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  1. Lotus Exige/Cup260 (2009) Date Added: 29 June 2015 - 08:30 PM Owner: Dr. J. Short Description: 1 of only 12 factory built Cup260s for track use only. View Vehicle
  2. Those are narrower wheels...why would you want to do that? The Sport/Cup wheels are 7" wide up front and 8" wide in the back.
  3. Those are the lightest wheels Lotus has ever used... And 2bular is the best in my opinion.
  4. Thanks! I am enjoying the car...even during this rebuild stage...
  5. It looks like it is on want it to ratchet out on the return of the hand brake and that looks correct from the photo.
  6. Didn't Kimi get an Evora when he was driving for Lotus F1?
  7. Quaife gets their gears from America for the Toyota C64 gearbox, the one on the 2ZZ-GE engine. So my thought is why go to England to get a sequential box for my Exige. They might even have plans on building a 7-speed gear set. Quaife gets their gears from; MOTOVICITY DISTRIBUTION 32655 Industrial Drive Madison Heights, MI 48071 But that is just the distribution house... I don't think that they make anything there. Does anybody know the actual shop that machines the gears for the Quaife box? I'd like to talk to them directly... Thanks, J.J.
  8. But I also have information that Quaife gets their gears from America...from; MOTOVICITY DISTRIBUTION 32655 Industrial Drive Madison Heights, MI 48071 Does anybody know the actual shop that machines the gears? I'd like to talk to the directly...
  9. That link was for a longitudinal engine arrangement... I don't want to put in that much design work and modification to install the engine longitudinally...although, I do think that is a superior placement of the engine...
  10. And the requisite hot girl next to the hot car... As for some of the mods... Nitron has sent these to me already...
  11. Thanks... I have never over-revved the engine, but I do red-line it regularly. The valves breaking off at the valve keeper is a know problem with these Yamaha heads. To add to this story... I've been out to Bahrain International Circuit so often, that I got caught on video a couple of times. This first one is a promotional video for Open Track Days at BIC... And in this second one, I was out doing some spark plug testing and got caught in between some Porsche Cup cars... I had to get buy to do a hot lap...
  12. I have you have a link? Is it for a 2ZZ-GE motor? I'd like to check them out if it is...
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