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  1. 2 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    Actually they can't rant about that as the Scots now have access to more fish and what BoJo has actually done is given the Scots more fish!  Will be interesting to see how Sturgeon spins that one.......

    Apparently, BJ's 'deal' is a total betrayal of the Scottish fishing industry - that's the industry that will be protected under the new Fisheries Bill (now an Act) that the SNP voted against last month and the industry that they were fully prepared to (and had behind the scenes already offered to) hand back to the EU upon Scotland being admitted as an independent European country. 😠

    Their hypocrisy knows no bounds!

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  2. On 03/12/2020 at 12:23, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

    Didn’t Thomas or someone say that the GTE wing created so much downforce at high Autobahn speeds that the uprights compressed and closed the panel gap to the clam and rubbed the paint? Not a problem you would get in this country!

    Mine did too - rubbed a patch on each side right down to the undercoat in a matter of a few weeks. Fixed by attaching an adhesive rubber pad (the ones you get for the bottom of furniture legs) to each side.

  3. My wing was originally from Lotus Motorsport (purchased when they were selling-off their surplus stock at a Brands Hatch Lotus Festival several years back), is in GRP rather than CF, has the end plates bolted on as per the DeRoure diagram (which for me was great as it made the application of the two-tone paint job so much easier for my local bodyshop), and had no high-level brake light which was something I addressed - story here: 


  4. Well, since my post above about my 'considerate' neighbour having his concrete driveway ripped-up we have been waiting with baited breath for the next installment, with a week of inclement weather being in our favour.

    Unfortunately, our luck has run out. It's been relatively rain-free for the past 48 hours so at 8 o'clock sharp this morning, less than an hour after I had put my head down on the pillow, all hell broke loose again. 😠

    A quick glance past the side of the black-out blind confirmed my worst fears - he's having monoblock paving laid. Not in nice easy straight lines though, oh no, but in artistic sweeping curves so that a considerable number of the bricks will need to be trimmed to shape to some extent.

    Of course, the only location for the powered circular saw type machine that's being used to cut the bricks is at the corner of their garage, a few feet from my bedroom window - I mean, where else could it go? :censored:

    So that's another rest period destroyed, the consequences again being that it's not safe for me to go out driving tonight so another job having to be sub-contracted at short notice with all the financial implications that go with that course of action.

    Where there's blame there's a claim? 

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  5. My 'neighbour from hell' is at it again, 😠.

    Ever since he retired (at the age of 50 I might add - nice for some) at the start of the year, not a month has gone past without some project or other taking place and all of them seem to involve lots of noise at close quarters to our house.

    I came in from nightshift at 6 this morning and went to bed about 7.30 only to be rudely awakened an hour later by a jack-hammer. Seems he's decided that his textured concrete driveway has got to go and so the contractors are in digging it up. All this is taking place barely 15 feet from my bedroom window. Even through in the conservatory, which is at the other end of the house, it's still clearly audible and as there's too much light there and I can't sleep with earplugs in, I've now given up.

    I was supposed to be working again tonight but sleep deprivation and a 44 tonne truck don't really mix so I've had to sub-contract out the job - not just lost sleep but lost income too.

    The most annoying thing about it is that on Wednesday morning, as I was taking the dogs out for their first constitutional of the day, he stopped at his gate to chat to me and part of the conversation involved him asking me if I was still working nights - no mention of what was taking place today though! :censored:

    The sooner Priti introduces the defence of 'justifiable homicide' into our legal system the better.

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  6. @Miguel on here does the ones at the rear of the arch (that secure the mudflaps) in high-grade stainless steel .

    I don't think he does the bumper brackets yet (I stand to be corrected on this) but I'm sure if enough of us show an interest he might add them to his 'catalogue' if he hasn't already done so. I for one would be up for a set as I'm shortly hoping to replace my front bumper with an aftermarket 'upgrade' and I know from what I saw the last time I had the bumper removed, the OE brackets were looking decidedly second-hand, :rolleyes: .


