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  1. So sorry to hear your news, Mike - cancer is such a cruel and indiscriminate disease. Hoping your heartbreak eases as you remember all those good years you had together. Run free, Georgie.
  2. Yes, I can see the similarity in the markings. Shadow was a Utonagan, so had a lot of Malamute and German Shepherd in his genes, and was a big lad at 27" high at the shoulders and 54kg in weight. Today has been more than a little difficult. I collected his ashes an hour or so ago and he's home for now. Our next trip to his favourite beach, which had already been planned for this Saturday, is not now going to be the happy, madcap affair it would normally have been, .
  3. At 1.50 this morning, after a high-speed cross-country dash to the nearest out-of-hours veterinary surgery proved to be to no avail, my best buddy in the world (my partner Jennifer aside that is) Shadow, passed away in my arms. After an evening's walk through the woods investigating all the marvellous scent trails deposited by the local wildlife, he tucked into his supper with his usual enthusiasm then settled down beside me on the settee for some 'daddy time'. A couple of hours later we headed for the bedroom, but halfway there he suddenly collapsed, in obvious distress. The vet discovered that he was haemorrhaging massively in his abdomen, which was traced to a previously undetected tumour on his spleen having ruptured. The right decision in the circumstances was the most difficult decision I've ever had to make, but ending his suffering took precedence over any emotions I was experiencing. Today, the tears still haven't stopped rolling down my face and my heart feels like it has been shredded - I just can't get my head around the suddenness of it all. R.I.P. Shadow, 29.01.2006 - 01.05.2019 - my beautiful, beloved boy, .
  4. @ricvx Here are a few of you 'in action' at Knockhill
  5. Having never seen a McLaren Senna before, I then get an overload of 2 different ones in the space of 10 days. Not a thing of beauty, but there's no denying that it gets the job done!
  6. At a multi-club breakfast meet yesterday, I give you "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" - with the latter closest to the camera of course, . In the 'My rear wing is bigger than yours' contest, the winner is.................. OK, OK - the Supra has it, but mine is much prettier! For 8½ years old, and 70k miles (112k km) on the clock, she (oops, am I allowed to say that?) still scrubs-up quite well I think.
  7. 1 & 2 Ian Corse + 1 - Breakfast and Car Collection 3 & 4 Andrew Laing + 1- Breakfast and Car Collection 5 & 6 Allan Matheson + 1- Breakfast and Car Collection 7 Brian King - Breakfast & Car Collection 8 & 9 Archie Buchanan +1 - Breakfast and Car Collection 10 Jim Selkirk - Breakfast & Car Collection 11 David Boyd - Breakfast & Car Collection
  8. A bit late showing this as you already know it, but confirmation of the loads of extra wheel space you get in the large vehicle wagons.
  9. With about 4mm of tread remaining and a 4000 mile round trip to Spain planned, last September I swapped out the 19" rear P Zeros for a pair of PS4S's but kept the Pirellis on the front as they still had 6mm+ on them. The Michelins are certainly quieter and when pushing on a bit, they do seem 'stickier' with the front end showing a slight tendency towards understeer. As I don't always drive like I stole it, this didn't bother me so I was happy to live with this compromised set-up for the time being. A few weeks back, I decided that it was time to change the fronts (they've still got about 5mm left on them and will be 'recycled' for use on my daily driver which will shortly need a couple of tyres, conveniently takes the same size, and is currently running P Zeros anyway) and of course came up against the problem of the PS4S not being available here in 18". On the recommendation of Baptiste ( @rallyesax ) , our resident Michelin expert, I set out to order some Pilot Super Sports for the front as they are seemingly as close as you can get to the PS4S in terms of compound and construction. Unfortunately, nobody had them in stock and I had to wait for a batch to be manufactured. Finally, just yesterday, they arrived from Camskill (£98.65 each FYI) and I'll be getting them fitted in the next few days. I've got great expectations of improved steering response and a further reduction in road noise - fingers crossed, .
