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  1. Yehey! DRL wiring now runs all the way from the front bumper to the fusebox, thanks to the pointing in the right direction by @PaulCP. Getting the undertray off was, shall we say, challenging. I don't think it's ever been off before so none of the fixings were going to give up without a fight. One (isn't there always that one? ) near the middle, so nicely inaccessible from above, had its captive nut no longer captive but it eventually succumbed to an angle grinder, a cold chisel and a hammer. Once the sheet of alloy was out of the way, there right next to the heater/ventilation fan was a lovely big rubber bung with a major section of the harness going through it towards the centre console and an earthing point conveniently alongside. Short time later, new wiring was threaded in towards the fusebox, ready for the connections and general tidying-up of the install at the weekend, .
  2. @PaulCP Thanks for the clue, Paul. I knew that there had to be a way through somewhere but I've been looking from above. Oh well, undertray off it is then - what's another panel removed when you're already at this stage .................................... .
  3. @Whitey Thanks for the offer - I may well take you up on relieving you of one of your units, . Right now however, I'm struggling to get the old one out. I'm fighting 10+ years of accumulated corrosion - the top mount came away easy but I can't as yet budge the bottom bolt - I'm now using a 5' breaker bar and it's still not budging, . I tried to buy some when they were on the Motorsport Auctions site but they'd sold out of the fronts. I did successfully acquire shocks and springs for the rear - a lot of good they are to me at the moment, . Got to have a couple of hours powernap now before going out on a nightshift so part 2 of the battle will need to wait until tomorrow.
  4. Without giving to much away for now as regards my ongoing 'Project Evora Update', I do need to ask for a bit of help on this bit. I'm intending to fit DRLs as part of my upgrade. Rather than just splicing into a suitable bit of wiring under the front clam, I'd prefer to piggy-back off the relevant fuses in the front footwell fusebox but so far I haven't been able to locate an accessible route for the new wiring through the bulkhead. I had hoped to follow an existing cable but they all seem to follow a convoluted route and then disappear behind other panels rather than simply going straight out through a conveniently positioned hole.
  5. Just as the title. I've found one of my front dampers is leaking slightly, replacements are like rocking horse poo, and Bilstein's lead time for refurbishing my old ones is beyond when I need the car to be mobile. I've been pointed towards a moderately-used full set of dampers for an 'S' - I realise that they are a different rate to those on the 'NA' but would it make a drastic difference to the car's behaviour if I were to fit them?
  6. Might have to give this a miss unfortunately, as any spare time I have will need to be spent on bringing the Evora back from its current state to something approaching factory-fresh normality, .
  7. "Add lightness" the good man said so who am I to argue? It's a bit of a heavy old lump when compared to its smaller siblings, so I thought I'd see what I could do to follow ACBC's vision. However, I think that I may have got a bit carried away and added too much lightness, or at the very least added the wrong lightness. I can't help feeling that any gains I might have from the reduction in mass are far outweighed by the even greater reduction in aerodynamic efficiency, . One thing on the plus side though, it won't half make night-time cross-country blasts a whole lot more exciting, .
  8. If it's any consolation, I too am experiencing 'stabbing' pains in my left knee and I haven't driven the Evora for 14 months, .
  9. Booked for Thursday and Friday. Also in Performance Parking West, so I'll need to get my finger out now and get the Evora back on the road after its 14 month hibernation.
  10. If I'd been the poor old TVR driver, I'd most likely have panicked in that situation, slammed it into reverse 'in error' and floored it!
  11. "Happy Birthday" mate!
  12. Mine is still nowhere near going back on the road yet. Gutted! Hope you have a great day, those that do manage.
  13. I've never been a fan of all the 'big brother watching you' surveillance technology that abounds these days, but I was forced into putting aside my reservations and install a CCTV system around the house following an attempt to snatch our new puppy a few weeks back, . One 'plus' that I hadn't considered at the time but I'm now more than happy with is that I no longer need to go outside for 'a fix', I just stay in the cozy surroundings of my front room and switch to the appropriate camera ........................ . Please ignore the wheelie-bins and the empty pallets - they'll be getting moved just as soon as I've finished laying the slabs on the rest of the driveway.
  14. £340 for my 3.5 litre, 276bhp (originally) V6 Evora NA and £585 for my 2.0 litre, 210bhp (originally) 4-cylinder Saab 9-3 Turbo - yes, that makes perfect sense to me!
  15. You missed the narrative to go with it @PaulCP
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