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  1. @exeterjeepYes, the seat is already out and as I withdrew it the 2 rear 'blocks with the nuts encased' did wander off into the adjacent box section. Fortunately, they turned out to be made of steel so a magnet on a stick had them retrieved from the depths of the floor framework - phew! There even appears to be a hole in the floor that lines up with the spare 'nut' in the block so why this wasn't utilised to secure them in place is anybody's guess. For sure, I'll be looking at employing a countersunk-headed bolt for that purpose when they're reinstalled.
  2. Thanks @exeterjeep but it's the bit next to that - the clevis pin that attaches the master cylinder actuating rod to the clutch pedal itself - parts #27/28/29 in this:
  3. As I'm approaching my 66th birthday I'm not as supple as I used to be and so I'm struggling, even with the seat removed, to get myself contorted into a position in the footwell to get so much as half a sight of what's going on at the top of the clutch pedal shaft. If I can get into a position even close to getting a visual on it, I'm certainly not going to be able to bend my arm anywhere near the required direction so I'm going to have to do it by feel. I've managed to get the attached photo of the pin - I take it that the clip on the end of it pulls off in an upward direction, i.e. towards the spring at the top of the shot, so it's just a case of inserting a screwdriver into the 'loop' at the top of the clip and levering it upwards?
  4. That déjà vu feeling is back again. 3rd time in less than 6 weeks that I've been here - this time it's to replace the clutch master cylinder which has decided to call it a day, . At least I'm getting to be an expert in front clam removal, .
  5. What? You mean like this ................ or these ................
  6. Our 'little madam' Charis is quickly growing into being a 'huge madam' - only 6 months old and she's already almost up-shoulders with her older cousin Macha.
  7. As it was my day off and the sun was splitting the pavements, a blast around the countryside was definitely required. What was definitely NOT required was for the clutch pedal to drop to the floor after a few miles, . I managed to nurse it home by keeping gear changes to a minimum and flicking the pedal up with my foot. Looks like the master cylinder which was replaced about 3 years back has failed again, . I've only just put the front end back together after the styling mods, but at least it will all come apart again far easier than it did a few weeks ago. I'm not even going to bother trying to source an OE one. They're still/again on back order from the factory and the last time the only one that could be tracked down anywhere came from a dealer in the U.S. so I might as well go back Stateside and order up the uprated version from Wilwood.
  8. That's what got me pee'd off on Friday too. My purchase of a Supercar parking ticket was cancelled as they had 'oversold' the allocation, then I take a wander through on the day to find loads of spaces, plus about 50% of what was there was hardly a supercar - there were even a couple of vans FPS, . Then to cap it all, I get back to my hotel and arrive in the car park just as one of those quilted-panel Cactus things pulls up opposite with 4 young lads inside. The driver hops out and comes over towards me, only to exclaim back towards his mates "Ach, it's just a crappy Lotus". I responded with one of my withering 'it's just' looks and commented "Says the guy who's just driven up in a Shitron", . He sort of sheepishly half-grinned, then patted the bonnet of his car before walking off. No accounting for taste (or lack of it) I suppose.
  9. @exeterjeep That's the one!
  10. @exeterjeep Can't quite decide whether it should now be badged as a 'McLartus' or a 'Lotaren'.
  11. My 'new look' for 2021. Thankfully after all the grief I went through (and the several threats to set it alight and walk away) battling with all the rusted-solid fixings, I think the final result was worth it.
  12. Thanks @Wake . I did just that a couple of days ago just in case. I was most surprised and impressed that they arrived the next day too. Less impressed that they're made in China, - haven't they done enough already with this pandemic?
  13. NHS Scotland doesn't have an app, . I've received the 'Vaccination Status' letter I requested from them, but it doesn't have a barcode or QR code on it so here's hoping that it's still acceptable proof. I've emailed them asking (gave up on the phone queue after an hour) but so far no response. If I travel the best part of 500 miles to get there only to be turned away at the gate, then @exeterjeep's prediction will be guaranteed!
  14. Drove the Evora today, 16 months (and 1 day) since it was last on the road. I may have cursed it many times these past few weeks when I've been struggling with every nut and bolt underneath being rusted solid, but the first full-throttle, low gear exit from a roundabout had me grinning like my face was about to split and all was forgiven, . A couple of days from now though I may well be posting in the 'Unhappy' thread - my journey today was to leave it at the local indy (Craig Moncrieff) for last year's missed service, this year's belated service, a post lay-up general check-over and of course an MOT. I might not be grinning quite so much when I'm handed the final bill for that lot, .
  15. Entry tickets arrived today but no sign of the Performance Parking pass. Then I discover an email that had slipped in under the radar yesterday telling me that "due to a system error these tickets have been oversold". So they've cancelled that part of the order and are giving me a refund which will not go a long way towards repairing any damage the car receives parked in the main public area. Call me paranoid if you like, but last time I was there I came back to find another car about 6 inches away from my then 2-month old Alfa, so close that I had to get in through the passenger's side then when I pulled mine forward and got out I find that they'd overcome the lack of space by slamming their door into mine and gaining an extra inch or so that way, . I've replied to their email expressing my disappointment but I'm not holding my breath.
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