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  1. My dad bought a Triumph Toledo in the late 70s in a hideous light blue. When he picked us up from school in it we used to wait till no one saw us get in and duck down in the back! I remember spending a whole day t-cutting it, still looked like a bathtub!
  2. .......TRIUMPH ACCLAIM! When was last time anyone saw one of those? And what engine do they have in them?
  3. I was out for a quick drive on Sunday in the Esprit, came up to a boxy saloon of 80's vintage travelling slowly, overtook it only for it to immediately speed up and sit on my bumper. I thought I'm not having this so sped up, got up to 85 with it still there, came to a roundabout so thought I'd shake it. Went round, checked my rear view and a split second later this white 'thing' came round vitrtually on two wheels. This is when I gave up and let them past, checking what it was. It was only a.........
  4. How about this investment opportunity!
  5. Hi, I have the same, never had a lip. Seems like a good idea as mine's an awful for against the dash and I can't see that it was ever any better from new.
  6. When I bought my Esprit from Scott Walker two years ago, he told me that the designer at the factory just pipped Steve Coogan to the post for the White S1 he had for sale.
  7. It was a great weekend, what a special place to see classic racing, even the weather was great. You should have knocked on the door! Maybe see you next time. Going to Hethel on July 5th? Regards, Nick
  8. Didn't see your S1 at Spa Classic last weekend. You could have parked up next to my '73 Europa Special and my friends S3 and GT3! Great weekend, better than Le Mans Classic IMO.
  9. Cheers, explains why I couldn't find it on the BBC!
  10. I wanted to watch this, believe it was on BBC. Can anybody tell me what the program was called, I can't find it on iplayer. Thanks.
  11. Hi Chris, unfortunately not, bit busy at the moment with other commitments. I'm not connected with organising this event just hoping to see lots of Lotus at the factory. See you there in July. Nick
  12. Just a quick post to keep this in the new content pages. Any more interest? Will be a great lotus day if enough owners book and fill the track time. Come on and book, it's your cars home. Moderators, move this to events; car show?
  13. I have booked and the CTL tour. Bit disappointed as this was put out to the Club Lotus Norfolk section as a Lotus only event at discounted rate of £69 to gauge interest. I guess there wasn't much as it is now open to all! Hurry and book this and make it the Lotus Car show it should always have been - remember all the factory events in the late 90's? See you there. Nick
  14. NickS


    A friend of mine won the 5 + bonus ball on the first UK lottery draw. He only won a few hundred quid though!
  15. Good decision, good decision. Great looking car Jaap. Mean.
  16. Is that the spray lube for the clay?
  17. Spam away! Great looking Esprit, what colour and finish is the interior? Regards, Nick
  18. Hi Jaap, I think you should leave the S2.2 original and enjoy it for what it is - an icon and a stage in the Esprit evolution, last of the purer Guigario designs. Originality will be the key to future enthusiast interest and any increase in value. Also remember that the Turbo cars were on different chassis and completely different suspension arrangements. As a fellow S2.2 owner, would love to see some pictures of your car. Best regards and good luck with whatever you decide. Nick
  19. Budsy your interior in the photo looks super! I think the best word would be plumptious. Lovely.
  20. Don't cut your connectors off, buy a Yuasa. Got exact replacement from Just Car Batteries online, you can download a selection manual. Always bought Yuasa and always been great.
  21. Great car Phil, such clean lines and fab in silver. Looks like it landed from outer space! S2 spoiler?
  22. Maybe Toyota will come back to F1 and partner with the Lotus Brand instead! At least there would be a link with the road car engines supplier. Sure this has been discussed on here before. My tuppence worth.
  23. Good luck for the MOT. Like to see some pictures on here some time.
  24. Very nice, would like to see what state the interior is actually in. Gone by tomorrow evening?
  25. Great car Jake, well done. What plans do you have for the restoration?
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