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  1. I'll just say that there are full trumpets on the inside. The injectors point straight to the back of the valves. The volume of the plenum is 2.5x the working volume of the engine. Those ribs on the outside are for structural rigidity. Under full vacuum, the plenum only deflects 0.15mm! The plenum weighs 1.5kg.
  2. I finally got the engine block back after Nikasil'ing the bores and silver powder coating of the block.
  3. I can't wait either. As all new things, It's not going as fast you would like/wish. I still had apprehensions with the last material found and finally found a material that I'm completely happy with. It can even be manufactured the way it was designed to be manufactured. This new material is even stronger than the last one, so to save money, I'm redesigning it again to take into account the better material properties. Meanwhile, the bottom end is being assembled and flow benching of the head is being done. I've designed intake port to improve flow.
  4. I come on here that often, so, sorry for the late I too late? The heat shield works the is the air gap that makes it so efficient. Wrapping is not as easy as it it slips. It never stays in place. Once you get the rusted screws out, replace them with grade 5 titanium screws...they will never rust or corrode! The £20 you pay for the titanium fasteners will be well worth your time. You'll see when you get into this project. You will spend hours screwing around with those rusted screws...
  5. I had to redesign the manifold for the new material...finally finished!
  6. So, an intake manifold got printed up...and installed on the mule engine... Another angle... And the throttle body... We want to check out if the carbon printed manifold will hold up to the vacuum of an atmo engine first.
  7. Thanks... I have done individual pieces/components, but never all at once and all together. I'm liking how it is progressing...but it's taking so much longer than I had hoped. But that's how it usually goes, especially with such comprehensive projects.
  8. I wanted a longer connecting rod for the engine, so we ordered custom titanium connecting rods Crower in the USA. And this is what they look like I looked at a lot of pistons, Cosworth, Wiseco, OEM, etc. and I didn't like any of them. So I've designed my own crown and 3D printed a piston to check valve clearances and to measure combustion chamber volume and then to flow bench them to check how they flow during the crossover phase. When we were happy with the design, we had Omega build us a set. and I think they came out very well...
  9. There are not too many aftermarket parts available to build a real race/competition Yamaha 2ZZ-GE engine. The ones that are available are just generic parts adapted to the 2ZZ. The 2ZZ engine seems to be a great starting point in that the block is made from MMC and therefore lighter, more compact and stiffer than a "conventional" cast block. Would this be the place to post custom designed and made parts for the 2ZZ engine? If not, can this post be moved to the appropriate place? And, is there any interest in the results?
  10. OK...Thanks. I really wanted to continue my previous thread, but I couldn't find it. I think it was called a very special cup260 or something like that... It may have been in the introductions, so that may not be to my build there either... All the help I could get would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks...But how is the link that you've posted connected to my post?
  12. Work on the engine is painfully slow. I've enlisted Gareth Howell's help of Elise Racing. Since I did not like the pistons that are available, I've designed my own... and got Omega to build them for us. I didn't like the intake manifolds that were available for the Yamaha 2ZZ-GE engine, so we will 3D print one out of carbon. But first, we needed to 3D print a proof of concept manifold and this is how it came out!
  13. I will be upgrading the brakes to AP Racing PRO5000R brakes front and rear...320mm x 28mm in front and 315mm x 28mm in back... And, can you imagine that AP Racing does NOT offer titanium pistons for the PRO5000R series of brakes? so, I had to design my own...I've optimized the piston design to minimize deflections, and this is what I got... From the front, you can't even tell that they are not OEM!
  14. In action...
  15. Julius Jodelė

    2009 Exige Cup260

    1 of 12 factory built "Track use only" Cup260s.
  16. You've got to have a photo of the hot chick next to a hot car...
  17. Next to a Fiat the same colors...
  18. At Bahrain International Circuit...yeah, the F-1 track! I think this is turn 2...
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