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  1. Saw that Sir John Whitmore, Lotus Cortina wheel waver, has also sadly passed. Respect.
  2. Takes a good photo Dave!
  3. Congratulations gentlemen. The few of Alex's events I attended at Hethel were some very relaxed and enjoyable days and really felt like being in a special club. Part if that was the Lotus breifing room and the location of the building to the track but also the friendliness and professionalism of Alex and his team. Best of luck to both.
  4. Quite agree, the magazine article could have should have been a celebration of the Esprit and the owner / specialist dedication that goes into the restor-preservation of these 'rare' yet undervalued icons. Better to see an early Esprit than another over restored Jag with a multitude of re-pressed body panels made from Chinese steel fighting for a front cover with another 500 or so similar bars of soap. Back to the dressing room for half an orange and a ticking off!
  5. Personally I think Championship gold looks fantastic on G Esprits. ( but I might be biased! )
  6. Friend if mine in Porvoo, Finland just sent me this link. He went to school with the singer apparently. Very nice scene on the bridge, well shot I thought. Anyone know the car?
  7. one for Europa fans, not sure how drivable it would be after that jump.
  8. Carol Vorderman is an evil b***c in that helicopter! Think I'll stick to Lotus' now, at least they only damage the wallet! We were indestructible back then, throwing ourselves and bikes off anything high!
  9. Show off! I only had a 'super burner' Realised after a year or so I could peel all the gold plastic coating off and turn it into a 'chrome burner' Happy days. Get Rad!
  10. Good to see health and safety in action; the mechanic holding his woodbine away from the engine bay while his mate fettles the carbs! As you say another time. Great photos though.
  11. She's struggling to stay in that dress!
  12. WHY, WHY, WHY? Couldn't they have found a derelict warehouse or a train to graffiti?
  13. Thanks Jake, what an absolute joy to read your post. Keep up the great work.
  14. Hi Brooke, was at GST this morning, your new G looked great. Nice prizing it from Barry Essex's stable! Enjoy.
  15. Many happy returns Buddsy.?
  16. Very interesting, are we talking 195/60 14 here?
  17. I think the place for this to be is where it all began - Hethel. Combine it with a moving Esprit show on Lotus track action on the test track. Alex and the Heritage Track day guys are well connected and have organised Factory and CTL tours conducted by Guy M. All good. Would make a great Lotus day.
  18. I like the idea a lot. I cancelled my CL subscription to join FFM, a magazine to accompany membership would be a great additional feature and would pay a little more for that 'bolt-on' I'm sure the quality of articles could be excellent judging by the resources available on TLF alone. Look forward to further updates. Best of luck with it.
  19. A very pleasant afternoon (spectating) These Heritage days are such great events, really would make a great Lotus meet, Martin Donnelly was doing driver training(!!) Guy Munday doing tours of the factory and CTL. Organiser Alex is a really nice guy and he and his team are professional in organising these relaxed event packages.
  20. Nice to see you guys. Good to hear Ant is definitely in the fold, just got to find the right car.
  21. I will be there but in my everyday - I like it all right, you don't see the outside when your driving!
  22. Should this Esprit video movie thingy be on a new thread? George, do you want to introduce it?
  23. I like the feel and style of the Car Throttle readers ride video with Hopo, also Scott Walkers video. Something along those lines with historical back stories and GG story, MJK and Lotus folk heroes. No presenter, like the Senna movie.
  24. I remember going to see the XJ220 V12 at the design centre in London, think that must have been in '88. Fantastic, as is the Emotion concept! Jaguar need to update / fulfil the production run, never mind LW E types!
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