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  1. The first one with 900£ can have them...
  2. Yeah, too bad being French I cannot post on
  3. Your 100% right about that, they are from an Esprit. They won't fit to an Elite.
  4. I tried to understand how to post an ad in the for sale section but I cannot begin to understand how to do it ! So here it is. I have a set of 4 wheels for an S2. They are in good condition and in need of a good home. It took me ages to find a correct set... but no Lotus anymore! Make me an offer I cannot resist. Please pass the word, cheers, Fred
  5. Elitus


  6. It's the one designed by sir Summerbottom :-)
  7. Still toying... the MK2 It could work...
  8. Inspirational... Your car is one of the most interesting cars I have seen for a long time. The Hayashi fakes are the perfect choice. If I may, you should consider going a bit more east with a set of Nissan S130 front wing mirrors! Bravo, bien joué.
  9. The dark side of the moon...
  10. Maybe it's time for some picts? This is what I found as today... this is done in the US by the Lemons guys I think.
  11. I will toy with it a bit more to plan the making, but I will have a go. What about a MOT in the Uk?
  12. Yes, but with a long tail... In case I go to Le Mans Classic
  13. On it's way back from the track...
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