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  1. @Phaeton91 We had one turn up at a car meet a few years back that took the orange highlights just a tad further, .
  2. Could you see if the DVLA will mass-mail that out to all SUV owners please? On my cross-country run to work, every time I get behind one it's doing at best 35mph - and that's on the straights where it inevitably sits astride the centre-line so you can't get past. Come to the slightest bend and it's brake, brake and brake again. I'm sure they're convinced that it's going to somersault into oblivion and they deploy a man carrying a red flag to walk in front just in case they forget what they're driving and momentarily speed up a bit too much, .
  3. I got one of the Covercraft ones from Greg's Race Parts : Including the P&P (I escaped having to pay import duty and VAT, ) it came in at around £100 which sounds expensive but you get what you pay for - it's an excellent fit and top quality, and feels like it'll outlast the car itself.
  4. The best thing about that photo, which I forgot to say when I originally posted it on here, is that it's not a 'pose for the camera' shot. Jennifer had literally just stopped pedalling and looked up. The instant I saw that huge smile on her face, I grabbed my mobile and captured the shot for posterity, . I also took a snap of the readout on the machine and in addition to providing the 'proof' (not that proof is actually needed) that she did indeed pass the 1-mile mark, more importantly it also shows that already the power input from Jennifer's weakened left leg is not that far adrift from her unaffected right. She does have a lot of lost muscle mass to regain so there's still a bit of work to do but we're both well up for it.
  5. Bill No discharge planning as yet. Of course, they can't do anything just now as my Guardianship application is still slowly grinding its way through the various stages it needs to pass before being presented to the courts. While all that is going on, nobody can move Jennifer on as that could be seen as trying to circumvent the system and deny my/Jennifer's rights in the matter. That's all to the good though as the longer she remains where she is, so the opportunity to take full advantage of their rehab facilities can continue unabated. When Jennifer is cleared to move on, I've come to accept that it still might be a while before she's recovered sufficiently to be safe in the domestic environment and so may have to go to a nursing home for a while. Unfortunately, even the best of those have nothing to offer on a par to the hospital. Community physiotherapists are almost non-existent and even if you do secure one, the home won't have any of the equipment that might be needed so definitely, the longer she can stays put the better. The court process could take several months so that's fine by me, even although there is a little bit of guilt there about bed-blocking when there might be somebody else out there more in need of it.
  6. This most definitely belongs in here! JENNIFER : LATEST UPDATE/NEWSFLASH Well, Monday saw me finally having a face-to-face session with Jennifer's consultant and essentially he agreed with all the points and observations I'd raised in my letter to him. Not only that, prior to meeting with me he had already drawn up a new plan of action so that it could be implemented just as soon as he'd run it past me. Conversationally, Jennifer has come on leaps and bounds in the last few weeks. When it comes to talking, she's like the Duracell bunny on some sort of recreational substance, . Some days, it's difficult to get a word in edgewise and you almost feel the need, or I'm sure at least some of the ward staff do, to find the on/off switch. Most of what she's saying is making perfect sense although she does still have occasions where she drifts off-topic. Having said that, even although what she's saying doesn't make sense within the context of the particular conversation, it does still make sense within its own right with perfectly formed sentences and good use of vocabulary so the doctor feels that it's just a case of a bit more time for all these dots to join up properly. Not so great is her ability to deal with words and numbers in written form. Tell her a word and ask her to spell it and she's spot on, or spell it out and she'll tell you the word. It's the same with basic arithmetic calculations but write them down and show her, and all you get is a blank stare, and no, it's nothing to do with my handwriting before somebody suggests that, . Her doctor has arranged for some further sessions with both the Speech and Language Therapist and the Occupational Therapist to try and address this problem. She has regained full control over her 'weak' left leg and can move it in all directions 'on command'. For instance, when taking her out of the ward in her wheelchair for some fresh air, we come across several swing doors or gates on our travels and when asked (and often now without needing to be asked) she'll put up her left leg and push them open with her foot. I had asked if, in light of this increased ability with her leg, they could try and see if she could now bear some weight on it. Long and short of it, since Monday, they haven't been using the sling and hoist device to transfer her from bed to chair and back again but instead, Jennifer now stands up under her own steam and moves between