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  1. On ‎07‎/‎06‎/‎2018 at 17:01, Dan E said:

    Artic lorry drivers on the A1, complete and utter beep, beep, beep, beep, beep 

    Car drivers on the M6, complete and utter beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.

    OK, it's a 50mph average speed zone and that's what I'm doing (within the accuracy of my tachograph, which is +/- 1kph) so I don't need you coming over all self-appointed traffic cop and trying to reduce me to 45 - I've got a tight schedule as it is and only made it to my destination with 3 minutes to spare.

    I do love the new LED light bar fitted to the roof of my truck though and I'm sure the Focus driver appreciated the extra bit of illumination of the road ahead, :whistle:.

    There is a follow-up video to this but I can't publish it here as I've sent it to the 'real' traffic cops for the area. As I passed him, Focus muppet then accelerated to match my speed and sat alongside my trailer wheels flashing his headlights, before speeding up a bit more, pulling into the lane a few feet in front of me and giving me a brake check - twice! :realmad:  Really? Ford Focus versus 44 tonnes of Volvo artic is only ever going to have one outcome were it not for my lightning reflexes, and the brilliant Collision Avoidance System these new wagons have - boy can they scrub-off speed in a hurry!

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  2. On ‎20‎/‎06‎/‎2018 at 16:01, Kimbers said:

    My son said I knocked a full litre bottle of whiskey off the shelf last night and stopped it breaking with my foot. He said my reactions were awesome. He also said it pissed blood out and I cried. I think he might be right. One broken toe!
    Image may contain: one or more people

    Jeez - man up! That's barely a nick. :P

    A couple of years back, I completed the remaining 4 hours of a 10 hour shift with a foot looking like this........................


    ..........and managed to drive the Evora home afterwards.

    Mind you, being 'brave' was probably why I then spent the following 7 weeks on crutches and it's still giving me jip to this day, :rolleyes: .

  3. Last night, our local racing circuit (Knockhill) held the first of what it hopes to be a regular monthly 'social meet' with "all makes and models" welcome so, with the night off, I thought I'd go along for a look.

    The tone was kind of set as soon as I drove through the gate when I heard "Huh, it's only a Lotus" being uttered.

    It turned out to be basically a 'Chavfest' with the some out on the track demonstrating their complete lack of car control skills whilst others indulged in a contest to see who could keep their engine bouncing off the rev-limiter the longest without the pistons flying out through the bonnet.

    Not the sort of company an Evora should be keeping so I left soon afterwards, escorted to the main road by a 51 plate SEAT Leon diesel showing me just how close he could accelerate up to my rear bumper without actually making contact - I suppose he had to get near so that I could fully appreciate the 'twittering' of his turbo dump valve on the overrun, :rolleyes:  :angry: .

    Compared to most of the yoof carriages there, the Evora had the ground clearance of an SUV.


    David Mobile 30.05.15 004.JPG

  4. On ‎13‎/‎05‎/‎2018 at 20:03, C8RKH said:

    Let's have 3.6, 4.0, 4.2, 4.8, 5.0 and 6ltr pretrol engines please. Should be mandatory for all sports cars. Should need super-unleaded fuel.  That fuel should be free (subsidised by a levy on electricity bills for charging EVs).  

    Andy C for PM, or at the very least Minister for Transport - gets my vote! :thumbsup:

    2 hours ago, Kimbers said:

    Put that into scale and that means you could have a 1.5 petrol engine putting out 250HP. And thats just with current technology.

    Our 1.4 Alfa Giulietta (with almost 8 year-old F1-derived MultiAir cylinder head technology) left the factory with 170bhp but following some tweaking of the electrickery now pushes just north of 210 so not a million miles away already.

  5. 16 hours ago, Barrykearley said:

    You need to clean cars ? 


    2 hours ago, Simon Bateman said:

    Basically my detailer was saying that you still need to clean the car properly, but probably not as often. 

    No Lotus Content (well not unless you count my Evora lurking in the background).

    Last July we attended National Alfa Day with my good lady's Giulietta, which we've owned from new so I'm entirely responsible for its current condition. The Rosso Competizione (8C red) paint was a £2k option so I've lavished quite a bit of care and attention on it to keep it looking the part over the then almost 7 years and 90k miles we'd had it.

    In preparation for its 'big day', I spent the entire long-weekend before giving it a full detail - initial rinse, snow foam, second rinse, full claying, third rinse, 3-bucket wash with lambswool mitt, pat down with microfiber drying cloths, machine polish, colour enhancer coating, 3 layers of Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light (the DIY version), then finished off with a final layer of Gtechniq EXO Hybrid Coating. A lot of man-hours but the final effect was well worth the effort.


    Fast forward to today. 10 months down the line and a further 10k miles on the clock and the car has not yet been washed again since that pre-show session detailed above. Sure, I've had to do some localised treatments with bird-lime neutraliser and an absorbent cloth following the inevitable avian attacks, but the car has not had a bucker near it.

    It has been very difficult to resist the temptation to unreel the hosepipe but I was interested to see just how resilient the Gtechniq products were before I consider putting them anywhere near the Evora, :whistle:. Apart from some brake dust deposits now settling on the front wheels, I think the pics below speak volumes and the blue beast will shortly be undergoing a similar pampering weekend.



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