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  1. Voted. I couldn't help myself, the glorified Beetle seemed so unloved, 😢 Only kidding, 😜.
  2. My 'neighbour from hell' is at it again, 😠. Ever since he retired (at the age of 50 I might add - nice for some) at the start of the year, not a month has gone past without some project or other taking place and all of them seem to involve lots of noise at close quarters to our house. I came in from nightshift at 6 this morning and went to bed about 7.30 only to be rudely awakened an hour later by a jack-hammer. Seems he's decided that his textured concrete driveway has got to go and so the contractors are in digging it up. All this is taking place barely 15 feet from my bedroom window. Even through in the conservatory, which is at the other end of the house, it's still clearly audible and as there's too much light there and I can't sleep with earplugs in, I've now given up. I was supposed to be working again tonight but sleep deprivation and a 44 tonne truck don't really mix so I've had to sub-contract out the job - not just lost sleep but lost income too. The most annoying thing about it is that on Wednesday morning, as I was taking the dogs out for their first constitutional of the day, he stopped at his gate to chat to me and part of the conversation involved him asking me if I was still working nights - no mention of what was taking place today though! The sooner Priti introduces the defence of 'justifiable homicide' into our legal system the better.
  3. Yep, mine loses about 10 minutes a month. The reset function no longer works either (it allows the hours to be changed but not the minutes) so I've simply given up bothering about it as the time is displayed on the ICE screen anyway.
  4. I had a 'by invitation only' viewing today at the new Scottish dealer, Parks of Hamilton. What can I say other than various slightly used body parts, such as a kidney, a lung and part of my liver, will be appearing for sale on Fleabay in due course, 😜 .
  5. Unfortunately, I'm working tomorrow. Come to think of it though, I am picking up my truck from Broughton so I could always swing around that way if there's room in the corner of the parking area to stash a 44-tonner? 😜
  6. @Miguel on here does the ones at the rear of the arch (that secure the mudflaps) in high-grade stainless steel : . I don't think he does the bumper brackets yet (I stand to be corrected on this) but I'm sure if enough of us show an interest he might add them to his 'catalogue' if he hasn't already done so. I for one would be up for a set as I'm shortly hoping to replace my front bumper with an aftermarket 'upgrade' and I know from what I saw the last time I had the bumper removed, the OE brackets were looking decidedly second-hand, .
  7. @Sbfdave Yesterday afternoon, around 4-ish, northbound on the M6 just before Southwaite. Glad to see that you and/or Sharon were showing that orange upstart from Woking ( @Andrew C ) a clean pair of rear tyres, . I was headed south but didn't wave as I was in my 🚛 .
  8. I blame you @mik ! Since reading your post above, I spent the rest of the weekend looking for a decent SD1 Vitesse to add to my 'collection'. Not found one yet but I'm sure there's one out there with my name on it. My only regret is that I should never have sold the cracker of an example I owned in the mid to late 80s, 😢 .
  9. Last night, around 6-ish - Vivid Green Exige S3 northbound just before J6, Hamilton.
  10. According to the V5 for mine, a standard NA as it leaves the factory puts out 87dB(A) static and 75dB(A) drive-by at 3750rpm - I think mine now with a full 2bular and a CAI might be just a tad more, . I wouldn't have thought an 'S' would be that much different so take along your registration certificate and if they question your noise output, just point to Section U and say that their noise meters must be wrong, .
  11. I thought that I'd been reasonably polite, if a little sarcastic, on the first call that I answered but they got me at a bad time with the subsequent one. Having just finished an extended nightshift with barely 9 hours to get home, have something to eat, sleep, then get back to work for the next shift, I really didn't appreciate it when the phone started ringing every few minutes shortly after my head hit the pillows. I'm normally quite a placid, laid-back sort of guy - honest!
  12. Although I'm not proud of my little telephonic outburst the other day, it does seem to have had the desired effect. Not a cheep from them since, .
  13. Anybody else been getting plagued recently by calls from Macklin Motors? It started just over a week ago when a call came through on my mobile from an Edinburgh number that I didn't recognise. I was driving at the time so just ignored it but they became quite persistent, calling a further 4 times in less than 2 hours. Eventually I was in a position to answer a call, curious to find out who needed to speak to me so desperately that they had to keep trying but not so desperately that they didn't feel the need to leave a message on my voicemail. "Good afternoon Mr Boyd," they started, "this is xxxxx from Macklin Motors in Edinburgh. I see from our records that you bought a vehicle from the previous company here about 5 years ago and we were wondering if you still have that car, were you considering a change as we've got a number of exciting offers on new cars at the moment with excellent trade-in prices". "I'm afraid that you have me at a disadvantage xxxxx," I replied, "but I'm not fully familiar with the ranges of vehicles produced by either Kia or Mitsubishi. Could you enlighten me as to which 2-seater, minimum of a V6-powered, hand-built, mid-engined sportscar you had in mind as a suitable replacement for my Lotus Evora?" (I didn't tell them I actually have a 2+2 as that would only have confused the matter before anybody comments - @C8RKH 😝 ) After some stuttering and spluttering they apologised for bothering me but since then they have continued to call me several times a day on both my mobile and home landline, 😠 . It came to a head this morning when, after their 3rd attempt to reach me inside an hour, I got fed-up and answered. "I believe one of my colleagues spoke to you last week about the offers we have on at the moment and wondered if you'd had time to consider any of them?" I was perhaps a little bit grumpy at that particular juncture as I was trying to get some sleep after having worked a 14 hour nightshift so I may have been just a tad brusque in telling them what they could do with their Far Eastern conveyances. Ooooops! Number now blocked, in case they didn't get the message earlier, so hopefully I'll get some peace and quiet from now on.