the two. Also, they have restarted her physiotherapy sessions and what an amazing transformation has taken place in just a few days. From simply being able to stand up for the first time at the beginning of the week, she has moved through walking a few paces between the parallel handrails on Tuesday, to going 'freestyle with a zimmer on Wednesday, then yesterday she managed a circuit of the gym unaided apart from me holding her hand to help her maintain her balance. The tears were rolling down my face at this point, I'm not ashamed to admit. After each of her little strolls, she then spends some time on the cycling machine - just a few minutes to start with but by yesterday she managed over 20 minutes and covered the equivalent of just over a mile. And this was somebody who had been 'written-off' by the system as having no hope of getting beyond the 'confined to a wheelchair for life' level of improvement and therefore all therapies had been dropped a couple of months back, . Just goes to show that the professionals don't always get it right. One minute they're saying that "no 2 people follow the same path to recovery after a stroke" then the next it's "Jennifer hasn't responded to this by week #whatever like most people do so we're not going to try any more" Well, Jennifer isn't most people. She has the early symptoms of Parkinson's to deal with too which makes everything take that bit longer to happen. As has been shown this week, give her time and she will get there! The only real issue now with her physically is that her left hand is still far from being fully functional. She has what they call 'stroke hand' where its natural resting position now is to form a clenched fist. They tried using a soft split to gently straighten it many weeks back, but it didn't have an immediate effect so they stopped using it. I wasn't happy with that decision, especially as, like me, Jennifer is very left-handed so it's vitally important to get it working. Therefore, I bought my own splint and started applying it every day I went in. The professionals weren't too pleased and no doubt removed the splint as soon as I'd left but, surprise, surprise, even these possibly short daily sessions with it have borne fruit and now her hand is half-way to being fully open. Now, the use of it is 'officially' approved too, and they're commencing a series of exercise sessions to improve her dexterity. Sorry it's been a long one this time and thanks for lasting the course to the end but as you can see, a lot has happened these past several weeks with this week's events making the previous improvements look somewhat less significant, but no less important, by comparison. Jennifer has agreed to my posting up this picture of her taken yesterday immediately after she passed the 1-mile marker on her pedalling mission. The look on her face says it all. Not only has it improved her physical well-being immensely, but it's done the same psychologically too. She now knows that she's not trapped in that chair for ever more, she now has something to focus on every day other than just what's occurring around her on the ward (which can be more than a little depressing most days), and she's looking forward to meeting and beating any challenges that are put in front of her. I'm absolutely ecstatic at the moment. Finally, I can see 'my' Jennifer returning. It's just a pity that's it's taken so long, and longer that it need have been. Onward and upward. Go Jennifer!
  7. I'm afraid I'm back here for this one, . JENNIFER : FURTHER UPDATE Basically, there is still nothing new as yet to report. Jennifer has been up and down quite a bit over the past few weeks and much of the positive news that I hoped to 'make public' by now has been somewhat overshadowed by some regressive steps. I'm still trying to establish contact with her consultant who is proving more elusive than an honest MP. Unable to track him down for a face-to-face session, I wrote him a letter outlining my concerns over a week ago but it is so-far unanswered. Until I can get his take on things, I don't really know where we're going at the moment which is not exactly doing wonders for my eating and sleeping patterns.
  8. Show plate for off-road events only, stuck over the legal ones otherwise everybody not in the know just thinks I'm 'AL' from the 'USA'. The guy with a Huracan that was parked a few spaces along was well miffed at my 'success' - he thought he was a dead-cert for it, .
  9. Oh, for pity's sake! If I've told that personal valet of mine once, I've told him a dozen times; "Don't park my runabouts in the street. I don't want greasy fingerprints from the general riff-raff all over them".
  10. Another Sunday, another car show - in Carlisle this time, after I managed to sneak across the border unchallenged, . (Apologies for the spits of rain spoiling the image but I've not yet mastered Photoshop, ) .........and "what's that Mr Organiser? No! Really? Not another trophy?" At this rate, I'm going to need a bigger mantle-shelf.
  11. I got off lightly, for once - £355 with a few pence change, .
  12. Evora passed its MOT today with no advisories. 18k service done at the same time so a clean bill of health now for another 12 months, . A big relief as it's currently my therapy car so I couldn't do without it.
  13. @TdM Other end of the country, almost - Dunfermline, other side of the River Forth, to the north of Edinburgh.
