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  1. Resurrecting this thread, my P&J's calipers were looking a bit tired especially when compared with the recently powder-coated wheels and the polished-to-within-an-inch-of-its-life bodywork. The weather was slightly more favourable yesterday (i.e. it wasn't raining) so armed with a couple of pots of paint, a selection of brushes and a steady hand, a few hours of graft resulted in these:
  2. Hope there weren't too many drool-marks to clean off the paintwork after last night's little outing, Alan.
  3. Simon, it's just good old Laser Blue but I finally got just the right light conditions (and the right white balance adjustment on the camera) to do it some justice rather than the somewhat washed-out version that appears in my avatar and previous image posts. Note to self : must get around to updating avatar when I get a minute.
  4. Went to the Scottish Italian Car Day a couple of weekends back to show all those 4C owners what a proper sports car looks like and I had to leave it in the public car park, . It seems that the Pirelli tyres didn't constitute sufficient Italian content to permit entry to the showground, . Nevertheless, she did attract countless favourable comments...............and before the Plate Police come knocking on my door, that was only temporarily attached for the duration of the show and removed to reveal the road-legal version before I left the car park, .
  5. I've already posted this elsewhere in the Forum but I think that it deserves to go here too. A promotional picture from the Top Gear Live tour in Australia - why they had to go and spoil it by including that overpowered offering from an Italian tractor manufacturer is beyond me, .
  6. A promotional pic from the Top Gear Live tour in Australia - pity some Italian upstart got in on the act too though!
  7. INGLISTON REVIVAL ENTRANTS 1. David Boyd - Evora NA - Display & Track 2. Mark Rigby - Esprit V8-GT - Display Only 3. Craig Dewar - Exige S - Display & Track 4. Dominic Shanahan - Elise - Display & Track
  8. I was going to start a separate thread relating to entries to this event but on second thoughts 2 threads on the 1 subject might cause confusion so I'll continue on here. INGLISTON REVIVAL ENTRY DETAILS. The Friday (11th) is a manufacturers day where they will be giving test drives on the circuit. The main event (the bit we're interested in) is on the Saturday (12th) and Sunday (13th). If you are intending to display your car, please note that you MUST have your car on-site no later than 0800 both days (otherwise you won't get into the display area and will be sent to the public car pa
  9. Saw this somewhat belatedly - hope you've had a good 'un, .
  10. [Robert De Niro voice] "You talkin' to me?" [/Robert De Niro voice] in post #12 Gavin? Well, you'll need to speak up a bit as I've recently acquired a hearing impairment, from where I know not, . Seriously though the noise is as you say, epic, and it doesn't take long to acquire lip-reading skills. Most of you will no doubt already have watched/listened to my clip of the exhaust noise inside the car (valve open, windows closed but even then the microphone struggled) in the 'Blue Evora' thread but for anybody who hasn't, here it is again : . F
  11. I've still got mine so must be another one, .
  12. I'll be 'slumming it' (too long in the tooth now for that al fresco accommodation malarkey) from Friday through Sunday in the Granby hotel in Gravesend. Anybody else going to be in the area for a libation (or 2)?
  13. Yesterday afternoon, on the B7066 near Whitburn, West Lothian. Obligatory headlight flashes and 'Lotus Waves' exchanged, .
  14. I got 2 completely opposite reactions in the space of 20 minutes yesterday. I pulled into our local shopping centre car park and trundled round to 'claim' my favoured end of a row, away from everybody space. Just as I was exiting the car (made much easier by having an end space and being able to get the door fully open) a new E-Class Merc pulled up a couple of spaces away, the driver jumped out and came striding over towards me. Wondering what was coming next (I couldn't recall burning-off a Merc on my spirited drive into town, ) I was somewhat relieved when the other guy's face broke into a
  15. That looks the absolute business, Gavin. If you ever feel a longing to return to one of your previous hand-me-downs, I might just consider a swap you know, .
  16. Finally, the rain stopped long enough to dash off a few shots of my P&J - SR look completed (with a little homage to the F1 team on the front splitter), barge boards fitted and L07US reg number assigned.
  17. Yehey! Got my tickets and 'VIP Parking' hanger today. Really looking forward to my first visit to this event. Just got to sort out a roof (I don't do canvas at my age) over my head now, although it looks like there's still plenty of choice in the area. Anybody got any recommendations?
  18. 1 & 2 bingoking + 1 3 & 4 Al + 1 5 & 6 AndrewC + 1 7 & 8 Gordon + 1 9 Ken London 10 David Boyd (no +1 this time as SWMBO will be in Kiwi-land)
  19. 1. bingoking + 1 2. Mark + 1 3. Gee21 4. Al + 1 (not from the start - but a little later) 5. Derek + 1 (having just collected a new V8V from them yesterday, it'd be rude not to) 6. David + Jennifer (should get there by about 11-ish)
  20. I did as a matter of fact. When I'm stopped at the lights near the beginning, you can hear me 'crack' the window open a couple of inches (must remember to try and do something about that squeaky mechanism, ), but a few hundred yards later I'm shutting it again as it was positively Baltic outside. I was going to record another run with the camera mounted on the rear bumper but having heard the microphone's 'protests' on that first run, I suspect it might blow-up completely doing a close-up, .
  21. .........and continuing the theme that Gav started, I've added one to each lower A panel which you might just be able to spot in a couple of my pics above, . As an aside, having spent the last few days getting to know my new P & J, I thought it time to clear some of the cobwebs out of the system, although the poor old microphone seems to have been overwhelmed by the wall of sound assaulting it.
  22. Fire now being held. It did seem a bit bizarre that nobody in this country produces anything similar. I shall await your further revelations, .
  23. Next on the modifications list is having a part-wrap done to replicate the Sports Racer look (along with black badging) then the barge boards can go on. After that I'm looking at a BOE CAI and possibly a Difflow diffuser, if it will fit around my ASBO exhaust. Here are some pics taken yesterday. The light was far from ideal and my phone camera hasn't captured the Laser Blue too well I'm afraid.
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