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  1. Hi all Just som information about my throttle Jack actuator adjustment if no EBPV on car. I got my 1989 SE 8 dec 2012, so i am trying to understand a lot about it as i have som problems. I have now new Oxygen sensor and IAC valve. If the throttle jack are adjusted to 1,2 mm as the factory book tells. The IDLE when cold are about 3000rpm. I adjusted it to 0,4 mm instead. Now IDLE are 2000rpm when cold ( About 2 min ) then ECU de-activate the throttle jack actuator. And now i am looking about check the Turbo Pressure, i think its to much pressure, to early in rpm range. If anyone have a tip about check this, i would be happy. Regards Tom
  2. Hi Do anyone have doc. how to adjust the westgate. I think i might as well get to much pressure to early. Anyone have a FreScann log with all working fine. I have the SE version with 264 hp. Regards Tom
  3. I dont know if you solved the problem yet. I have had the problem started last week. Poor idle, and drop in rpm, when give litle throthe when cold. When i drive the car and put it into free gear. The engine drop belov 1000 rpm, and stall. It was my Throttle capsule Jack Pot, that the pin went lose, so it could keep engine idle if you put car in free gear. When running above 2000 rpm, when driving. The Jack pot, have a damper function, so it will catch the intake valve, and make it close slower, to solve stalling when large drop in rpm. BUT very tricky adjust after fixing jack pot pin. I could fix my with Lockticte and press but vire cutter. Check ifs Throttle Capsule works. Sorry if my english perfect :-)
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