  7. @Sbfdave Yesterday afternoon, around 4-ish, northbound on the M6 just before Southwaite. Glad to see that you and/or Sharon were showing that orange upstart from Woking ( @Andrew C ) a clean pair of rear tyres, :driving:.

    I was headed south but didn't wave as I was in my 🚛 .

  8. According to the V5 for mine, a standard NA as it leaves the factory puts out 87dB(A) static and 75dB(A) drive-by at 3750rpm - I think mine now with a full 2bular and a CAI might be just a tad more, :whistle:.

    I wouldn't have thought an 'S' would be that much different so take along your registration certificate and if they question your noise output, just point to Section U and say that their noise meters must be wrong, :lol: .

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  9. I thought that I'd been reasonably polite, if a little sarcastic, on the first call that I answered but they got me at a bad time with the subsequent one. Having just finished an extended nightshift with barely 9 hours to get home, have something to eat, sleep, then get back to work for the next shift, I really didn't appreciate it when the phone started ringing every few minutes shortly after my head hit the pillows.

    I'm normally quite a placid, laid-back sort of guy - honest! :D

  10. Anybody else been getting plagued recently by calls from Macklin Motors?

    It started just over a week ago when a call came through on my mobile from an Edinburgh number that I didn't recognise. I was driving at the time so just ignored it but they became quite persistent, calling a further 4 times in less than 2 hours.

    Eventually I was in a position to answer a call, curious to find out who needed to speak to me so desperately that they had to keep trying but not so desperately that they didn't feel the need to leave a message on my voicemail.

    "Good afternoon Mr Boyd," they started, "this is xxxxx from Macklin Motors in Edinburgh. I see from our records that you bought a vehicle from the previous company here about 5 years ago and we were wondering if you still have that car, were you considering a change as we've got a number of exciting offers on new cars at the moment with excellent trade-in prices".

    "I'm afraid that you have me at a disadvantage xxxxx," I replied, "but I'm not fully familiar with the ranges of vehicles produced by either Kia or Mitsubishi. Could you enlighten me as to which 2-seater, minimum of a V6-powered,  hand-built, mid-engined sportscar you had in mind as a suitable replacement for my Lotus Evora?" (I didn't tell them I actually have a 2+2 as that would only have confused the matter before anybody comments - @C8RKH 😝 )

    After some stuttering and spluttering they apologised for bothering me but since then they have continued to call me several times a day on both my mobile and home landline, 😠 . It came to a head this morning when, after their 3rd attempt to reach me inside an hour, I got fed-up and answered.

    "I believe one of my colleagues spoke to you last week about the offers we have on at the moment and wondered if you'd had time to consider any of them?" 

    I was perhaps a little bit grumpy at that particular juncture as I was trying to get some sleep after having worked a 14 hour nightshift so I may have been just a tad brusque in telling them what they could do with their Far Eastern conveyances. Ooooops! :whistle:

    Number now blocked, in case they didn't get the message earlier, so hopefully I'll get some peace and quiet from now on.

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  11. 23 hours ago, Jason is Chasing said: annoys me how obtuse Alfa Romeo's Service is in the United States, mind you I understand it's not a prestige brand....................

    I know that it won't make you any less annoyed to hear that it's not any better here in the UK.

    Especially here in Scotland. The dealer who had the franchise for several years eventually lost it after countless complaints to AR in Italy from a huge swathe of owners, myself included. The franchise then passed to another company who were really very good, with staff who were knowledgeable and passionate about the marque's heritage. However, for a variety of reasons, they gave-up about 3 years ago and somehow the previous dealer got the franchise back, :realmad: .

    I've had at least 1 Alfa in some shape or form in my 'fleet' for the past 40 years or so but I fear that the current one could be my last. Here, it is regarded as a semi-prestigious brand but the dealer network is more suiting a 'bargain bangers' car lot,  :cry: .

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