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  1. An old string I know but folk may well do same as i have and come across at much later date so here is my experience for what its worth. I had two Elites in the 80s (both 907 motors), a school friend of mine had a brother who was a bit of a car nut had Lotus, Ferrari and importantly Jensen Healey (this was the key car for the advice he gave me). He had tried many solutions to the problem of the 907 sucking in the gaskets and the subsequent leaks when stood. The solution he had arrived at with assistance of others for the Jensen Heraley (and this may well be covered above - sorry I didn't read every post in detail) was to combine paper gaskets with the Lotus recommended silicon type sealant, effectively a sandwich of materials. I meticulously cleaned all mating surfaces applied the sealant and gaskets and torqued as per workshop manual. I never had a problem again and whilst I accept the cam covers were never on for longer than a year this method of sealing for cam covers never let me down.
  2. I thought the modded 'fog light' bumpers came as a pair and the 504 in the ad only has them on the rear. Beautiful condition but an auto, at £25k! Good luck.
  3. Can someone help me establish the colour code for the Elite I owned in the early eighties? Car was a 1976 502 (on a private plate somewhat uncommon back then) and was pale blue from the factory (remember taking the rear seat and loads of build data was written in black ink on the body but I failed to record) with a dark blue vinyl roof. Have to confess I painted the bumpers and it wasnt a particularly close match. Fingers crossed someone can help.
  4. Chinleyman


  5. blue one (not the one in the opening shots) fitted with rotary in Oz
  6. Other items I know (as I replaced them on my cars) that I didn't see listed above:- Clutch cable Vauxhall Air Filter Triumph Stag Distributor Mini Front Trunnions Triumph Timing Belt Ford Capri I can confirm power steering is Ford Capri (its stamped on the rack) as I serviced (New seals) that of my 503 Rear brakes replaced with 3L Capri Drums and shoes, couple of interior lights (Jaguar) one door handle Morris Marina. One way valve in servo wasn't TR7 but it was a straight replacement and this is what I used when mine failed. And as for the rear glass struts I don't know where the originals came from but back on my first Elite (in 1982) I replaced them with some from a tractor (they came from International Harvesters in Doncaster).
  7. Yellow and blue car photos are in the thread "Colour Combinations"
  8. I previously posted pictures of my two Elites (don't have them anymore) and both colours looked good. Yellow with black bumpers and a black interior suited the car to perfection and this is the way I'd go if I could locate another, but I have to say my early car, pale blue with blue vinyl roof (yes really), would also be good as I have never seen another the same. It was original and all the build spec was written in black ink on the body under the back seats.
  9. The powder blue was original (all colour details, body, interior etc, were written on the glass body under the rear seats!) and the bumpers were sprayed by me trying to imitate a satin finish rather than gloss (similar to the black satin bumper finish), this was in 1982 so before colour co-ordinated (not colour coded) bumpers became the norm, i wasn't able to get a perfect match for the blue. The vinyl roof was a deep blue which looked brilliant with the pale blue body(when i bought the car it had stood for some time and roof looked black it was only after some serious elbow grease that the true colour became visible). Had to laugh the seller was in the trade and thought the car had a serious problem as it was leaving a trail of oil and smoking badly from under the bonnet - two new cam cover gasket, some cleaning of the mating faces, and using a combination of liquid gasket to each face with paper gasket in between and all sorted. The standing outside had however resulted in a leeching screen (worse than usual, and seized high tensile bolts in the rear suspension diff, i had one shear on me whilst driving (interesting moment). Dream car is an Elite Riviera in the yellow with black interior but at the moment i have taken on the build of a 1958 DBR1 replica so no time, or money, to pursue.
  10. Found the pictures of my Elites, blue car had beige cloth and black vinyl dash/tunnel interior whilst yellow car was all black interior including roof lining.
  11. Interesting for anyone looking for something different.
  12. I think the yellow Elite in the Haynes collection also has these bumpers fitted front and rear.
  13. Can anyone tell me if there is a list of the original colour combinations available for Elites and Eclats. The first Elite that I bought in 1982 (pre university) was a 1976 502, with a private plate, WJV22 (before people paid more for an unusual plate) was a powder blue with dark blue vinyl roof and beige cloth interior. My second Elite (post university in 86) was a 1980 503 in bright yellow (looked great on the Elite) with black cloth interior, this car was written off by fire in 1988! Im considering an Elite Excel body mod (see separate string) in same yellow as my 1980 Elite with black alcantara interior.
  14. Some interesting thoughts and direction, and glad I'm not as crazy as I thought. Don't laugh but I was thinking the body mod of roof and back of elite above waste line on an excel would be easier than trying to fit a whole body on an excel chassis. Another reason for using the majority of the excel body is that I like the wider arches on the excel which look like the arches on the mid seventies elite racer I saw back in the dim and distant past. rather than put fuel tank in wheel well id put it in original elite position, the challenge is the internal bulkhead and window of the elite. As for the bonnet I've always felt the Riviera vented version is by far better looking than Elite/Eclats and Excels! Brian If you are proceeding with the Elite on Excel chassis I'd love to come and have a look I'm only 45 mins away. GT
  15. I have been looking at purchasing and renovating an Elite, and after reading some of the info on the Lotus Bits site i got thinking. Should say i'm not a purist in respect of keeping everything 70s/80s but love the hatchback styling (strange but true) so was wondering whether it is possible to graft an Elite hatch (above the wasteline from B pillar back) on to an Excel body? Thoughts? Chinleyman
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