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  1. It's treated with the utmost mechanical sympathy, Gavin - always has been and always will be. To me, it's no heavier today than it was the day I got it. Last time I was in at CMC, Craig invited me to sample the pedal in an Evora that had just had a new clutch fitted and admittedly, it did feel somewhat lighter than mine. Having said that, I've also experienced one that was heavier still than mine so it would seem that there's quite a bit of variation in pedal feel from one car to another. I'm happy with it the way it is. I like a bit of 'weight' in the pedal and it's almost exactly t
  2. I hope so Andy - mine is going in next week for service #9 with 69k miles on the clock, although I can already hear in my head Craig telling me (again) that the clutch pedal is heavy, . I've no plans to reduce my usage of it, in fact I've just upped the projected annual limit on the insurance to 12k. I've got a daily that I can use but it only does about half the miles the Evora does.
  3. Those few inches just saved you a fortune at the 19th @Bibs , .
  4. My truck and I are ready and waiting for 'the signal', .
  5. Round here, if you took that long to get moving on a green light you'd have been punted up the 'harris' by the guy behind (ooh, err, missus!).
  6. I recall shortly after the Sierra came out, they added small strakes at the trailing edge of the rear/side windows to improve straight-line stability. I take it that the Mondeo equivalent to these is what we see around the rear wheelarch on this example?
  7. Last September, en route to the '70th' event, I drove my 2010NA from Murcia in Spain to Millau in France (almost 1000 km/620 miles) in just over 8 hours driving time and got out at the end of the journey feeling like I'd only been around the block. Over the following 2 days, I covered a further 1250 km/780 miles to get to Norwich and still felt as fresh as a daisy, albeit famished as a Eurotunnel delay meant I'd had to skip lunch on the final leg but that wasn't the car's fault. Only downside is that all those hours of running at high motorway speeds (like Valencia to Barcelona in 2
  8. As the title states, it's that time of year again. Can't believe that 4 years have gone by already since the Evora first graced my driveway - doesn't time fly when you're having fun? The paperwork arrived today from AiB - £614 bar a few pence so pretty much the same as last year and not bad considering the various modifications made to the car. Nonetheless, I did a quick trawl around t'interweb for comparative quotes but there aren't that many companies out there offering exactly what I want. There was only one (Flux Direct) offering a cheaper price (£554.20) but their excess was con
  9. After having had several weeks with a different random selection of LEDs illuminate in the front clusters each time I turned on the Evora's sidelights, they now seem to have had a union meeting and agreed on strike action (or should that be inaction?) in that once they are out, they stay out. MOT due in 6 weeks - great!
  10. Message sent @Matthew Haskins . Looks like I may have to join the party, .
  11. Yep! I will confess to a 'moist eyes' moment when I watched it the other night.
  12. I got 'pulled' a while back, by a pair of Police Scotland's finest - they stopped the traffic in both directions on a busy A road while they conducted a 3-point turn in their Beemer then came after me on 'blues and twos'. While the just-out-of-kindergarten blonde stood with a grin on her face and a notebook open in her hand, her much older male opened with "Much as I like it, you can't have that", pointing at my plate. I tried the "I was at a car show yesterday and forgot to remove them" reply (the first bit was true, but the plates had been on the car for months, ) , ripped them fro
  13. @Andy Norman Petit Paris restaurant in the Grassmarket in Edinburgh - cars parked en masse in the otherwise 'restricted access' area:
  14. Completely but, I didn't realise the Matterhorn was an active volcano, . Must remember now to include it in my 'roadtrip in planning' to visit Etna, .
  15. I went to an open-to-all breakfast meet last Sunday - you know the sort, anything from an Austin 7 to an Aventador is welcome. Just as I parked, a Panamera pulled in opposite and the driver virtually leapt from his car and sprinted over to me. Fearing the worst, I tentatively got out to confront this potential assailant. I can't remember his exact words but it was something along the lines of: "I had to catch you before you disappeared in the crowd. That car is I-N-S-A-N-E" pointing at the Evora. "You passed me on the motorway and it was like being overtaken by a jet fighter at take-off.
  16. Finally, after several aborted attempts, I got the new cover on yesterday - just in time to protect my P&J from the inevitable firework fallout last night. (Apologies for the unfinished driveway - that was something else affected by the recent weather resulting in me eventually just throwing some slabs down to get somewhere to park)
  17. A bought one of these Products/580.jhtml a while back (less than £20 on Amazon as I recall) but only used it for the first time this week to deal with this Mission accomplished (despite the instruction manual giving the impression that I might do more harm than good with it) so I suppose that means I can give it some sort of recommendation.
  18. I went out a couple of hours ago and checked the car again. Still idling like a bag of nails with the MIL on so shut it down. I decided to throw caution to the wind after reading the link posted by @Alan H and realising that the readiness status monitor warning wasn't the big issue being projected by the instructions. The plugs and coil packs were changed at the last service (7 months and 5k miles ago) so I was quietly confident that they would be OK. After a poke and prod around the electrics, disconnecting what I could and giving everything a spray with contact cleaner, I went for broke
  19. Not as yet. It was getting dark by the time I got home last night and we've got folk round for Christmas lunch, not that that will stop me going for a look around the engine bay late whilst they're in 'digestive' mode. P1302 is for "a misfire causing catalyst damage", P1300 is "a misfire, multiple cylinders" and P1301 is "a misfire, cylinder #1", which presumably would be why it went into fail-safe limp mode and shut down one bank of cylinders. Here's hoping it's something simple to spot and fix, or even better just a sensor glitch which fixes itself - don't want to be Lotu
  20. I suppose I've done well to get to 45 months of ownership and 36k miles covered before suffering my first 'beat missed'. As it was a nice afternoon, I decided to take the Evora for an extended blast around the countryside. About an hour (and 50 or so miles) in and almost home again, right in the middle of an overtake, it happened. I was pushing through 5k revs when the car gave a sudden lurch, throwing me against the seatbelt, the engine note changed noticeably from the usual bellow of the 2bular to a harsher raspy sound, then it wouldn't rev beyond about 4k and the dreaded amber 'engine
  21. Although concerning my Evora, the question is really related to the use of the OBD reader itself and there could well be an expert on those in here too. So if you do have some knowledge on the subject, I'd be grateful if you could have a look here :
  22. I've said it before and I'll say it again - "this is the only cup holder you should be using with an Evora", .
  23. All that technology costing millions when all they needed was a roll of toilet paper from the local corner shop, .
  24. I fitted one of the JJC ones a few months back. Seems to be doing the job fine but the only thing grinding my gears is that its colour now clashes with my engine cover, .
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