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  1. Not a 'peoples' reaction', rather a piece of roadside furniture's reaction.

    Driving along today when suddenly a warning sign lights up its flashing amber lights and displays the message "Overheight Vehicle - Turn Back".

    As I was the only vehicle on that stretch of road at the time, it was a bit of a worry - I was half-expecting to disappear down a rabbit burrow any second, :o.

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  2. On 13/10/2021 at 15:03, mdw said:

    ........The police arrest them, they go before the courts and are back at it again 24hours later.......

    This one has been arrested several times and doesn't even get interviewed before being 'released without charge' to go straight back and (in her words) "unleash hell" on drivers, :angry:.

    Considering her husband's position (from which he has just resigned as it happens) you have to wonder if old 'Sadsac' had any influence on her multiple releases, :ermm:.

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  3. 17 hours ago, phil flash said:

    Have you claimed State Pension yet?  

    Deferred. I'm still going to be working for a bit yet and I'm already getting an RAF pension, with a further personal plan kicking in next week so I'll leave the State one until I need some extra petrol money, :D.

    Getting the thread back 'on topic', I was down in a nearby retail park today and attracted the attention of a group of car-culture youths who were really interested in hearing all about the Evora. While they were giving it a good look-over, a shopper strolled past and made some comment along the lines of "Why would you want to run around in something like that?", :(, before jumping into their Nissan Puke, :sick: :ermm:.

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  4. I don't know what has made me more unhappy, the failure of the side repeater light as 'reported' a couple of posts above or, having spent £60 on a replacement (and let's not forget another £3 or so for the 'Evora' stickers as the new one only has a blank space), that when I went to fit it this morning I discover that the old unit is functioning perfectly again, :rant:.

    It would appear that, in common with the front sidelights, the LEDs in these units can also self-heal, :ermm:. Since I've got the arch-liner out already, I might as well crack on and install the new light anyway. Maybe I should have ordered two as the 'shock' to the system of the the new one will undoubtedly cause the one on the other side to fail now.

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  5. 21 hours ago, Mysterae said:

    The latest rumour is a shortage of toys at Christmas.


    Following on from my response in this thread yesterday to the rumoured Christmas tree shortage, it just so happens that my return load each night will be for a certain Irish-based nationwide toy retailer.

    Happy to be doing my bit towards mitigating these potential domestic crises, :D.

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  6. 4 hours ago, Barrykearley said:

    ..........The shitrag Sun was suggesting we will have a national shortage of Christmas trees ..............

    Starting in about 4 weeks time, 5 nights each week for the following 8 weeks or so, I'll be trucking a trailer-load of trees (freshly cut in the Scottish Highlands) down to our satellite depot in Stoke-on-Trent for onward shipment to various locations 'darn sarth' - I'll let you know where if you want to beat the queues? :P

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  7. I didn't bother trying to re-use any of the clips even although they were new a few weeks ago as not that many of them had survived the removal process in any case.

    Full set of new clips installed on Saturday and the same full set of new clips ripped-out and chucked in the bin on Sunday, :(.

    Fortunately, I've still got enough unused ones for the re-install once the replacement light is in place.

  8. The side repeater on the nearside of the Evora has decided to call it a day. I'd hoped that it was just a loose wire as I'd disconnected it to remove the front clam for the recent clutch master cylinder replacement, and then I was working right alongside that particular piece of wiring again yesterday when I had to deal with a tiny weep from the clutch hydraulic line, but no such luck. It's dead.

    New one ordered on B&C's eBay site. £60!!! :o - the LED that's failed probably costs about 20p but it's a sealed unit so that's that then.

    I think the most annoying thing is that I've had to rip-out the wheel arch liner yet again. Any of you who've experienced this task will know just what a pain in the proverbial it is and I'd only just fought with it getting it back in last night, :(.

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  9. These arrived today, :thumbup:.


    Hopefully this will put an end to the supposed 'professionals' in the car repair world dropping the wheels onto the brake calipers every time they have a need to remove them. Somehow though I doubt it - they'll probably now just pull the wheel that extra couple of inches towards them then still let it drop, :(.

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  10. I was fortunate enough to bag a Radium on the used market a few years back and my only regret is that I didn't get one sooner. Car sounds so much better on an open throttle and has a good chunk more oomph (apologies for the technical term, :P) in the mid-range.

    @Cdm2018 It really is a fairly straight-forward job - the hardest bit is getting the OE airbox out of the engine bay as it seems to be about 3 sizes too big for the space that it's fitted into, :rolleyes:.

    Here's the instructions so you can assess the required level of spannering ability in advance:


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