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  1. Even with the excuses I'd have expected the Exige to be winning that race however in other races of this type the gear changes with a paddle shift are shown to make a huge difference over manual and so this is probably just representative of that
  2. Quite a shock. Management fall out I imagine if he has gone so quickly. Shame as he seemed to be good head for the business.
  3. EDIT Just to add, I am sure this one is spot on but when a shit tuner causes you two engine blow ups it takes a long time to trust a modded engine, no matter how good.
  4. Bit slow i did see that but its out of budget. Plus after blowing up my supercharged Elise twice I'm a bit wary of modified engines.
  5. Agree, I just went the other way to you. The Evora was lovely but almost seemed too nice to track and too nice to use daily! I work in London now so don't drive in the week really so can make this my weekend whore
  6. RenaultSport Megane RS265 (300bhp). Ultimately I didn't like the size/weight of it and on track it really did give the suspension/tyres a hard time. I guess I was used to the Elise which never seemed to wear out anything! I'd done the Elise and the Evora and there wasn't anything left to buy as the Exige V6 just seemed to be £££ for a car that wasn't hugely different to my supercharged Elise/ Thanks, that's interesting info about the 50:50. I'd sacrifice the IPS for an LF1 (assuming I still like it once I try one)
  7. I've been out of the Lotus fold for a couple of years after 7 with a 111R (S/C) and 2 with an Evora S IPS. I've already done the Elise thing and so its the V6 I am looking at as its different enough to feel like a car I haven't owned before ,if you see what I mean. Budget is about £45k which is near the lower end of the market but still a lot and not much less than my Evora cost. However, this is less of an issue if depreciation is low and from what I can see the lowest V6s are sticking at about £40k, with little movement. Do you see them dropping slowly or holding? The Evora seemed to stick at £30k for years (not checked if they are lower than that now - edit, no they are about the same) I'm not keen on the fixed roof but prefer the coupe look to the roadster which is a little too 'Elise' for me. Also, I loved the IPS. It has mixed reviews on here but on my 2012 Evora, in Sport mode it was bloody awesome with flat shifts on full throttle and fantastic throttle blips on the way down. I need to try an Exige with this box but based on my experience its what I want. However it heavily limits the cars available to me. That said it could also mean lower depreciation too. I don't want anything stripped out so a std one will do and ideally an LF1 but they are out of my price range sadly. Anyway, lets see what Santa says
  8. Frimley111R


  9. Thanks. I seem to have the only IPS 'S' on the market so that's a good start!
  10. Thanks all for the advice. Coming from a SAAB 9-3 I am sure the 4-Series will be fine. Any thoughts on value? i see an independent dealer selling a same spec MY11 for £40k. Mine is the MY12 though.
  11. The 4-series is a daily driver/barge. I'm not expecting wonders from it dynamically. Its for 'normal stuff'. I want to keep costs down a bit for the next year or two and if I was considering M3/C63 I wouldn't bother as I'd just keep the Evora. Its amazing but just a bit too lovely and expensive for me to feel that ragging it on a TD or using it as often as I do is completely acceptable. I'm really thinking about what I can do to enjoy a performance car without worrying about it too much. The Megane will be a daily driver too and I think I'd feel ok using it as such. it will be a bit odd when its gone, had a Lotus for over 10 years now..., still there's plenty of time to get another
  12. Yes, I think I will but we have the Evora, a Boxster, SAAB and Clio Williams and its too many so the CW was sold yesterday, we're planning to replace the Boxster with a 4 Series Conv as mostly Mrs 111R drives that and style is more important than performance to her. I think I'll change the Evora/SAAB to a RenaultSport Megane for a bit and see how things go, it seems the best daily driver/performance car I can think of. Very few IPS models around and the nearest one is £40k but its not a MY12 car. Still thinking about value now but presently not sure...
  13. With lots going on at the moment in the business it looks like the time to move on from my lovely Evora. For me its been, ironically, a little too good. My car was bought to give me greater daily usability after realising how much time my Elise sat in the garage not being used, But the reality is that I always felt too precious about it and it seemed a 'waste' to have it ploughing a motorway or sitting in traffic or going to the shops. In reality my old SAAB is far better suited to the task. Also I never did a track day in it and worried about using such a nice/expensive car in that way (I know lots of people do). Its also stupidly fast and, as with many cars of similar performance, the chance to use it on the roads is very limited. The IPS gearbox was the perfect choice for me but I suspect 99.9% of the time I drove the car with it sat in 'D'. That says much about how little I used it's potential. Its been a great couple of years but it's time for a change, what to I'm not sure yet, but I think I'll always be on the TLF and 'the playground' so will be back in whatever Lotus serves up next time. Advert going up shortly...
  14. This should be called the Evora Porn thread!
  15. I'm off to Sainsbury's now. I'll park at the back and take up two spaces. If I don't I know what will happen...
  16. They are the two that sit underneath, just behind the mudflap that locate the bottom of the front wing.
  17. Hi Colin, yes, I set aside the afternoon to do them and didn't get very far! I'll have another go at the weekend (when it'll be raining no doubt!)
  18. On the OS, I am trying to undo the two bolts that sit at the bottom of the wing, underneath. One is fine but the other was very tough to undo and when it did I could feel that whatever it screws into turning inside. So now what can I do?
  19. That looks familiar from a YT video I just watched!
  20. Is that a special blue paint too? I don't recognise the colour.
  21. Yep, me too, I've always been conscious of someone crashing trying to keep up with /race me. If they look a bit shit (you can usually tell by the car) I ease off and 'lose'.
  22. It missed a service or a dealer service?
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