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  1. After the disappointment of a couple of weeks ago when I attended what I thought was going to be a typical general car show only to find myself in the middle of a slam and stance chav-fest, today's outing to a combined truck and car show was much more satisfying. An eclectic mix of cars, everything from film-inspired copies of the 'Herbie' Beetle and Kitt from 'Night Rider' through an array of classics (European and American) to several examples from various supercar stables. Here are a couple of pics of the class winners...........................Hmmm? One of them looks strangely familiar, . I wasn't even aware that there was any sort of judging going to be taking place so I didn't do any special preparation beforehand, just went out at 6 this morning and gave its face a wash. Well chuffed with a nice bit of glassware, for 'Best Modern Car', to stick on the mantle shelf.
  2. That's a bummer! Thanks to a glitch with my internet connection over the weekend, I didn't see this until last night. My original intention on Sunday was to go to the Performance Car Show at Bo'ness. The gates were due to open at 0900, but I thought it best to get down there way earlier than that. Even so, the queue at 0800 was out to the main road so I abandoned that idea and went for a solo blast around the Trossachs. Your little jaunt would have been so much better.
  3. This explains it quite well:
  4. As already confirmed by others, it is the WinAce GTC bumper. They're based in Indonesia so it might be worth contacting them direct if you're interested in any of their products, although they don't advertise any of their Lotus items on their website now that they have a couple of stockists. Otherwise your nearest stockist would be HethelSport in California.
  5. Going to try and get to Thirlestaine but only as a visitor as I wasn't in a position to commit to the whole day when the names had to go in. Moffat is good although I've only ever been as a visitor. Dumfries is also worth a visit - I've got an entry for it and will hopefully be able to make it. @C8RKH Going to manage Glamis on the Sunday - spot already booked, or rather it was carried over from 2020.
  6. JENNIFER: FURTHER UPDATE. I realise that I've not posted anything regarding Jennifer for nearly 5 weeks now and that some of you may by now be wondering what's going on. Well, she's now at a stage that the medics refer to as a recovery plateau so not a lot has changed over the past few weeks - there have been a couple of developments in the last couple of days but I'll reveal more details after my meeting on Tuesday with her consultant as I don't want to get hopes up needlessly. The good thing about the 'plateau' is that Jennifer has not really had any significantly bad days but of course the down side is that neither has she had any significantly good days. Meanwhile, my lawyer has started processing the long-winded application to the courts to have me granted Guardianship, after which I'll at least feel that I have some say in Jennifer's future. Hopefully, some good news to report in a few days.
  7. No, it was billed as the 'Ayrshire Motor Show', held at Ayr racecourse. It was organised by the same folk who do the one in Dumfries, which I've been to before and which was very good, so I was a tad surprised/disappointed with this one, .
  8. @mayevora Now that's the sort of car meet I thought I was going to yesterday. Instead, I was probably old enough to be grandfather to most of the other attendees and the Evora had the ground clearance of an SUV compared to a load of the assembled Corsas, Golfs, etc, . Here's my poor baby screaming "Get me out of here!", . I had to fit my illegally-spaced show plate just to chav it up a bit so it looked a little less out of place, .
  9. The only small 'issues' I encountered during fitting were: 1. The hole for the clevis pin securing it to the pedal was a fraction undersize so had to be reamed out very gently to get it to fit. 2. The connection for the fluid tubing into the top of the MC from the reservoir is a different size to OE. I was replacing it anyway as there was a lot of black goo inside mine but it did mean that I had to purchase 2 different diameters of tubing and a step-down adapter to splice them together. 3. The braided hose supplied to go from the MC to the bulkhead junction was too short as it was designed for LHD cars. I had my local friendly workshop chop the extra length needed from the OE pipework and connect it to the hose with a suitable coupling.
  10. First time around, I replaced like-for-like in my 2010 N/A but the replacement OE unit didn't last very long so I swapped it for a Wilwood one from Greg's Race Parts - I must have got the 'authorities' on a good day as I didn't pay a penny in import duties or VAT, , so the cost wasn't much more than an OE one to get it here. It's a much more substantial unit when you see it side-by-side with the OE and, as agentdr8 says, a big bonus is that it's rebuildable from inside the car (albeit you'd need to be a contortionist to get down into the footwell, ) so saving the faff of having to remove the clam if a repair ever becomes necessary.
  11. Hi Al - yes it was indeed after the bug-induced isolation. The photos are on their (CCT) Facebook page - I can copy yours and your laddie's and PM them to you if you don't have access to FB.
