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  1. 16 hours ago, Barrykearley said:

    You need to clean cars ? 


    2 hours ago, Simon Bateman said:

    Basically my detailer was saying that you still need to clean the car properly, but probably not as often. 

    No Lotus Content (well not unless you count my Evora lurking in the background).

    Last July we attended National Alfa Day with my good lady's Giulietta, which we've owned from new so I'm entirely responsible for its current condition. The Rosso Competizione (8C red) paint was a £2k option so I've lavished quite a bit of care and attention on it to keep it looking the part over the then almost 7 years and 90k miles we'd had it.

    In preparation for its 'big day', I spent the entire long-weekend before giving it a full detail - initial rinse, snow foam, second rinse, full claying, third rinse, 3-bucket wash with lambswool mitt, pat down with microfiber drying cloths, machine polish, colour enhancer coating, 3 layers of Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light (the DIY version), then finished off with a final layer of Gtechniq EXO Hybrid Coating. A lot of man-hours but the final effect was well worth the effort.


    Fast forward to today. 10 months down the line and a further 10k miles on the clock and the car has not yet been washed again since that pre-show session detailed above. Sure, I've had to do some localised treatments with bird-lime neutraliser and an absorbent cloth following the inevitable avian attacks, but the car has not had a bucker near it.

    It has been very difficult to resist the temptation to unreel the hosepipe but I was interested to see just how resilient the Gtechniq products were before I consider putting them anywhere near the Evora, :whistle:. Apart from some brake dust deposits now settling on the front wheels, I think the pics below speak volumes and the blue beast will shortly be undergoing a similar pampering weekend.



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  2. 1 hour ago, Kimbers said:

    I just want to wash the car! You know, Soapy water, a sponge and a quick wipe down, I don't want to start my own valetting business! 

    :o:o:o You used the 'S' word. Go stand in the naughty corner, right now.

    Microfibre, or better still lambswool, mitt and nothing else, otherwise you might as well have a cleaning kit that comprises of these..............


    @Bibs Personally, I wouldn't be using that microfibre cloth in your ValetPro photo there - it's touching the ground so is only fit for the bin!!!!!!!

  3. Every time I'm in the neighbourhood, I make a diversion round by the showroom and stare longingly at it through the window - once I did even go in and drool all over it, :whistle:.

    Thank goodness it's way too large to fit in my shopping bag....................................................... :lol:


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  4. The weather kept defeating me so in the end I 'cheated' and got them fitted 'professionally' as my car was in at Craig Moncrieff in Edinburgh this week for its pre-season service and health-check.

    His comment on this little job was that the mudflaps were being held in place "by magic" as the only remaining parts of the original brackets were the mountings. I hadn't made the task easy for him either, as my barge boards had been fitted using copious quantities of seam sealer so removing the A-panels was not a quick 5 minuter, :whistle:.

  5. Some of you might recall about a year or so back I posted this :

    For whatever reason, despite it being a pretty clear-cut case in the eyes of everybody else involved, the driver of the Merc decided that instead of putting his hands up ("It's a fair cop, guv") he wanted his day in court and today was that day.

    So for me it was no shift worked last night (or tonight), an early start this morning with a 2 hour drive to the court, only to spend the entire day sitting in an almost featureless 'witness room' with nothing to relieve the boredom other than a TV permanently tuned to 'Jeremy Kyle's Greatest Hits' then be told 8 hours after first arriving there that the guy's lawyer had been granted an adjournment until June when I'll need to go through the same palaver all over again, :( .

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