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  1. Mark- If you haven't ordered a bumper from SJ Sportscars yet. Check JAE in CA - if your not familiar with them just do a google search JAE Lotus and their contact info will come right up. Shipping from the UK is very very very very expensive.
  2. Joolz- Under the engine the fixing goes like this (reference your 87 HC). There is a metal channel that runs from left to right behind the seat bolts. This recieves the leading edge. Then there are holes with J-Nuts along the underneath of the car. Just inside of the sills. The last bolt hole is inside the back wheel wells. I think a total of 10 bolts/5 on each side. I was told that it is used to keep water from splashing onto the exhaust and manifold in the rain. Hot manifold, cold puddled water, could crack the metal. Yes there is an undertray up front too. This protects the front oil cooler and coolant lines. Plus it directs the air flow underneath the car. This comes in two pieces, split down the middle... and screws into the front lower spoiler.
  3. To take it one step further. The number one plug wire has to be plugged into the port where the rotor is pointing when the engine is at Top Dead Center. The reason why I mention this is that I had to re-route the plug wires when I did my C-Service. Because the last time a mechanic worked on my car... he used the TDC -plug the wire in technique. But according to the service manual the rotor should be pointing at about 10 O'Clock from the rear of the car with the engine at TDC and that port should have the #1 plug wire plugged into it. After you run all the wires and start the car you will have to rotate the distributor to set the timing (this will throw off the 10 O'Clock reference). Good luck
  4. Looks like I found what I need here Spitbits in California Scroll down to Side Marker Lamp and click on the specific part in the drawing (number 7- click on the 7) and it pulls up the part and price. They want $80 US for the set of 4 -Jeff
  5. Is it possible to buy the rubber seals that are on the Marker Lamps? Mine are showing there age, cracked and dry rotted. They will do for the time being but I would like to replace them if possible. Please let me know if you have a parts source. Thanks!
  6. Mine were bonded with silicone too. I used some nylon string to cut the silicone away. You could use braided wire to cut the silicone away much faster but if your not carefull you can damage the paint on the inside jam, or cut into the fiberglass.
  7. Robert- Wiper Switch is on its way to you. Posted today...I was told you should get it in one weeks time (7 days). I sent you a private message with my Paypal account info and the Postage fee info. -Jeff
  8. No matter, it just means filling out a customs form. I will have a look at the steering column on Sunday and pull it off the car. Let me know your mailing address and I'll post it to you. Then I'll let you know how much it cost me and you can send me the money through Paypal. Send me your address by e-mail [email protected] So if it's late fall early winter here, then your just starting your summer season. Lucky dog
  9. I have a used one off of an 87 S3 if your interested. -Jeff
  10. Mark- The #1 plug wire should be just to the left of the upper clamp on the distributor cap...or on the distributor the #1 position is directly opposite of the wires (coming off the distributor housing). Check out Section EMD page 8 in the service manual.
  11. I have not attempted to remove my manifold but I was looking at how I would go about it when I did my c-service last winter. This may not be the answer your looking for but when you remove the cam towers you can get at the upper bolts. When you remove the rear tire and exhaust from the turbo to the silencer you can get the lower bolts. Having a lift makes a big difference. As stated your going to need extentions, elbows, adapters, etc.
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