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  1. My Evora seems to have reached that time in its life when it is going to keep throwing up one minor niggle after another. Todays query - before I go ripping apart the centre console, does anybody know if the illumination (or in my case the lack of illumination) of the HVAC control knobs is a user-serviceable item, i.e. it's one or more bulbs, or is this control panel a sealed unit that will need replacing in its entirety? The button switches either side are still lit, and the controls all work - I just can no longer see the position of the settings on the damn things.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions guys. Didn't get a chance to do anything the past couple of days but when I went out to it today, it seems to have cured itself. Happy days, for now.
  3. That's what I thought at first but the car as been lying unentered, with a cover over it, since the start of the month and has several silica-gel bags strategically placed around its interior as a precaution against just such an occurrence. Everything seemed bone-dry when I got in so the apparent misting up inside the screen was a real puzzler. Even more puzzling is that after driving it round for over an hour, the patch has got bigger????
  4. I went out to take the Evora for a run today as she's been sat immobile for the past 3 weeks or so, partly due to the crappy weather and partly down to having wrecked my left ankle after 'finding' a hidden rabbit-hole whilst out running with the dogs. First thing I noticed when I got in was that the screen for the radio/nav has a discoloured area in the middle of it.......... Once the unit has 'fired-up', the patch is still visible but everything seems to work OK. Any ideas on what might have caused it and/or what can be done to rectify it?
  5. The name reflects the route I took after test driving a couple of 4Cs. I've always had at least one Alfa of some description on my driveway for the past 30+ years. Sadly, the 4C was not be one of them - I just couldn't live with the wayward handling and ponderous gearbox, not to mention the irritating engine/exhaust noise. Yes, I know, do some research and throw some cash at these problems and you can make at least some of them go away, but I'm at that time of life where I want something to perform 'straight out of the box' rather than me having to spend time and money finishing off the d
  6. Snap, well almost. Has to be done, doesn't it?
  7. I'm running the PSS front / PS4S rear combination and loving it. So much quieter and stickier than the Pirellis. The rears are coming up on 10k miles and still have loads of life left in them - the Pirellis on the other hand, at that mileage, would have had about as much tread as a billiard ball, .
  8. Sorry to hear about the MiL - glad to hear she's on the road to recovery, albeit most likely a long one with some steep hills in it along the way. I'm working nightshift this weekend but if I get finished at a reasonable time Sunday morning then I'll pop along before heading for bed.
  9. If you find yourself south of Andorra and in need of an overnight stop, this place is great for petrolheads (and guitar nuts). A good few 'interesting' roads in the neighbourhood too, .
  10. The Jade Green was fine Gavin, it was ordering a Boxster that was the moment of madness, .
  11. Last night, I pulled into Tebay Services on the M6 southbound and noticed across the other side of the relatively deserted car park, a Land Rover Freelander with a trailer carrying another car. "So what - nothing out of the ordinary there!" I hear you all say. Well, upon looking a bit closer I noticed that there were 2 large Snap-On tool chests sitting next to it, along with a collection of various automotive bits and pieces, and that the front of the Freelander was up on axle stands. As I walked past on my way to the facilities, the guy working on it slithered underneath, to re
  12. Andy, what have I told you about parking too close to one of these?........
  13. Red Esprit (reg SIJ****) parked in the centre of Moffat, Dumfries-shire, yesterday afternoon and still in the same spot when I passed on my return journey in the early hours of this morning.
  14. I don't know what the answer is to the lacquer-peel on the headlights. Mine got really bad about 3 years back.......... and I went the sand-back, polish and re-lacquer route which looked spot-on when it was newly done............... That 'repair' lasted about 2 years until they were almost as bad again. This time after the old lacquer was sanded-back and buffed, I had protective film applied instead of the lacquer layer. Unfortunately, that idea doesn't seem to have worked either as the edges of the film are already (barely 12 months later) starting to lift from the
  15. Well, it just gets better and better! About a month back, for several days it seemed like they were filming a remake of Hitchcock's 'The Birds' in our immediate vicinity as the sky was thick with gulls, magpies, and such like wheeling around and screaming the place down. All our cars very quickly looked like they'd been parked next to a whitewash factory when it exploded, resulting in us having to leave their covers on when not in use and still having to wash them every time we went out as they inevitably took several hits as soon as exposed. This avian assault gradually subsided, on
  16. I'm the same as @PaulCP - every road trip for the past 20+ years, in a variety of different cars, has seen me carrying the same bulb kit, originally bought for an Alfa 155 back in 1995. I've been asked to produce it on a handful of occasions during routine roadside checks and it was accepted each time without question - just as well on my trip last year, as I've converted the rear indicators to LED so not one of the bulbs will now fit it, . Oh, and I didn't bother with beam deflectors on the headlights either and nothing was said at the check, nor was there any adverse reaction at an
  17. ........and from the day before, a nice professional shot taken in the Lammermuir hills south of Edinburgh during the Jim Clark Road Run to the new museum in Duns. Mind you, had the photographer been stationed a mile or so back he'd have got a real action shot, when I discovered too late that the last in a series of crests in the road was in fact a 1:1 scale replica of Beachy Head. Arriving at what could be best described as 'making determined progress' , I did take a fair bit of air and judging by the furrows in the road surface in the landing area I certainly wasn't the first
  18. Taken yesterday at the car show linked to the Bo'ness Hillclimb Revival event (thanks to @The Lotus Position for the photo), she scrubs up quite well for almost 9 years old and 73k miles on the clock, .
  19. I've been allocated a new Scania R630 demonstrator that's on trial at the moment - 16 litre V8 should about do it. They moved in about 18 years ago and things have been 'neighbourly' up until 3 months ago when he retired (at 52 - the benefits of working for the prison service, ) and now seems to have adopted alienating everybody nearby as his new pastime. Oh they still work. Big suckers they are too - think they came off a ship! Yes, got to leave it on a fast idle (about 1500rpm) for a good couple of minutes to get the tanks up to the full 12 bar after it's been si
  20. More than 3 weeks having passed since the fence demolition saga and with no sign of the new fence being erected despite their contractor saying it was going up during week commencing 5th August, I decided enough was enough. Our dogs have been 'banned' from our front garden unless on their leads for all of this time meanwhile next door's mutts have had free-range of the entire neighbourhood, leaving their little calling cards all over our garden and beyond. On Saturday, I acquired some fencing materials of my own and erected a suitably-high fence just my side of the property dividing line.
  21. I wouldn't say 'quite' well, @rallyesax , I'd say the PS4S/PSS combo is brilliant! My car corners so well now I'm sure it could distort space and time, .
  22. Exactly like this in fact........................
  23. Here you go :évora/
  24. Those are on the wrong side of the car - they're going 'backwards'. I was offered a set at a knock-down price by the dealer when I bought my NA, but turned them down as I'm not a huge fan of them, - too much metal for my liking. Sorry!
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