  12. Jennifer's underlying health issues prior to her stroke meant that the house had to be kept reasonably warm as she had trouble maintaining her body temperature, even with extra layers of clothing, so I wasn't surprised that the dual fuel utility bill for our modest 3-bed bungalow was somewhat higher than the 'national average'. With Jennifer currently in hospital, I've cut back as far as I can on our energy consumption (if I'm out at work, the heating doesn't need to be on as the dogs have got fur coats after all) so I was still a bit surprised when the latest bill arrived from Octopus. Despite reducing our electricity consumption by 16% and gas by 42%, the bill is still 18% higher than last month. Closer examination of the costings reveals that for electricity, the daily standing charge has increased 99% and the kWh price has gone up 41%, whilst for gas it's an increase of 14% for the standing charge and 94% on the kWh. Really looking forward to the pre-winter increase - NOT!! This is their current estimate for me for the year....... Just as well that I'm not solely reliant on the State Pension to fund the household budget, .
  13. This ^^^^^^^^. When I started looking for mine way back in the mists of time (well late 2013 actually, ) I was determined that it was going to be Laser Blue with an Oyster interior - price was of lesser importance than getting the right car. Well, I got what I wanted eventually but it took the best part of 16 months to achieve it.
  14. Were it not for a couple of 'events', this would probably have qualified for the 'Happy' thread. FURTHER UPDATE ON JENNIFER: Well, quite a lot has happened since my last post. Over the period, Jennifer has actually made some reasonable progress apart from a couple of glitches which were the result of outside influences and which I'll come back to in a minute. The most important thing to note is that I have come round to accepting that Jennifer's future recovery would probably be best served in a nursing home. She doesn't really need to be in hospital now as she doesn't require emergency medical intervention facilities to be on hand 24/7. The ward must seem quite daunting to her at times with all the activity going on around her - the comings and goings of the staff, the various beeps and so on given off by the equipment, and the sounds of the other patients. Perhaps, therefore, some time in a more relaxed environment with her own private space will actually promote a speedier recovery process. She'll still be getting all the interactions and stimuli she needs, just with more chill-time in between. Last week, the hospital Social Worker and their Mental Health Officer decided that it was time to conduct an assessment of Jennifer's cognitive levels. This was supposed to be done in my presence as Jennifer is still quite wary of anybody she's not familiar with so you can imagine how pleased I was to learn that they'd visited just after I'd left Jennifer's side last Monday. Apparently, they'd gone into the ward, pulled the curtains around Jennifer's seating area and parked themselves right in front of her. Isolated from her familiar surroundings and confronted by 2 strangers with only their eyes visible above their face-masks, of course Jennifer got somewhat distressed. After about 10 minutes of Jennifer becoming more and more agitated they eventually decided to terminate their visit. When they contacted me later to inform me of what had happened I left them in no doubt as to how I felt about their approach and insisted that I be there during any future attempt. They rescheduled for Thursday and this time they did at least not set about pulling curtains etc. In fact, they agreed to my suggestion that we all go out of the ward area, however they insisted we use the visitors' room rather than my preference of the outside patio. It was a nice day and Jennifer is totally at ease every time she's out there whereas the room would be just another enclosed space that was unfamiliar to her. Surprise, surprise, despite my calming influence Jennifer quickly became more and more ill at ease - not a meltdown perhaps but she definitely was far from happy so I called a halt to the proceedings before she became any more upset. Why won't these supposed 'experts' listen to family members? They might have knowledge of their subject matter but they don't necessarily have any knowledge of a particular patient and how they're going to react to a particular situation. Jennifer and I have been together for 30 years (come June 10th) - The Social Worker and the MHO have known her for less than 30 minutes but seemingly they know best, . The good news is that, once away from the Spanish Inquisition, Jennifer quickly regained her composure and has been having a good day every day since. The conversations have flowed, all her responses have been relevant and totally coherent and she's even taken the lead and introduced new topics for discussion on several occasions. She's well aware of her surroundings, commenting on such things as the trees and flowers out in the grounds, the aircraft flying overhead to and from nearby Edinburgh Airport, items that have been on the ward TV, and the various members of the medical staff, most of whom she knows by their first names. That's much more like the Jennifer that I know and love but the so-called experts who are making the decisions on her future aren't giving her a chance to show them that side of her, . I'll be spending the next few days visiting a number of nursing homes to try and produce a shortlist for inclusion in Jennifer's discharge plan - there's one that I'm particularly keen to see as it looks nothing like your typical nursing/care home but more like a luxury hotel and it gets an 'Excellent' rating across the board by the Care Inspectorate too. If it meets my high expectations, I might even enquire about moving in there myself, .
  15. When I had mine 'black-packed' (7 years ago mind you), I just went for broke from the start and had it painted - roof, splitter, sills and mirrors, £500 all in which was less than half the cheapest price I'd had at the time for wrapping it. Still looks pretty much as good as new today (after putting 45k miles on it) with only a couple of tiny chips on the sills, so great value in my opinion. Here it is from a couple of weeks ago, ignoring the front bumper of course as it's a recent aftermarket mod.
  16. Me departing the 'Classic Car Tours' breakfast meet on Sunday.
  17. I too just stuck mine on top of the existing PPF after a quick wipe over with some isopropyl alcohol to get rid of any polish/wax residues.
