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  1. I’ve just done my first track day and at Blyton too, last Thursday 8th April. I’ve a Evora SR on 20’’ rear and 19’’ front. I started the day running on cold setting pressures as recommended by the book. Ie 2.6 bar rear and 2.4 bar front. It didn’t take long before the rears were at 2.9 bar and front 3 bar and the car was sliding a lot on the corners due to the increase in pressures. I reduced the pressures to 2.6 bar rear and 2.4 bar front while the tyres were still warm and carried on enjoying the day with the pressures increasing to approximately 2.7 bar rear and 2.5 bar front due to the Corning speeds and it stopped it sliding in the corners too. obviously this is still work in progress for when I do my next track day. you will also need to check your wheel bolt torque settings after they’ve got hot to make sure they’ve not loosened off. enjoy your track day, Blyton is a great track. regards Will
  2. I have a 2013 Evora Sports Racer and the Air Conditioning is not that good at the moment. I am going to have it recharged by a friend of mine who has the equipment for the company he works for when he has a truck to do. he’s asked me to find out what the Refrigerant type is and also the quantity required by weight. as anyone got this information please. thanks in advance Will.
  3. Thanks for the link. Not sure at the moment to either go through insurance or do it myself. Regards Will Thanks Bibs Regards Will
  4. Evora Sports Racer 2013 model 19’’ front and 20’’ rear wheels wanted. One of each Kind Regards Will
  5. Will do next time I’m up there. Cheers thanks. Will
  6. I was up in Newcastle for a weekend drinking with 9 friends and was watching my team Barnsley playing football on Sky in the Sports bar a few doors up from where your car was parked. One of the lads came to me with a picture of it and asked me what it was. When I said it was a Lotus Evora they asked if it was the same has the one I have. I said I wish as mine is an Evora S. It looked stunning Gav and I’m proud to have one from the same Lotus family. Enjoy.
  7. Spotted yesterday, Saturday 23rd March Red Evora GTE at the Quayside area of Newcastle. Looked stunning. Does this belong to anyone on the Forum?
  8. I’ve finally got the reversing guide lines to appear again. There is an addition On/Off selection next to the default setting on the bottom banner when you go into setup. This isn’t the one that appears when tapping on the screen when reverse is selected. I just selected it and also the default setting and all is good again. I don’t know how this got altered in the first place because this is a set up screen that I’d never come across previously. Regards Will.
  9. I have a 2013 Evora Sports Racer and when selecting reverse the camera displays ok and the Sensors bleeps ok when reversing near any objects. However, the guide lines that have always been visible on the Alpine INE-W920R display when reversing have stopped appearing. Does anyone know what may have caused them to stop appearing. Thanks Will
  10. Sorry for the late response. The settings I got from Silverstone Lotus for the rears were: - 1.8 degrees for the camber which is - 1 Deg 48 minutes. When I had them adjusted last weekend I decided to take some camber off and had them set at - 1 Deg 38 minutes. I will monitor them for wear and handling. Regards Will
  11. Ive been in touch with Silverstone Lotus today and got the settings and good advice from a guy called Matt. He even located a racing garage locally to me who use the Hunter alignment tool which is what Lotus use which I'm going to arrange a visit and have the alignment checked over and adjusted. Matt gave me plenty of his time and I would definately recommend Silverstone Lotus. Regards Will
  12. Thanks for your response Simon, If I could see your setting I could get my aligned to the figures and then see how it goes from there. I've just taken my locally today for two MPSS fitting from blackcicle. £523.00 and want to see more from the mileage on this set so a good time to adjust the alignment. Regards Will
  13. Like most Evora owners my rear tyres are wearing on the inner edge which is a characteristic of the car and causing the rear tyres to be changed more frequently than any other sport car. After having the geometry checked by a Lotus garage and only slight adjustment made I'm still only getting 8.5k miles from a new set of tyres with no track days or heavy driving etc. i don't mind paying the high price for the Evora tyres but it does bother me that the old tyres still have plenty of tread remaining from the centre to the outer edge but are illegal due to the worn inner edge of the tyre. Has anyone had their geometry adjusted away from spec to give them better mileage on the rears and if so what are these settings and how much did it effect the handling of the car. Any advice on geometry setting to get more miles out of my rear tyres would be appreciated. Best regards Will
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