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  1. I'm up for either / both diary depending. Assume ''the City' is the great NR! WLTM Following this for updates! Nick
  2. NickS


    Morning Dave, You made it here - finally! See you soon. Nick
  3. Very nice, black bumper no glass roof version. Soon to be on UK Sportscars site for £14k I'm sure!
  4. NickS


    Like the idea of that Buddsy, a few Esprits roaring up the Newmarket Road early one morning! How rude of me! Hi Jonathan - welcome, your looks great already. Nick
  5. I understand Berlin's new airport project has hit problems, perhaps the £10k investment could have made all the difference! Nick
  6. Just had a quick peek at the feedback, intrigued by the negative for 'LARGE GERMAN PROPERTY INVESTMENT (#181157822121 - £10,000.00' next to a knackered hotpoint! Still, car looks ok on the face of it at the current bid price. Nick
  7. Hi Phil, can't wait to see your piccys of the car in its new old colour. Nick.
  8. Hi Giorgio, I have a gold S2.2. One door handle is black the other is black / silver! Assume one must have been changed by a P/O. I will be interested how you get on with plastic paint, I will check your posts. Regards, Nick.
  9. Only just spotted this post. Have had a look at your photobucket slides; absolutely love your S2 fantastic combination and condition - but I would be a little biased! I really look forward to seeing it at a show one day. We'll done.
  10. ShaunM, Kronos1664, Andydclements, Chipp, Garry, jammy-pop, J400GED, Buddsy, OwenGT3, clivef38, i like cocopops, L666, BC007, grandadtrumpo, gumin, john gt400, theelanman, DAV1D, Newts, Rizla603104, Kimbers, JamesYoung, jimw, Stuart M, ChrisJ, NickS
  11. Thanks Buddsy, not quite the brown corduroy though. NickS
  12. I'd be interested, occasionally get a Humpty guest ale at my local. I'll watch this space.
  13. Found I'd been logged out, and had forgotten my password, doh!
  14. Hi Stuart, Use my Europa a bit, weather permitting. Friend of mine has an Esprit S3 and his wife has a Plus2S so we sometimes make a convoy to the coast for a morning coffee. Took it to Le Mans classic last year, not a wholly successful trip. Yours on the road pending the bodywork?
  15. Hi, I'm in Suffolk but only 1/2 mile from the border. Do you own the chocolate brown special? I've seen that a couple of times.
  16. Lotus Europa Special (1973) Date Added: 02 June 2013 - 11:58 AM Owner: NickS Short Description: Very good, mostly original condition on original chassis, has had paint in its past. Suspension & drive shafts re-bult by specialist with OEM parts. View Vehicle
  17. Not in a Lotus, but I found a bone in the engine under-tray of my Fiat Panda, and I mean a big bone, from the butchers. I think a dog must have been helping check the oil and dropped it in the bay!
  18. Lotus Esprit S2.2 (1981) Date Added: 18 May 2013 - 09:21 AM Owner: NickS Short Description: Original condition, a little 'patinated' around the edges! - Currently being recommissioned at GST (hence photos are from Scott W). Short term plan to use and see what needs doing mechanically, long term plan to have re-painted and tidied. View Vehicle
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