  14. @phil flash Yep, can't beat a nice bit of Oyster!
  15. I know that it won't make you any less annoyed to hear that it's not any better here in the UK. Especially here in Scotland. The dealer who had the franchise for several years eventually lost it after countless complaints to AR in Italy from a huge swathe of owners, myself included. The franchise then passed to another company who were really very good, with staff who were knowledgeable and passionate about the marque's heritage. However, for a variety of reasons, they gave-up about 3 years ago and somehow the previous dealer got the franchise back, . I've had at least 1 Alfa in some shape or form in my 'fleet' for the past 40 years or so but I fear that the current one could be my last. Here, it is regarded as a semi-prestigious brand but the dealer network is more suiting a 'bargain bangers' car lot, .
  16. I pressed the 'commit' button yesterday - least I could do after all the help I've had over the years, and not least recently, from 'The Boss'.
  17. @C8RKH My original intention was to use 'Click & Collect' (it's use is limited to key workers only, but I qualify) but as I needed the parts ASAP, the bizarre lead times of 2 days for C&C but 1 day if you have it delivered swayed me in that direction. I can't get hold of anybody at ECP as their recorded message is quoting at least 2 hour's waiting times on both phone calls and online live chat, and you can't just turn up at one of their stores unannounced apparently. I posted up my displeasure on their Facebook page and all they've done with that is delete my post without replying. I could place the order again, but then I'd have to pay for it again and still have the issue of trying to return 1 item (eventually, as they're not accepting returns at the moment) whilst trying to get a refund for 2, and it would be Friday before I could collect if I can't speak to anybody and get them to extract their collective corporate digits. @philcool I'm kicking myself now. I looked at AUTODOC and they had them in stock at pretty much the same price but it was only their delivery time of 4-6 days that put me off. Looks like I would have been quicker with them in the long run. Similarly, Alfistishop (also in Germany) were dismissed for the same reason. I know where my business will NOT be going in future!
  18. UPDATE: Well, the delivery from ECP finally arrived at 1230 today. Now I know why they were offering a 50% discount to key workers - they only send you 50% of what you ordered!!!!! 2 springs on the order, 2 springs on the invoice, 1 spring in the box. Huge package for what was in it, even if they'd sent what should have been in there, with loads of bubble-wrap (probably full of Chinese air so I'll have to dispose as a bio-hazard) to take up the slack. Useless bunch of cretins doesn't get close.
  19. OK, so I realise that with a motoring fleet that comprises of a Lotus, a Saab, and an Alfa Romeo, all of which are around 10 years old, and a Triumph that is knocking on 40, some might consider me a glutton for punishment but actually I quite enjoy a challenge and don't mind breaking out the spanners and getting my hands dirty when the mood takes. Lately though, things have just got a bit silly when it comes to trying to keep even one item of personal transport in a functioning condition. The TR8 was never up for consideration in this respect - it's currently a long-running restoration project and is nothing more than a bare bodyshell sitting on blocks in the middle of my garage floor, surrounded by a huge pile of boxes containing a myriad of bits. The Evora is also out of contention as it has been lurking under its waterproof cover, 'abandoned' on my driveway after the last minute cancellation of its service and MOT back at the end of March when my chosen repairer was closed by the virus and although recently re-opened, I have yet to agree a mutually agreeable appointment date and time with them. That leaves us with the two 'daily drivers', both of which are somewhat under the weather. The 9-3 is fitted with the very rare Hirsch suspension kit and has a leaking front strut. The part has been on back-order from the factory in Switzerland since February with no delivery date yet promised and the car is becoming steadily more undriveable to the point that I'd only consider driving it, slowly, in a dire emergency. The Giulietta has a problem with the synchromesh on 1st and 2nd and again the necessary parts are on factory order, but thankfully I'm of an age where I learned to drive on a car that didn't have synchro on any gears and so I'm still able to drive the Alfa, albeit with some deft clutchwork and rev-matching techniques. Or at least I was able to drive it. I was last out in it last Tuesday on the weekly shopping run then it sat parked until Sunday when I decided to have a drive out to test my eyesight and give the battery a bit of a boost. When I got out to it, I discovered that sometime during the preceding few days of immobility, the coil spring on the rear driver's side had decided to 'explode' and the bits were lying on the ground below, having left their impressions on the fuel tank, the exhaust system and the boot floor as they ricocheted around converting all that pent-up potential energy into the kinetic variety. Extra annoying because those springs were only replaced about 3 years ago but are clearly constructed of an inferior grade of cheese. A shop around online on Monday morning found the best deal to be with