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  1. Are those after-market bumpers?
  2. NickS

    Lotus Emira

    Might be smoke and mirrors, but saw this in a screenshot
  3. Driver OBI for vehicle dynamics is on next echelon!
  4. Pic I saw for interior has a v high central ‘tunnel’ reminiscent of the Europa / Esprit back bone, must be core structure under there.
  5. I have seen some piccys, definitely Evija influenced, frontal area certainly; evolution of Evora in there too. Rear is a bit Europaesque but don’t worry no slab rear light cluster!
  6. Looks a meagre turnout at this point for attendees. Just me and Dave T. Come on, weather forecast is good and evenings won’t get any lighter 😉
  7. After a respectable turn out last month in the decidedly iffy May weather, shall we attempt another meeting at BiH next Thursday, 24th?
  8. Hope weather holds for Thursday’s planned evening meet at BIH, looking forward to it. This is what we are capable of chaps and chappesses or whatever. Appropriated from @Buddsy 2017!!!
  9. Thanks to swift intervention of Bibbs looks like venue is on for 20th. See you there for 7pm (weather permitting) I’ll be the one eating fish and chips 😋 I’m looking for freedom!
  10. Resurrect the 3rd Thursday evening? May 20th? Subject to Alex / BiH approval Is normal life returning? BR, Nick
  11. Great to hear from you guys and that there Interest in emerging from our lockdown bunkers! Post May 17th I suppose for meet, current proposal for easing of restrictions is 30 people outdoors (hope it blinking warms up a bit!) or 6 indoors, two tables if needed (or is not in spirit of restrictions 🤔) Assume Bird in Hand is still the place to meet? And we can always take a snoop down the road at Lotustropolis? Probably need numbers and pre-booking Resurrect thursday evenings?
  12. Any interest in reconvening pub meet after 17th May pending confirmation of relaxation of regulations?
  13. I have one too and the steering works on mine as wel!! 😉
  14. Nice to see some chilli growing enthusiasts on here! My last years haul. Will post pictures of this years progress. Don't currently pinch out - does this increase yield significantly?
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