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  1. Looks superb, worth every minute of your preparation, Great job,Wow, Wow. Love bot of these photos.
  2. Looks great Roland, you’ve been one step ahead of me all year. Hope every thing goes well with your top coat, can’t wait to see the finnished product
  3. Well done Giorgio, Your car look magnificent, you are an inspiration to us All. It takes a lot of commitment to stick to such a long term project. Congratulations on your car so far
  4. Gday Rolls, I am at this stage myself, the correct fitting of the bonnet is very challenging. I have found that I was easily able to change the shape of the leading edge of the bonnet with a slight twist of the hinges. I fell that the final fit may be affected buy the bonnet seal especially the leading edge but also up the sides. Have you trial fitted the bonnet with the rubber seal yet.? The bonnet is very flexible with barely a finger touch. Your car has become a benchmark for me, and I must be commend for your persuit of excellence cheers, Allan
  5. Thanks Roland, looks great reface is so easy, I’m planing to do my own paintwork.
  6. Not looking forward to the electrical part of my restoration, however watching your progress here with extreme interest. Reckon you must be about 6 months ahead of me. I was wondering if you used a primer surfacerover the upol reface.
  7. Thanks anyway Andre, You are very lucky to have the original material in such great condition, my search will continue I have found a couple of similar cloths but I think you’re right about the original product Enjoy your car, cheers, Allan
  8. Hello Andre, Your car looks absolutely stunning, you must be very pleased with the outcome. Could I ask if you had the corduroy replaced and if so, would you know where it came from. I have been restoring 076 for a few years now but haven’t solved the corduroy issue yet Cheers Allan
  9. Hello Jack, Sent a PM., These cars hold many secrets, not sure the records were always accurate. cheers, Allan
  10. You are very lucky to have your original gold material in such good condition, I contacted Steve earlier this year he indicated he might have the gold reproduced sometime in the future. I have searched for this material fo 5 years so far. Close up shot below. Cheers Allan 076
  11. Can't believe how long this is taking

  12. Hello Goirgio, I have just read through this thread and noticed you were deciding what to paint about a year ago. I am wondering if you have finished your paint work " satin black" and if you are happy with the result. I am restoring commemorative 076 and I have the same dilemma with which items should be satin. Best regards, Allan
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