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  2. also getting my head round this forum stuff, how do i edit previous posts and reduce the image size or remove them?
  3. Ok just an update on a few things, Rear suspension assembly?? is challenging me at the moment, The set up before i took it off was that of the manual the previous owner had but thats the wrong book and i understand the wrong set up! Brief re assembly of set up according to S3 manual but is the dry sump different? and whats with those big washers??
  4. The previous owner complained about a poor gear box!!! looking at the linkage l'm not surprised!!! can't upload any more pics to show you but lets just say they're very sloppy
  5. Nice Barrie!!! Now thats what it needs to end up like. Had fun and games with it today, Spoke to Pete over at PNM engineering about the strip down (how much?) and was told!! (assertively) to strip, check, clean, flush, wash, re flush everything, I should buy shares in paraffin . So Its clearly had an oil leak coming from the oil tank so that was one of the tasks today. OMG that was a pain in the a**e, rusty bolts, locked tight fittings zero space. So an hour later it was pretty much in the same shape. Another chat with pete over at PNM engineering asking if I should cut the b
  6. Thanks Colin Hoping for another day on it tomorrow.
  7. ok, had some fun on it today, anyone know what this strip of metal is for under the car just behind the seat (rear) bolts? Also the surround cowling for the engine! i seem to have some kind of heat reflective material that is very past its sell by date and recommendations on replacement? The heat shield around the engine mount and under wheel arch? is that available or a modern alternative? Sorry about the questions but its all very new to me,
  8. Thats great thanks Nicola, although it looks like its past its sell by date so has anyone got an image of what it should look like so i can fabricate a new one?
  9. Yes I think I'll get away with the rust on LHS, looking at it today its light and surface, Also Battery tray? Is that glued/bonded in? or is that the previous owner way of securing it? and what is the black box? and whats the plug attach too, Ha Ha what fun this will be?
  10. Hi, having seem my Lotus sat at the back of the priority list for to long i am attempting another spring project. I have pulled the car back out, received the engine parts from PNM, Thanks Pete, and now for the fun and games. So I have had the car for a few years, but in was in a dismantled state, so I have the fun of wondering what it what and where it all goes? So I'm hoping to get a little help from you guys on here to get my head around the parts!!!! starting with this???? I'll take a guess at some kind of heat shield? but where its
  11. Ok the clean up and inspection begins. A closer inspection inside the cam housing shows some impact damage, and happens to be where the missing cam follower is, Mmmm no surprises there. Pistons and liners, spoke to PNM (great guy by the way) it would seem they are all marked up as they should be a may be salvageable subject to measurements eeny meeny mineey mo? those front two will end up being good paper weights. Mmmm I think ill leave that to the professionals Ok, what are everyone’s thoughts on this? Closer inspection of the block shows the liners (shoulde
  12. Yes my thinking too molemot, I'm going to the workshop it was dismantled in at the weekend to pick up the gearbox so will have a good look around. Not going to hold my breath though. Also going to check the oil pump too does anyone recommend the best way to break it down and what to look for?
  13. Where the hell do i start? if i should start? ok i guess a job list is sensible, parts needed list advisable, and probably a price list to go with it recommended, I was hoping this would be done without costing to much, Mmmmmmm Help? Ok New Liners, Piston and rings or can I salvage the best of the old ones? I have a replacement head all with valves so it overcomes that one? I have a spare waste gate and manifold adapter so are they worth anything to help fund the job? Can anyone suggest what I need New without question so I can start working out the overtime needed?
  14. Ok where do I start? A quick glance over and I notice I’m missing a cam follower, I have a head that has been hammered, a valve that looks unwell, a collection of pistons and liners that may or may not be any good and a project that’s looking very daunting.
  15. All good stuff guys and helps keep me focused on the rebuild. The valve in the waste gate was stuck solid but ot sure it was due to sitting in a driveway for a good few years? Anyone used the por15 on manifolds? How long does it last if so. LPG conversion?
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