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  1. It's probably best done as a two-man job to keep it steady but I managed it single-handed.

    Propped the tailgate open just enough to get into the mounting screws with an allen key and laid plenty of soft blankets on the surrounding panels just in case the wing slipped. On the subject of the screws, they're a different size from the OE ones - M8 rather than M6 but all the holes in the bodywork and mounting plates are slightly oversize anyway so no drilling required. Apart from that, less than 10 minutes and it was 'job done', :) .

    I'm reckoning on a fair bit of downforce, judging by the highly cambered inverted aerofoil section that is clearly visible with the end-plates off. I've not had a chance to calculate even roughly what levels it's likely to be but I'm working on a front splitter which I'll be taking through various stages of development over the coming months.

    For now I've fitted a deformable rubber lip to the existing 'chin' which you can see in the frontal shots. As the airspeed increases, so it should dip down further and further and so create an increasing downforce at the front. When I get back from my trip to Hethel via Spain I'll rig it up with some sensors to measure the deflection angles against speed, and also take some airflow and pressure readings from above and below the rear wing then use the results to design a permanent version of the front splitter, possibly incorporating some 'active technology' if I can keep the weight down to 2-3 kgs maximum.

    I'm signing-off now as I've already divulged too much information on this secret 'Skunk Works' project, :rolleyes: :lol: .

  2. 4 hours ago, SH said:

    ..................we cant have 2 laser blue Evora's in the Lothians!  😂

    FTFY - I don't remember giving permission for my exclusivity to be compromised!!!! :P

    Seriously, good choice - best colour out there. It could be worse - at least you're in East Lothian. The last Laser Blue Evora to muscle-in on my territory was only about 5 miles along the road from me, wasn't it @The Lotus Position ? :rolleyes:

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  3. the-fonz-says-correctamundo.jpg.f5b87a0e57ddcb087db37bd9ee3ab848.jpg

    Note to self: "Must make the clues harder next time!"

    I've finally got around to doing something about it having bought the wing in April 2016. At least nobody can accuse me of being impetuous, :P.

    Sorry Gavin but unfortunately you don't win anything as you didn't abide by the T's & C's - 'entries on the back of a £20 note'.  :excl:

  4. What's happening here then?


    Taking the "added lightness" mantra to new levels perhaps?

    As it seems almost obligatory nowadays not to pay for something if you can persuade others to do so for you - answers on the back of a £20 note please. :rolleyes:


  5. I painted mine (21gg's old one) with Kurust about a year ago and didn't bother following up with any topcoat of paint as the rust-converter left a nice satin finish and, more importantly, I'd reached the limits of my will to live by that time.

    Here's a pic taken this morning - there are a few tiny spots of fresh rust starting to emerge but overall it has lasted quite well.


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  6. Last week, I ordered a couple of lovely enamel and metal badges retailed by HethelSport in the US.

    Today, I was left a card by Royal Mail saying that they can't deliver them as "there is a fee to pay", namely a customs charge. OK, so I suppose we've all got to pay our taxes and I've been lucky so far in that this is the first time ever that I've had to pay anything on a personal import, so it came as a bit of a surprise especially on something of relatively low value.

    Off to the sorting office I go to collect them and pay the fee which was calculated as follows: import duty of 2.7% on the goods and shipping costs total of £25.34 = £0.68, then VAT at 20% on the cost of the goods, shipping and import duty = £5.07, then the Royal Mail's 'handling fee' for processing the customs charges - £8.00!!!

    So my £25.34 has now become £39.09, :angry: . In days of old, the highwaymen held the Royal Mail to ransom - now it's role reversal.

    I think it's time I did that deed-poll thing and changed my surname to something like Amazon or Starbucks or similar. :rolleyes:

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  7. @electro_boy Sorry to jump in there and beat you up but I thought you'd had a change of mind from the wording of your previous post, :sofa: .

    I'll certainly do some videos - just got to sort out a better camera to shoot them on. The mic on my current one is already overwhelmed by the wall of sound coming out of my valve-open 2bular and there is no facility to plug-in a better external one; with the Radium as well it'll go into total meltdown, :rolleyes: .

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