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    2bular decat and back box with bypass valve, Radium CAI, GT4 rear wing, SR look, barge boards, L07US reg number, SR gearknob, Alpine 920R ICE, custom rear diffuser.
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  1. Mine is still nowhere near going back on the road yet. Gutted! Hope you have a great day, those that do manage.
  2. I've never been a fan of all the 'big brother watching you' surveillance technology that abounds these days, but I was forced into putting aside my reservations and install a CCTV system around the house following an attempt to snatch our new puppy a few weeks back, . One 'plus' that I hadn't considered at the time but I'm now more than happy with is that I no longer need to go outside for 'a fix', I just stay in the cozy surroundings of my front room and switch to the appropriate camera ........................ . Please ignore the wheelie-bins and the empty pallets - they'll b
  3. £340 for my 3.5 litre, 276bhp (originally) V6 Evora NA and £585 for my 2.0 litre, 210bhp (originally) 4-cylinder Saab 9-3 Turbo - yes, that makes perfect sense to me!
  4. You missed the narrative to go with it @PaulCP
  5. Looks like our new girl has been accepted into 'the family', .
  6. The new party is not going to be contesting the constituency seats apparently, so sadly with our crazy 1st and 2nd vote system up here, what they (SNP/Alba) are hoping will happen is that people will cast their 1st (constituency) vote for the SNP and their 2nd (regional or 'list') vote for Alba so creating the situation suggested by Paul above, . It was this system that allowed the Greens at the last election to get 6 seats, and hold the balance of power, with a tiny percentage of the votes. If we had some form of proportional representation, then it would be a whole different ball game a
  7. So sorry to hear your news Bibs.
  8. This little lady became a family member, . A few more pics here for those interested :
  9. Say "Hi" to the newest member of our little family, an 8-week-old Utonagan girl that we've named Charis after the Greek goddess of charm and beauty. Already tipping the scales at 8.2kg, she's a big girl and is going to end up a VERY big girl, I'm sure. Our existing Utonagan girl, Macha - now 3, is viewing her with suspicion and I think just wants her to shut up and go away as Charis is regularly demonstrating that she has a pair of lungs and a voice to match her rapidly growing stature. The neighbours must think that there is a mass-murder taking place, . WARNING: The following
  10. I stuck this in mine - seems to meet all the requirements of the spec in the service notes.
  11. @The Lotus Position is your man for all things 'rescue greyhound' related - I've messaged him on FB.
  12. @C8RKH You and a powertool with a fast-rotating, sharp, blade - what could possibly go wrong? 😵 😃
  13. Apparently, BJ's 'deal' is a total betrayal of the Scottish fishing industry - that's the industry that will be protected under the new Fisheries Bill (now an Act) that the SNP voted against last month and the industry that they were fully prepared to (and had behind the scenes already offered to) hand back to the EU upon Scotland being admitted as an independent European country. 😠 Their hypocrisy knows no bounds!
  14. Our gorgeous old girl, Alaska, lost her fight with cancer and passed away suddenly, but peacefully, with her head in my lap at 3.55 this afternoon. RIP my beautiful angel, Alaska : 06 October 2006 to 18 December 2020. 😭
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