport 350 roadsters.

    are you sure? It'd be great info... as I love the roadster but not the 350 rear wing and engine cover at all... so was disappointed by the 350 roadster updates really

  2. On 06/18/2016 at 07:24, anthonyyule said:

    So disappointed with the new video James..... I actually got up early this morning to watch it (such is the quality of the information you normally provide). However.... almost 10mins on IPS - and nicely split between "Drive" and "Manual"...... but for the 400 I can't see any really time spent in "Manual" at all :(

    Ive ordered a 410Sport Auto and have always found it extremely difficult to find any proper reviews of the new auto. I had therefore (possibly unfairly) put a huge amount of expectation at your door. 

    Im actually left no better informed as to how the car performs in manual :(

    This video shows quite well the 400 auto, i guess in race mode




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  3. Indeed Getawayer, like many EU & US youtube reviewers do very good job and hence get plenty of subscribers.

    They don't necessarily ask for press day invitations, but to get a car for a couple of days. I'm quite sure some of them are more influencers than the traditional press. I've started to think about getting my MRS after watching this: 

  4. ...Elise and Exige, they need to be refreshed in order to stay appealing when compared to Alfa 4C, Cayman and Boxster. therefore the 2017 Exige will have a dash layout with plenty of Evora DNA and a body using the same material used on the 3-Eleven. Elise will get a new body using that same material and a dash that will be pretty similar if not identical to Exige. 



    Is it something you've been informed to or read somewhere? Sounds great as a plan!

  5. Top Gear JMG interview confirmed the plan for the Evora roadster.


    "There will be an Evora 400 Roadster, with twin carbon fibre roof panels that stow in the front and weigh just 3kg each."


    From above, I was wondering how this roadster could look... a bit like the Alfa Romeo 4C? 

  6. Design-wise, I feel the latest McLaren productions have made plenty of sport cars dated, and the 3-11 clearly step-up the Lotus game (I'd change the headlights to thinnest ones)

  7. Hi Ross, I have a megane 265, you'll love it. The cornering abilities are unbelievable as is the acceleration, the RenaultSport guys achieved a great setup. 

    I'd recommend the cup chassis (but for comfort I'd advise the leather seats and 18'' wheels). I drove 3 hours motorway today with it, no prob. 2 cars in 1 really.

    Also, you'll find room for two adults at the back and quite a large boot. It's a great car. 


    If you're not sure, I live in the New Forest, you're welcome for a quick (!) ride.

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