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  1. As I was faced with some strict time constraints (to ensure I got back in time for the 70th at Hethel) I had to resort to using toll roads more than I might have otherwise done on my recent roadtrip to Murcia in southern Spain. Even so I did try and keep it to a minimum, so it came as a bit of a surprise this morning to receive my invoice from Emovis (formerly Sanef) for £225.61 - OUCH!!!! It's all so painless when you just sail up to the barrier and don't have to stop. I suppose having to dig around for small change or using your card to pay-as-you-go each time might inject some se
  2. A short video clip from my recent Spanish roadtrip. I didn't go too mad (self-imposed rev limit of about 6k and cornered with a modicum of discretion) but I was still having some fun, right up to the point that I caught up with the motorbicyclists, . Part 1 is also on Youtube if you're interested - it's from the French side of the mountains but runs for about 30 minutes, the second half of which are the more interesting ones.
  3. I got my late 2010 NA in early 2015 with a little over 30k miles on the clock. I've just completed a 10 day, 4000+ miles round trip to southern Spain (reaching and sustaining some not inconsiderable velocities along the way, ) and it never missed a beat, with its mileage now sitting at close to 67k. In fact, during my period of ownership it has never really missed a beat ever. Apart from new brake discs all round at the last service and suspension droplinks at the last MOT (both items which I consider wear and tear consumables), the only component that has actually failed and caused some
  4. Bought the plate first then took over a year to find the right car to put it on.
  5. When I had the headunit in mine upgraded from the original Alpine 505 to the newer 920 model, the camera also had to be replaced as the original one was incompatible with the new unit. I can't remember the exact details but I seem to remember mention being made that they had different operating voltages and that some wiring changes were also needed to get everything to work.
  6. I can just see a tiny speck of mine in the overheads but I did manage a partial 'selfie' via the big screen if that counts?
  7. FOR SALE EVORA GT430 One careful owner from new (factory demonstrator) Low mileage, never raced or rallied Tyres and brakes nicely bedded-in, ready for the road Offers to Lotus Cars plc, Hethel.
  8. Yep - totally agree. I've owned an Alfa in some shape or form for over 25 years. Tried out a 4C, bought an Evora. Nothing more to say really.
  9. That'll be mine, . Stuck my 'chavvy' mis-spaced (A L07US A) show plate on top of my road legal one with some sticky tabs. Stayed put all the way down to Spain and back, was there at the start of the parade and gone by the finish. They can hang on to it as a display piece for the new museum when it's built, .
  10. What a fantastic event - huge thanks and respect to @Bibs et al for putting this together - I've organised a few events over in my other life as an Alfa club rep, including a run to Milan for their centenary, so I can really appreciate just what was involved. Absolutely well worth returning from Murcia days earlier than I otherwise would have done, and giving the Evora an extended workout over 1400+ miles in 17 hours of driving - "Oh, those signs are in KPH are they officer?" - to get there, albeit somewhat tardy thanks to them only having 1 lane open at the Eurotunnel check-in/passport
  11. Would be good to see - thanks in advance.
  12. Final instalment, you'll be relieved to hear. From Millau, with time now against me, it was a spirited thrash of 400 miles or so up the Autoroute to my overnight stop in Estissac, to the west of Troyes. The final day still had enough time available to make a slight detour for some obligatory pics at the old Reims-Gueux race circuit before heading to Calais for the Eurotunnel crossing and the run to Hethel. Those of you at the 70th event today wouldn't have had too much difficulty in recognising my car - it was the one with a few isolated pat
  13. This trip, I didn't go over it but instead spent some time exploring the roads that the valley below to get a different perspective.
  14. Having given others a chance to make some posts whilst I was without an internet connection, it's time to play catchup. My overnight stop on Wednesday was in this small château in Bez et Emperor, up an offshoot of the Gorge du Tarn near Millau ....... From there it was a short drive through some great scenery....... ....... to arrive at the 'Big Bridge'. Two brilliant pieces of British design in the one shot!
  15. @maydharm Easily done - it's a similar incurable affliction to the love of Lotus. There's been at least one Alfa of some description on my driveway for the past 25 years.
  16. Strange as it may seem, I bought this phone to use as a phone - the camera function came as a bonus. I was intending to upload pics from my DSLR camera to my laptop but the latter no longer wishes to speak to me. The first few hours of today's journey back in a northerly direction were completed during a torrential downpour so no chance of any pics but at least it washed off the worst of the white dust layer on the car so it now looks semi-presentable from a few feet away. By Mid-afternoon though the sun was blazing down from an almost cloudless sky as I cleared Barcelona so I head
  17. @Ian Parkin In true RAF fashion, when you arrive at the aviation heritage site can you enter in 'missing man' formation please, as a mark of respect for yours truly who would have dearly loved to have been with you but will most likely instead be 'lost in action' somewhere between the Channel Tunnel and the M25/M11 intersection.
  18. Despite spending most of today meeting with my Spanish lawyer, council officials and my builders (the main reason for my being here) I did manage to snatch a few photo opportunities and I know how bitterly disappointed you'll all be if I failed to share them on here. In front of my future (hopefully) retirement home, currently a complete ruin requiring total renovation. Directly opposite is a lovely little church, bizarrely the only building in the hamlet of 14 houses that is fully restored. Just along the road and a decent backdrop presented itself so it would ha
  19. Not so much spotted in Pinoso as spotted languishing in a repair shop in Pinoso - genuine 25k kms on the clock apparently. ,
  20. Following on from yesterday's spots on the streets of Pinoso, today I stumbled upon these 2 beauties in a completely unassuming garage in the same town. They also had an Elites , pictures of which I'll post separately.
  21. Being Spain, that one is the much rarer to us Seat version.
  22. If you've seen my posts in the Evora picture thread, I am now past caring. I have my detailing kit with me which may or may not get used before the event depending on the performance of Eurotunnel on Friday afternoon and my subsequent performance on the M25. Any awards going for the filthiest car in attendance could well be coming my way! Sorry @C8RKH
  23. Sitting quietly in the back streets of Pinoso, Spain today, the dreaded tinmoth in the UK would have claimed these long ago.
  24. ........and some more....... 
  25. Loads of photo opportunities today (OK, OK I can hear the groans from here but do feel free to post pics of other than Laser Blue Evoras if you want) as I confined my activities to within a 30 mile radius of my hotel. In the cold light of day the car didn't look any better - that dust had got everywhere, including the engine bay....... ........but I can almost forgive when the compensation is this...... Today's run was only down to near Fortuna to visit friends but that didn't prevent me using some nice little back roads with spectacular backdrops...
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