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  1. Stevens turbo left in a Total garage 4 miles west of Le Mans reg C7 6NY. I live not fare away , so can i help ???
  2. I live 25 miles west of Le Mans Andrew, so as i was intending spending a couple of hours asleep in the car i took my estate. Very boring !!,
  3. Hi Andrew, from the look of your picture of the park fermay you must have been in ACO stand. As i took a virtually identical picture you must have been standing next to me, How Ironic. Nigel
  4. I could hear sport cars on the toll road to Le Mans last night from my vegetable patch 2 miles away, exciting and frustrating at the same time. Never mind off to qualifying later then home to my own bed, Nigel
  5. Thanks for the attention Mike and Ian but when are you coming to see us Mike? We have some Lotus people from Norfolk in the Gite for the Classic and 2 or 3 other weeks booked so we had better get it finished!!.
  6. Hi ianQ. I see you and some pals are passing though my neck of the woods, that's 25 mils west of Le Mans on the Laval road. If you get time call in for some refreshment, as my esprit is getting a little lonely out hear. Nigel
  7. To thoughts Le Mans lovers how like a bit of comfort i have moved 25 miles west of Le Mans and have converted a building into a gite. It has two bedrooms but with the sofa bed downstairs 8 very good friends could all fined a bed. I fave no bookings for the 24 hour or the classic yet as just finishing it now. It must be the only unbooked accommodation within 50 miles of Le Mans in June and July. So if interested send me an email Nigel
  8. The reason i used a thin conversion plate and spaced the flywheel out 20mm was because the input shaft was to short to reach. This may not be the case with the jag flywheel. Just something to bear in mind when you do your initial lineup. Nigel
  9. The clutch slave will not give you a problem as i left it in the same position on my old s3 zetec conversion. As for the clutch and flywheel i used mondeo with lotus friction plate and have had no trouble in over two years.The only thing that i had to do was space the flywheel out by about 20mm so that it was in the right position for the input shaft and friction plat splines. I also mounted a bearing in the spacer for the shaft to run in. In a crazy move to use what i had got and save money i mounted the mondeo starter on the gearbox as a mondeo would, it was lineup hell but got there in the end. The conversion plat i made myself from 10mm steel for strength as i was trying to keep it as thin as possible. hope that helps Nigel
  10. Hi daz, happy new year. I am now living in France 25 minutes west of Le Mans and loving not being in England at the moment, are you in Canader yet? best regards Nigel

  11. Hi Wayne just replied to your email before reading this topic. the mondeo duratec will be the cheapest way but less powerful than the jag, i love mine though and it makes as good a sound as Punkys with all the reliability. The only thing i would say is if you are looking for the ease way the isn't one, you will have less hair at the end Nigel Nigel
  12. I Parked behind a UK reg v8 at Le mans today, also spotted lots and lots of lotes on track.
  14. There is a chap called Ash out there with an s3 with a Renault v6 turbo engine and box, he may even be a member of the forum. He has contacted me vi-er my Stevens v6 conversion article on LEW and i have his phone number if you want to speak to him. Just send me a personal message and i will forward it to you. regards Nigel
  15. This proses sounds like POR51. A product sold by Frost restorers equipment {} I have used it on the inside of one of my fuel tanks without removing it from the car. Not the best way but it was an emergence and they don't come out easily as you no! good luck Nigel
  16. I know i have seen this engine from the outside before, but it's always interesting to see inside. So much can be learnt when you are doing a project from looking at other other peoples experiences so more pics the better Daz. Nigel
  17. Good to see the old engine agen Daz. There would be no satisfaction in an engine conversion without having to sort out a few problems on the way. As for the rest of the car it looks lick it wants for nothing! look forward to seeing you and the car soon, maybe tomorrow ? best regards Nigel
  18. My esprit and two others on the forum came from lancia4x4 on eBay. I had a reasonable experience but the other two that i know about had difficulty with him. those how no him ar aware that he is more of a dealer than a collector, and therefore at 3K is probably still making a profit. My advice would be to look the car over thoroughly , if you like it pay cash and take the car away as soon as pos. I don't now the future for this car but i have installed a v6 duratec in mine, another is having a duratec installed and the third is thinking about it SPOOKY ! NIGEL
  19. ORANGE GT3 at about 11.00am on Saturday heading north, i was going south in my blue Stevens
  20. Yes it was me, mother and father live in Essex and i live in lincolnshire. If that isn't a good reason for being on the A14 then i don't know what is
  21. Good to see it all coming together. I see you have sorted the root for the air intake out , it gave me sleepless nights . That carbon looks grate , tell me more ! as i have been thinking about the same thing. I now you will bare all when you are ready but i am intrigued to now about the engine management. Have been up to my neck with jobs at home lately eg, new conservatory and more importantly garage/workshop extension so haven't touched the cars lately let alone tidy the esprit engine bay up, so looking at yours i am a little em-barest. With an engine as good to look at as that you need the glass tailgate cover so it can be ogled at when you or anybody else walks by. keep it up Nigel
  22. All looking very professional Andy, shame about the v8 box but i bet you put it on and hope its not to nosy anyway. I ges being ready for Donington was a bit of a long shot, its all the fiddly little bits at the end that take all the time good luck with the electrics Nigel
  23. No i am not getting them now ether , come on Punky sort it out .
  24. Sorry Danny i have not, but i think i will have to replace my starter motor soon so will tack some then. The reason i put the starter motor in modeo fashion was because there wasn't much room along side the sump as it was never designed to tack one there. Punky my no different as he i using a JAG starter. There was a lot of head scratching as to how and wear to fit it but the end solution was very simple. I just cut the section out of the mondeo bell housing with the starter mounting brackets but also retained to of the bell housing to engine bolt holes. so all i had to do was bolt it through the conversion plate and into the engine block witch gives you perfect lineup. As you will imagine a piece will have to be cut out the lotus bell housing and the new part welded in , but ones done looks quite good.
  25. Its good to see it at last, it must be a relief to get all that of your chest . Try to get an st 200 manifold and throttle body if you can as it will give you a bit more bhp. As for the starter motor as you no i put it on the bell housing the other way round as mondeo fit it, a bit more tricky but it resolved my problem at the time.
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