EuroCarParts. They showed a pair to be in stock at their nearest branch to me (about 15 miles away) so I proceeded to compile a 'Click & Collect' order - as a key worker I was permitted to do this according to their T's & C's. Then the final page of the transaction announced that I wouldn't be able to collect until Wednesday, although I could have them delivered (for an additional charge of £4.95) by DHL next day i.e. today, Tuesday. Why they reckoned they were able send an item via a courier quicker than they could hand it to me over the counter still (and will probably always) eludes me, but the main consideration was to get them here ASAP and it saved me risking a trip in the Saab so I went along with their possible subterfuge. Well, today I was up at the crack of dawn in case the DHL guy arrived at the start of their advertised 0800 to 1800 delivery schedule. That way I could get the new springs fitted and the car back on the road before the forecast break in the good weather we've been enjoying in recent days. So I sat and I sat and I sat, then at 1652 my mobile pinged to signal an incoming text. It was from DHL. I opened it expecting to see a message advising that their driver was but minutes away from me. But, oh no! "You're delivery from ECP will be with you between 0800 and 1800 Wednesday." FFS! Of course, it's now persisting down and the prediction is that it will continue to do so until about Sunday. Thanks a bunch EuroCarParts / DHL. .......................... and breathe!
  20. Over the years, I've gradually converted our garden from the sterile manicured lawns and formal rose beds that we inherited when we bought the house to a wild nature garden with a wide variety of native plants and trees which in turn have attracted a wide variety of birds, mammals and reptiles to our little oasis on the edge of suburbia. Jennifer reckons the real reason behind it was so I could avoid all that mowing, weeding and pruning - how very dare she! So how have certain members of the avian branch of my wildlife visitors, most likely the magpies or the jackdaws, chosen to thank me for all my efforts on their behalf? Why, they've only gone and used the Evora as a dining table, . They've pecked away so vigorously at their chosen foodstuffs that their beaks have ripped holes in my lovely, custom-made outdoor car cover and chipped the paint underneath - mostly confined to the door mirrors fortunately but there are also a couple of bits on the roof, . That's gratitude for you. Well, two can play at that game. First thing tomorrow, 50 tons of concrete will be on order! The cover is blue - don't know why these next 2 came out grey.
  21. I've just been back past the location where the local Covidiots had their party on Saturday and it now looks like this, ....................... Just before we went into lockdown, a group of us (dog-walkers) tidied-up the whole woodland area, in the run-up to the Great British Spring Clean, as it was beginning to show evidence of the passage of some of the untidier members of our community. We thought it was bad enough then with the odd discarded water bottle or crisp packet to contend with, but this takes it to a whole new level. How can a dozen kids create so much mess in one night? Oh well, I suppose that gives us an activity to look forward to once we can all get back together again.
  22. Here in West Lothian, the youngsters are really enjoying the freedoms handed them by the Green contingent in Holyrood. Despite being regarded as responsible adults and deemed able to vote for our lawmakers at the age of 16 they are also deemed, when under the age of 18, as not being old enough to be prosecuted for breaking the very laws these lawmakers make, . Whilst walking our dogs yesterday through the woodland next to our house, I became aware of some excited little voices up ahead. In a small clearing, I find a full blown party/orgy in progress. About a dozen teenage Covidiots hugging and kissing, and passing around bottles, cans and some dodgy-looking smokes for all to share, . No point in reporting them as: a) the recently-passed amendment to the lockdown legislation renders them immune from prosecution (although not from the virus itself) and all the police can do is order them to disperse, and b) they would most likely disperse of their own accord anyway at the first sight of a uniform by their posted lookouts - as I came into view the shout went up "It's awright, it's jist some old c*** walkin' his f*****' dugs. It really makes me mad when most of us genuinely 'responsible adults' are sticking absolutely to the instructions for our, and everybody else's, well-being.
  23. Doing my bit with my 'future classic', .
  24. I can't answer how it'll affect your car if the CAI is all you'll have. I've got a 2bular exhaust system and have had an ECU remap too, and combined with the CAI it makes a noticeable difference - driving it with the Sport button off is more like having it on in a standard car, and when you put it in Sport it goes like the proverbial. Plus, the induction howl when you push up towards the top end of the rev-range is nothing short of insane, . I was lucky in that I was in the right place at the right time to grab a barely-used bargain on here otherwise I was looking at personally importing one from The States at something north of £500 at the time (a couple of years ago) as I'm not aware of anyone in the UK that supplies just the intake kit.
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