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  1. I'm departing Murcia on the Wednesday morning, overnighting near Millau. Then after spending the morning playing on some of the amazing twisties in the Parc National des Cévennes, on to near Troyes Thursday night, and through the tunnel on Friday (departs Calais 1450 local time) to arrive in Folkestone at 1425.

    Just got to work out how to get over the Thames during the Friday late afternoon madness, :dizzy: .

  2. A friend just posted this up as a 'memory' on Facebook.

    It's from 2 years ago at the Royal Deeside Speed Festival - I didn't see it when she originally posted it and it's the first time I've really heard what my P&J sounds like from the outside, exhaling through its 2bular with the valve open.

    Crank the volume up to 11! :driving:

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  3. On ‎11‎/‎08‎/‎2018 at 14:36, Alfa2Evora said:

    The Evora has sat unused since Tuesday. Went out just now to take it for a cobweb-blowing blast and the ABS and Traction Control warning lights are staying on. Bu99er! :cry:


    On ‎11‎/‎08‎/‎2018 at 14:52, CocoPops said:

    Brake pedal switch?

    Turned out to be the wheel speed sensor on the front nearside.

    With my imminent roadtrip to Spain, I also went with the recommendation to replace the rear discs - it wasn't a complete surprise as I'd been advised when I had the fronts done a few months back that the rears were not long for this world - and then new Michelin PS4S's fitted to the rear wheels whilst they were off anyway (the Pirellis probably wouldn't have lasted to Spain and back either), that's the best part of £1200 gone and it's only Wednesday. :cry:

    Here's hoping for a few overtime shifts in the next couple of weeks.

  4. Maybe the car has just thrown a hissy-fit over the thought of @C8RKH getting in the passenger's seat, :sofa: .

    Could well be that switch. I had it adjusted at the recent service to try and cure the hair trigger on turning off the cruise control if you so much as went over a leaf lying on the road so it's possibly taken a dislike to being fiddled with, :dizzy: .

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  5. Heading down the M6 this morning, spotted a red Elise northbound near Carlisle. "Great", I thought, "that's my Lotus fix for today.

    How wrong was I? On the return journey, they were more common than those Stuttgart creations, :rolleyes: .

    All heading south, first there was a mid-blue Excel near Jcn34 (Lancaster), followed a few minutes later near Killington Lake Services by a white 3-11 (brave guy considering it was precipitating somewhat at that time, :o). Then near the top of Shap, there was a yellow Elan (S2/3?). At Jcn40 (Penrith), a grey Exige S3, at Jcn43 (Carlisle Centre) a dark green Exige S3, then a white Evora near Jcn 44 (Carlisle North), and lastly a white Exige S2 at Jcn20 (Eaglesfield) on the A74(M).

    After that overdose, I went into withdrawal when I didn't see any others for the remaining 2 hours of my journey, :cry: .

  6. @Relic222 A little 'something' to keep your mind focused on what you really want............


    .....and before you ask - no, sorry but it's not for sale anytime soon, or even, EVER!

    It's a late 2010 NA with all 3 option packs and an aftermarket (2bular) exhaust. I've had it since March '15 and put almost 30k miles on it in that time - it's now on 62k. During my ownership, other than routine servicing consumables, it has had the following items replaced:

    ICE head unit - my choice. The sound quality of the OE Alpine W505 as OK for me (with that exhaust you don't really need to listen to anything else anyway) but I found the Nav a bit clunky so upgraded to the W920 as fitted to the later S1 models.

    Clutch Master Cylinder - failed at 58k miles. It took a couple of weeks to source a replacement part (eventually found one in the US) and it's a clam off job so cost about £500 (parts and labour) at an independent specialist but that has been the only 'vehicle off road' repair that it has required.

    Tailgate support struts - my choice. I'm about to fit the larger (and slightly heavier) motorsport GTE-style rear wing so thought I'd play safe as they do get weaker over time. Cheap and simple job - £15 for the bits and 10 minutes with a ringkey and a screwdriver to swap over.

    Front brake discs and pads. Advisory on a recent MOT so elected to have them done straight away as I'm off to Spain with it in a few weeks time. Cost about £420 (parts and labour), again at an independent specialist.

    Windscreen washer pump - froze during the winter (-23C) and stripped the impeller. £20 for the part and an hour or so getting in behind the front bumper from the wheelarch and it was fixed.

    My previous car was an Alfa Romeo 159Ti 3.2. The Evora is cheaper to tax, the same (within a couple of £s) to insure, is about 6-7 mpg better on average, and has depreciated next to nothing in 3½ years whilst my Alfa went from £28k to £8k over a similar period. I've had it serviced 4 times and each one was 25-30% cheaper than the equivalent Alfa service at a comparable garage. Put all that together with the fact that driving the Evora is an 'occasion' every time and it's Win/Win all round. It just puts a huge grin on my face whenever I'm behind the wheel and I'll move our other cars off the driveway just to get it out for even a short trip down to the shops.

    Good luck with you decision and search. Especially the colour combo - I waited over a year for the local dealer to come up with mine. :driving:

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  7. On ‎14‎/‎07‎/‎2018 at 17:34, Alfa2Evora said:

    ETA : Friday and Saturday night in an 'Excellent' rated B&B in Great Yarmouth now booked for £60 all in - the canny Scot strikes again!


    On ‎14‎/‎07‎/‎2018 at 18:36, Chillidoggy said:

    You haven’t been to Yarmouth, have you?

    OK, so I've reacted to the subliminal message hidden in @Chillidoggy's post and I'm now staying Friday night through until Monday morning here : . Is that better? :P

    @C8RKH - Andy, I'll have a spare seat in mine if you're needing a lift from anywhere relatively local - if you're really good, I'll even let you sit in the front rather than gaining first-hand experience of just how practical a 2+2 actually is, :sofa:.

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  8. I 'attacked' mine about this time last year.

    After removing the worst of the flakey bits with some sandpaper, I gave it a coat of brush-on rust inhibitor - Hammerite Kurust if memory serves me right. It goes on a creamy colour but turns black as it dries and in the end It looked presentable enough that I didn't bother to go back and paint over it. I also did the intake grills behind the doors but you have to be a bit careful here - if any dribbles through and lands on the ducting underneath, it remains 'white' when it dries (it's not had any rust to react with afterall) and so you then have loads of fun with a cotton bud on a stick trying to get rid of the splatter, :rolleyes: .

    The front grille still looks pretty good today (pic below taken a few minutes ago) but will probably need done again by the end of the summer - this time I won't be so lazy and might just give it a topcoat of paint for good measure.



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