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  1. I'll need to be careful that I book a course at the correct 'Lotus Academy' - would be bitterly disappointing to find myself drifting a ball, rather than an Exige, through a line of cones, .
  2. That poll, with fewer than 1100 respondents, of course being totally representative in her eyes of the feelings of the entire Scottish population, . Roll on the next election when we'll have the mandate to hand her her P45! Only if you're one of the lucky 'select' few however. The number of 'free' places is capped to keep it affordable. The universities are also being encouraged to accept more people from disadvantaged backgrounds so these 'free' places are prioritised for them. This leaves a lot of disappointed Scottish applicants failing to gain a place at their chosen universi
  3. I discovered that only once I'd already fitted some to the rears. On the advice of 'our' resident expert in all things Michelin (Baptiste - @rallyesax ) I fitted PSS on the front and I find the combination excellent, .
  4. Half the reason for extending the height of that section of fence was to keep their 3 spaniels from coming into our garden, leaving their deposits and generally winding-up our guys. The neighbours apparently hadn't been aware that this was happening and so readily agreed that I could put my panels up against their fence, in fact they suggested attaching them to the existing posts rather than me having to install new ones. Now those panels have gone along with their old fence, so a second fence will definitely be going in firmly on my side of the dividing line.
  5. Right now, I can't decide what's worse - neighbours or so-called tradespeople. Our next door neighbours are away on holiday this week and next. Turns out, they didn't bother to inform us that they had arranged to have their entire boundary fence replaced whilst they were away - well we wouldn't want them to suffer any noise or inconvenience would we? . I only found out a couple of hours ago when I was rudely awakened from my pre-nightshift slumbers by two of their fencing guys demolishing the fence about 15 feet from my bedroom window, one with a 2-stroke chainsaw and the other with
  6. I've just turned 72k with mine (40k by me in 4½ years) so it looks like I'll have to try a lot harder, .
  7. Yeah!!! Finally got some reliable Toyota power behind you.
  8. And there was me worried about tackling the removal of the trim panels on the centre console so I can replace the handbrake and gearlever gaiters, .
  9. Technically this was yesterday, but as it was only a few minutes before midnight when I got home from my mission to deepest darkest Lancashire, I'll call it 'today'. Our house has been somewhat empty since the sudden passing of our 'boy' Shadow 2 months back. Not any more!!!! We have welcomed into our family, this big adolescent. She came up for adoption due to her owner's deteriorating health and we couldn't resist giving our old 'girl' Alaska a new (hopefully) best buddy. Say "Hi" to a total live-wire (for that read "complete nutter") - a 19 month old Utonagan called Macha (he
  10. They're not! All train services out of Glasgow are going nowhere at the moment as the signalling system has gone into 'meltdown' in the searing 21 degree heat, .
  11. When I had the Evora's wheels powder-coated last week, I took the opportunity to replace all 4 TPMS valves as the originals were becoming a bit intermittent in their functioning. 3 of the replacements sprang into life within a few miles but the 4th, even after multiple journeys totalling over 150 miles, steadfastly persists in giving a " 0 0 " reading. I very, very carefully swapped the wheels over and the 'fault' moved with the wheel so it would appear that the new valve is faulty. Looks like the tyre now has to come off my pristine, shiny wheel. Bu99er!
  12. The valve on my Evora's 2bular exhaust is stuck in the open position, and it's also running a CAI, so I guess I'll be going down for life without parole, .
  13. Just because Geely are in charge Andy, doesn't mean you have to go all-out fanboy and adopt the Far Eastern penchant for dining on our canine buddies, .
  14. Indeed it was, Andy. My mum had the 5-door 'Alpine' version, which gave sterling service for many years, even after somebody over-revved it during a demon overtake one day, breaking a rocker arm (fortunately for an inlet valve) and limping it home on 3 cylinders. Well spec'd car for its time (1978) too - electronic ignition, central locking, electric windows and such like.
  15. I didn't, but I do now. In the words of Jason & Kylie, "Especially for you"........ Really close up, the surface is still a bit 'rough' looking so I may well spend tomorrow giving them another light sand and final topcoat.
  16. Mark, much as I love animals, it that were mine it wouldn't be the car that was a 'late' model, .
  17. It seems to be an issue on pretty much all cars. Our Alfa and Saab, and the neighbours Jag, are all the same. My Evora's weren't quite as bad as yours, but they were still spoiling the otherwise 'pampered car' appearance. I had the wheels refurbished at the start of this week, which only served to highlight further the poor state of the bolts, and asked about doing them too, but the guy at the powder-coaters reckoned they'd be chipped and open to rusting again before he'd even finished tightening them up. Instead, when I got home I removed them a couple at a time from each wheel, gav
  18. The Evora's wheels were beginning to look a bit 'second-hand' as it has been 4 and a bit years and 40k miles since they were last refurbished. Although they have never once been near a kerb (some of us can drive, ) they were suffering from general road-rash and some lifting of the coating due to minor corrosion. A local powder-coating business that only recently started trading was recommended to me on another forum and although slightly sceptical with the otherwise lack of reviews to go on, I decided to give them a go. The car was dropped off with them at 10 this morning and it was rea
  19. I'm going to be a maybe right up to the last minute on this I'm afraid as Jennifer has been having a bad week after suffering another TIA last Sunday.
  20. .....apart from adding a cold air intake too, if you can find one. Press the loud pedal and you open the gates of Hell!
  21. Getting bored with pounding up the M6 this afternoon, a diversion off into the Lake District was rewarded with a photo opportunity on the western side of Ullswater - well, it would have been rude not to.
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