  10. Alfa2Evora

    Lotus 7 - A73

    About 6.15pm on Wednesday night (10th April), heading towards Lanark on the A73 about 1 mile north of the Abington junction (#13) of the A74M. Lotus 7 A73.WMV
  11. Unless I'm working that night, I'm intending to make an observational visit at some point during the proceedings.
  12. At least it'll be quicker to get it dried out now with the improved ventilation.
  13. At a checkpoint for this weekend's 'Flying Scotsman' vintage rally, I give you 'Little & Large' - only 102 years between the 2 designs.
  14. You need to ask? If you don't, you'll only live to regret it.
  15. Big shout out to @EuropaSman , who having spotted my 'disaster' above, PM'd me to offer a genuine OE gaiter at a bargain-basement price with first class postage included, . Not only that but there was also a gaiter for the gear lever in the pack, and they both have an inset Oyster stripe so will look even better than the all-black ones currently in my car - every cloud and all that! All I have to do now is work out how to fit the bloomin' things without destroying the surrounding metal trim, . Looking at the exploded diagram in DeRoure, it would appear to be held in with simple spring clips so here's hoping.
  16. That other one being this one - nicely run-in by Lotus themselves, .
  17. Recently, the handbrake had been becoming harder and harder to apply, with the car still creeping unless you yanked the lever all the way up. Some of you may have seen the photo I posted the other day in the "What made you unhappy" thread of what eventually happened - if not, here it is again anyway. I had a look on here and found the 'how to' thread. Armed with this wealth of information and buoyed with confidence, I set about the task but in the end I couldn't get any improvement, had to concede defeat and take the car to the 'doctor'. It turned out that one of the rear cables had completely seized and the other wasn't far behind. Also, in my efforts to get the brake to hold by pulling hard on the lever, and clearly not knowing my own strength, I had succeeded in ripping the brake cable guide eyelet clean out of the subframe, . Two new cables, a specialist welder to reattach the eyelet, and my wallet lighter to the tune of £425 later, I now have a handbrake that holds on the 3rd click. Yeah!
  18. Finally, only 6 months after collecting it at Hethel from @a7esk, I got some free time coinciding with a couple of hours of reasonable weather and so got the Radium CAI fitted to the Evora. A bit of a phaff getting the old air box out - Lotus must start with it and then build the rest of the car around it - but it seems to have been a worthwhile exercise. I've only managed a quick run down around the village so far but already I'm aware of the throttle response being noticeably crisper. All I've got to do now is retrieve the jubilee clip that was securing the hot air vent pipe to the heatshield at the bulkhead, which managed to disappear down into the engine bay during removal. At least the air molecules don't have as far to go now, and won't get lost, on their way to the inlet manifold, .
  19. I think the Evora's handbrake may be in need of some adjustment - whadya reckon?
  20. It's treated with the utmost mechanical sympathy, Gavin - always has been and always will be. To me, it's no heavier today than it was the day I got it. Last time I was in at CMC, Craig invited me to sample the pedal in an Evora that had just had a new clutch fitted and admittedly, it did feel somewhat lighter than mine. Having said that, I've also experienced one that was heavier still than mine so it would seem that there's quite a bit of variation in pedal feel from one car to another. I'm happy with it the way it is. I like a bit of 'weight' in the pedal and it's almost exactly the same feel as the clutch in my Alfa, which incidentally has just been replaced at 107k miles after the dual-mass flywheel centre bearing collapsed - there was still a good bit of meat left on the bones on the friction plate too so I wouldn't say I had been sore on it either.
  21. I hope so Andy - mine is going in next week for service #9 with 69k miles on the clock, although I can already hear in my head Craig telling me (again) that the clutch pedal is heavy, . I've no plans to reduce my usage of it, in fact I've just upped the projected annual limit on the insurance to 12k. I've got a daily that I can use but it only does about half the miles the Evora does.
  22. Those few inches just saved you a fortune at the 19th @Bibs , .
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