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  1. I enquired with Elise Shop a little while back about getting GRP versions rather than CF as I too would want them to be painted gloss black (or just possibly body colour) but they replied that they are only doing the latter. I'm now in touch with Hethel Sport in the US who are proposing to do them in GRP and I'm just waiting on them confirming that the 'prototype' set has passed muster before placing an order.
  2. Is she now one of your 3 mistresses mentioned a little while back in the 'Euro Question' thread?
  3. Up until today, I've had no issues with them. Now that I've had time to get my blood pressure back to normal, I'm going to contact them again and speak to someone higher up in the food chain. My conversation today was maintained at a civilised level - I think I was too stunned to get angry until after I'd put down the receiver.
  4. First thing on my 'to do' list for Monday is a phone call to the Association of British Insurers, especially as a bit of googling found this : abi-guide-to-winter-tyres-the-motor-insurance-commitment.pdf . OK, it's a couple of years old but as far as I can tell it's still their most up-to-date list and according to it, despite their previous insistence to the contrary, my just-terminated insurer didn't even require to be told!!!!!
  5. YESSSS! @Colin P Laser Blue is the colour to have and the black pack enhances it to the nth degree - looks longer, lower and meaner. What's not to like about this?......... Congratulations on your acquisition and hope you have many years of enjoyment from it. Nearly 4 years with mine and the smile on my face is permanent, .
  6. Still not got my outdoor cover fitted, . The rain has finally relented only to be replaced by gale-force winds. I suspect trying to fit it now might result in me becoming a hazard to aviation, .
  7. Went online on Thursday afternoon to order a set of winter tyres from Camskill for our Alfa daily driver. Got an email from them Friday morning advising that they'd been despatched (full marks to them for the quick order processing) and that I should check on the DPD website after 72 hours to check on their progress through the delivery system. Just after 9 o'clock this morning, the door bell rings and it's the DPD delivery guy with the tyres. Full marks and a gold star to DPD - when I expressed my surprise, the driver commented that at this time of year everybody gets their express next-
  8. @Trevsked Switch has been replaced twice, with various 'adjustments' in the intervening periods. The biggest problem is its inconsistency - you can hit a huge bump in the road that has no effect then go over the tiniest ripple in the surface and it instantly disconnects. More than a little disconcerting if you've got the inevitable Mercedes Sprinter van 6 inches off your back bumper when it does it, !
  9. FTFY Trevor. Can you tell that I've now given up completely on ever getting it to work for longer than about 5 seconds in the Evora?
  10. FTFY - or at least, that's the stage I'm at here. Bloomin' Storm Diana, .
  11. I came out of Stoke on the A500 about 4 this morning. It wasn't there then so the queue couldn't have been all that bad, .
  12. New outdoor cover (in blue) to fit over the GT4 rear wing arrived today, . Hopefully take some pics of it at the weekend.
  13. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 & 4 Johnny & Audrey - eventually got the motor back after 8 and 1/2 weeks. 220 miles done on Sunday past. Vrooooom. 5 David (only me as Jennifer will be "doing her own thing" that day)
  14. I'm interested too. Thanks to modern house builders basing their garage dimensions on the original Mini, my Evora has to live outside and we do occasionally see the sun here in Scotland, .
  15. Apologies for the 'no show' this morning. When I awoke, I had streaming eyes, a streaming nose and a sandpapered throat so I didn't think you'd appreciate my generosity in sharing it with you all, .
  16. Admittedly, it has got a fair bit quieter on there since the Alfabook group set up on Facebook but have faith and hopefully somebody will come to your aid. Failing that, you could always stick it on here I suppose : and you might strike lucky.
  17. Give them a chance mate - it's less than an hour since you posted on there. I don't have any real knowledge on the 'GM' V6 - all mine were Bussos and my 159 was a 1750TBi, but it is a fount of all knowledge on there so I'm sure somebody will be along in due course to help you out, .
  18. 1 & 2 Brian & Jackie 3 & 4 David & Jennifer (breakfast only as I start work at 1800hrs and will need to get some beauty-sleep, )
  19. The later ones didn't come with a cover anyway so presumably it has no detrimental effect removing it. I did consider 'losing' mine not long after I got the car but the NA engine isn't that exciting (or pretty) to look at so treated it to a nice red 'motorsport' one instead, .
  20. @Bibs Just ordered a new outdoor cover as my current one, which had become a tight fit after the addition of a front splitter and an extended rear diffuser, was in no way going to fit over the GT4 wing. Email sent with some pics from various angles to save you having to pull them from my posts on here.
  21. I left home with a large holdall, a smaller cabin-luggage sized bag, a large camera case + tripod, a foldaway chair, a 20 litre wash bucket filled with bottles of various car-cleaning products, and all the oddments (warning triangles, first aid kit, etc etc) that an overseas trip requires. I returned with all these plus 4 cases of wine and a case of champagne. In future I'll not bother taking the detailing stuff as it was never used (it would have been a full-time job trying to cope with the huge volumes of dust encountered), suffer the filthy car as I did this time and have enough extra
  22. When I saw the total, my first thought was that there was a financial slap on the wrist included but no, it was all just tolls. I did occasionally confuse mph and kph but the speeds couldn't have been that outrageous as every time I looked there was always a Mercedes Sprinter van closing up in my mirrors and we all know how universally considerate of traffic laws the drivers of those are, .
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