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  2. LOTUS ESPRIT V8 (1996) Date Added: 06 August 2013 - 04:26 PM Owner: Tonytrees710 Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  3. I'm assuming that if the gearbox from a V8 is out of a Renault, then the drive shafts should be the same. Does anyone know what Renault model the drive shafts are from? Cheers Tony
  4. Thanks Trevor - I left it longer before starting and she starts straight away - well pleased. Regards Tony
  5. Thanks Winter - you were spot on - they were dry as a bone. Cheers Tony
  6. Will try both options and report back - thanks guys. Cheers Tony
  7. Thanks for the ideas guys, will try it later and let you know Cheers Tony
  8. Hi folks My V8 has been in storage for the last 6 years. I'm now intending to use it, but it takes an age to start - this was a problem I had before storage, so need to get it sorted. I've got a brand new battery, but the engine seems to turn over a hell of a lot before firing up. Any ideas? Cheers Tony
  9. Hi My V8 has been in storage for 6 Years. It has been fully serviced prior to being put in storage. The gear selection is really, really stiff, but once driven for about 25 miles the gear selection is easier, but no-where near smooth. Just bought a new s/steel big bore clutch line and am about to fit that but any ideas? Cheers Tony
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