  18. We had a Regera turn up at a breakfast meet last weekend. As @Redwing says, the attention to detail is truly mind-boggling.
  19. That's true - a dog-eating Grumpysaurus, .
  20. I should really have posted this on Thursday after my chat with the doctors but it has taken me until now to even try to come to terms with it. LATEST UPDATE ON JENNIFER: Very much mixed emotions over the period since my last update. I'm happy to report that apart from a slight glitch Tuesday before last, the cause of which was ultimately traced to a bowel obstruction which must have been causing her a fair amount of discomfort if not pain, Jennifer has had a settled time over the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately however, this settled time is also causing some concerns for the medical team, as she has not really made any significant progress either. This static period in her rate of recovery is worrying as she really needs to continue to be making steady improvements during this latter part of the post-trauma phase. Sooner rather than later now, she will reach a point where the recovery graph is going to flatten out anyway, after which time her progress is going to be noticeably slower so she needs to make-up as much ground now as possible - the setbacks she suffered previously have certainly not helped with that. Her consultant has gone so far as to warn me that as things stand, Jennifer may never make anything near a full recovery and in fact she may never even reach a level where she can resume a relatively independent life at home. Devastated and utterly heart-broken doesn't even begin to describe how I'm feeling right now at the thought of having to place my darling girl in a nursing home, possibly for the rest of her life if her 24/7 dependency continues as is. That will kill her, and me - maybe not as quickly, but certainly as surely, as plunging a knife into our hearts. I'm exploring every avenue looking for alternatives but my biggest concern is that when Social Services inevitably become involved as the hospital moves towards Jennifer's discharge, I'm going to have about as much say in her future as the guy who comes around every fortnight to jet-wash our wheelie-bins. We were in the process of organising Powers of Attorney when Covid struck so never got the paperwork signed-off. In her current mental state it is unlikely that Jennifer will be deemed able to make this decision so I'm having to consult a lawyer this coming week about petitioning the Probate Court for me to be granted Guardianship. Take it from me guys and gals, if you don't have a PoA in place - do it now! Marriage etc counts for nothing in this situation.
  21. Awarded myself a bit of downtime today before the daily hospital visit and took myself off for a couple of hours to the monthly 'Autobahn Scotland' breakfast meet at South Queensferry. The old girl scrubs-up not too badly for 111⁄2 years old and just shy of 80k miles on the clock, . Looks pretty good from all angles too,
  22. Mostly, the transition occurs over time such as she goes to sleep in one frame of mind and wakes up in another. Sometimes, however, it can be almost instantaneous and she goes from calm and relaxed to agitated and screaming the place down in a matter of seconds - a bit like a child throwing a tantrum when things are not going their way. It's quite distressing for all concerned when this happens as you can imagine. I will admit that it's starting to take its toll on me - I'm feeling more and more frayed around the edges as time goes on but I just keep trying to focus on all the positives and not dwell too much on the other occasions.
  23. Despite a significant blip earlier in the week, on balance this still deserves to go in here. JENNIFER - LATEST UPDATE: A bit of a mixed bag this week again, with what was probably her best day to date immediately followed by her worst since she left the High Dependency Unit, . Monday started the week on a high. Being a nice day, I'd taken Jennifer out to the patio area to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. She was watching the aircraft passing over on their final descent into Edinburgh and started asking me what each one was, adding little comments such as "You always call them that, don't you?" when I described one as 'Queasy Jet'. In between, I was making small talk about the weather and the birds and flowers that were present when Jennifer suddenly came out with "That's all you seem to keep talking about. When are we going to have a proper conversation?" I almost fell off my seat at that, but then proceeded do do as requested. On Tuesday I went in all buoyed-up from the previous days 'successes' only to find Jennifer sitting staring at a point on the ceiling, completely oblivious to everything going on around her, she never said a word the whole time I was there and gave no reaction to anything I said or did. The medical team were concerned enough to send her for a scan in case she'd suffered another 'event' but fortunately the results came back clear so I can only assume that her brain was having an off-day to recharge its batteries. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were all much the same - she was a lot better than Tuesday (not as great as Monday though) and was able to have a bit of a chat with me although some of what she was saying was not very coherent whilst other phrases and sentences were spot-on. Yesterday was dog therapy day and as before, it had the desired effect. It was a bit chilly out so the session had to be limited to about 30 minutes but that was still enough to give Jennifer the boost she was needing. After popping the dogs back in the car, I returned her to the ward and just at that, the menu for today's meals arrived. I ran through it with her, only for her to comment at the end of the list of choices, "Just tick anything as they all taste the same anyway". . That's more like the Jennifer of old - just maybe better not mention to anybody that she used to be a Catering Manager with the NHS, . Finger crossed for more of the same when I go in this afternoon.
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