  14. JENNIFER: FURTHER UPDATE Essentially, at this stage , there is no update. She's still generally making tiny steps in the right direction but I'm still not in a position to celebrate what I hope are a couple of more significant improvements. I had hoped to reveal the details after I'd discussed them at my planned meeting with Jennifer's consultant last Tuesday but that has been postponed for a bit as he has tested positive for the dreaded bug, . Hopefully, my interpretation of the signs does prove to be correct and all can be revealed shortly.
  15. My P&J must have inspired a fair bit of positive reaction at a car show I attended today as I came away with this nice little addition to my mantle shelf, .
  16. After the disappointment of a couple of weeks ago when I attended what I thought was going to be a typical general car show only to find myself in the middle of a slam and stance chav-fest, today's outing to a combined truck and car show was much more satisfying. An eclectic mix of cars, everything from film-inspired copies of the 'Herbie' Beetle and Kitt from 'Night Rider' through an array of classics (European and American) to several examples from various supercar stables. Here are a couple of pics of the class winners...........................Hmmm? One of them looks strangely familiar, . I wasn't even aware that there was any sort of judging going to be taking place so I didn't do any special preparation beforehand, just went out at 6 this morning and gave its face a wash. Well chuffed with a nice bit of glassware, for 'Best Modern Car', to stick on the mantle shelf.
  17. That's a bummer! Thanks to a glitch with my internet connection over the weekend, I didn't see this until last night. My original intention on Sunday was to go to the Performance Car Show at Bo'ness. The gates were due to open at 0900, but I thought it best to get down there way earlier than that. Even so, the queue at 0800 was out to the main road so I abandoned that idea and went for a solo blast around the Trossachs. Your little jaunt would have been so much better.
  18. This explains it quite well:
  19. As already confirmed by others, it is the WinAce GTC bumper. They're based in Indonesia so it might be worth contacting them direct if you're interested in any of their products, although they don't advertise any of their Lotus items on their website now that they have a couple of stockists. Otherwise your nearest stockist would be HethelSport in California.
  20. Going to try and get to Thirlestaine but only as a visitor as I wasn't in a position to commit to the whole day when the names had to go in. Moffat is good although I've only ever been as a visitor. Dumfries is also worth a visit - I've got an entry for it and will hopefully be able to make it. @C8RKH Going to manage Glamis on the Sunday - spot already booked, or rather it was carried over from 2020.
  21. JENNIFER: FURTHER UPDATE. I realise that I've not posted anything regarding Jennifer for nearly 5 weeks now and that some of you may by now be wondering what's going on. Well, she's now at a stage that the medics refer to as a recovery plateau so not a lot has changed over the past few weeks - there have been a couple of developments in the last couple of days but I'll reveal more details after my meeting on Tuesday with her consultant as I don't want to get hopes up needlessly. The good thing about the 'plateau' is that Jennifer has not really had any significantly bad days but of course the down side is that neither has she had any significantly good days. Meanwhile, my lawyer has started processing the long-winded application to the courts to have me granted Guardianship, after which I'll at least feel that I have some say in Jennifer's future. Hopefully, some good news to report in a few days.
  22. No, it was billed as the 'Ayrshire Motor Show', held at Ayr racecourse. It was organised by the same folk who do the one in Dumfries, which I've been to before and which was very good, so I was a tad surprised/disappointed with this one, .
  23. @mayevora Now that's the sort of car meet I thought I was going to yesterday. Instead, I was probably old enough to be grandfather to most of the other attendees and the Evora had the ground clearance of an SUV compared to a load of the assembled Corsas, Golfs, etc, . Here's my poor baby screaming "Get me out of here!", . I had to fit my illegally-spaced show plate just to chav it up a bit so it looked a little less out of place, .
  24. The only small 'issues' I encountered during fitting were: 1. The hole for the clevis pin securing it to the pedal was a fraction undersize so had to be reamed out very gently to get it to fit. 2. The connection for the fluid tubing into the top of the MC from the reservoir is a different size to OE. I was replacing it anyway as there was a lot of black goo inside mine but it did mean that I had to purchase 2 different diameters of tubing and a step-down adapter to splice them together. 3. The braided hose supplied to go from the MC to the bulkhead junction was too short as it was designed for LHD cars. I had my local friendly workshop chop the extra length needed from the OE pipework and connect it to the hose with a suitable coupling.
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