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  1. Thanks for the welcome... how is that for a first post? Define hard... You can either import a car into the USA that is completely federal compliant, or a race car. And a race car needs a letter from the manufacturer affirming that the car was purpose built for racing purposes only and not intended for public roads. I got that letter form Lotus. But that is not enough, you also need a letter of exemption from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for your race car... that was a big royal PITA! Getting it out of Saudi required bank statements/transactions to prove that the car paid
  2. In rehab, you start out by stating your name and your addiction… Hello, my name is J.J. and I own a 2009 Lotus Exige Cup 260… Most modern day Lotus race cars are cars taken off the production line and transferred to the Motor Sport division for modification into a race car. But mine was ordered and built on the production line. Here is how it got ordered… One interesting bit of information is the hand written note – 11 found. I’m guessing that 12 were ordered and only 11 were built…but I really don’t know. And here is what got built…the
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