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  1. I have one too and the steering works on mine as wel!!
  2. Nice to see some chilli growing enthusiasts on here! My last years haul. Will post pictures of this years progress. Don't currently pinch out - does this increase yield significantly?
  3. Thanks for flagging this up Phil and getting us motivated to come! Hopefully see you all next month.
  4. Hi all, anyone committed to going tomorrow evening. Will come along if ther will be anyone else there. BR, Nick
  5. Agreed. Most Elise drivers blank me in the Esprit and Europa. Happened to me this evening. Grey Elise on A143 Haddiscoe Dam - blanked. Evora drivers wave / flash, as do I to them.
  6. Booked my ticket and emailed for display permit. Will get NickS Evora SR IPS (Trevor) to book tomorrow.
  7. NickS


    You should get the app Untappd or Beerbook as I call it. The app logs your beers and pubs and you share with your drinking buddies you link with. You get a chance to rate the beers, put in your tasting notes and take a photo then toast those buddies. Good if you have mates all over the world. You also collect awarded badges and who doesn't like collecting stuff!.
  8. @martynv I have a mate who wants to go in his Evora and is in process of joining the forum. Cheers.
  9. 1. Martyn - Esprit SE 2. Bibs - Evora 3. ChrisJ - Turbo Esprit or Excel SE 4. top-plumber - unmentionable 5. Bazza - S3 Esprit 6. markw996 - S4 Esprit 7. JAWS - Evora 8. Rupert - Elise SC 9. Scott - Elan M100 10. Charlie- Esprit S4 11. Clive - Evora 12. Clivef -Elite or Elan M100 13. Lara - Elise Sport 14. Sparky - Esprit GT3 15. Stuart - Elan M100 16. Rizla603104 - Esprit S4 - the purple nasty 17. Robin - 82 Turbo Esprit 18. Paul - Esprit V8 19. Stephen - Elise S C/ Racer 20. Phil - M100 (LEC lotusflasherman) 21. Steve M - Evora IPS 22. internets - Evora 400 23. Andy J -
  10. Great night. Great cars and great people. highlights for me were @MJK nice comments on my Esprit and him wanting to sit in and start her up. Thanks for the comments also @Guy Munday Best was the short blast home on the A140 / A47 with @Buddsy and other chap with Evora launch edition (sorry didn't catch name - next time) The business! Cheers all.
  11. Saw that Sir John Whitmore, Lotus Cortina wheel waver, has also sadly passed. Respect.
  12. Takes a good photo Dave!
  13. Congratulations gentlemen. The few of Alex's events I attended at Hethel were some very relaxed and enjoyable days and really felt like being in a special club. Part if that was the Lotus breifing room and the location of the building to the track but also the friendliness and professionalism of Alex and his team. Best of luck to both.
  14. Quite agree, the magazine article could have should have been a celebration of the Esprit and the owner / specialist dedication that goes into the restor-preservation of these 'rare' yet undervalued icons. Better to see an early Esprit than another over restored Jag with a multitude of re-pressed body panels made from Chinese steel fighting for a front cover with another 500 or so similar bars of soap. Back to the dressing room for half an orange and a ticking off!
  15. Personally I think Championship gold looks fantastic on G Esprits. ( but I might be biased! )
  16. Friend if mine in Porvoo, Finland just sent me this link. He went to school with the singer apparently. Very nice scene on the bridge, well shot I thought. Anyone know the car?
  17. one for Europa fans, not sure how drivable it would be after that jump.
  18. Carol Vorderman is an evil b***c in that helicopter! Think I'll stick to Lotus' now, at least they only damage the wallet! We were indestructible back then, throwing ourselves and bikes off anything high!
  19. Show off! I only had a 'super burner' Realised after a year or so I could peel all the gold plastic coating off and turn it into a 'chrome burner' Happy days. Get Rad!
  20. Good to see health and safety in action; the mechanic holding his woodbine away from the engine bay while his mate fettles the carbs! As you say another time. Great photos though.
  21. She's struggling to stay in that dress!
  22. WHY, WHY, WHY? Couldn't they have found a derelict warehouse or a train to graffiti?
  23. Thanks Jake, what an absolute joy to read your post. Keep up the great work.
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