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  1. If it weren't for a liberal application of bodywork seam-sealer around the edge of my mudflaps, they'd have parted company with the car by now as the OE brackets looked like this when I went to investigate why they were flapping (no pun intended) around.................................................


    I contacted @Miguel after hours on Thursday evening, a couple of emails were exchanged and by Friday lunchtime he was advising me that a pair of his stainless brackets were on their way to me by courier - fantastic service, especially as I hadn't even paid for them at that point!

    A package arrived about half an hour ago, and upon opening, these beauties were revealed.............


    Hopefully, I'll get them fitted later this week (once the weather permits working outdoors) and by their apparent quality these brackets should outlive the rest of the car.

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  2. I'm finally getting around to fitting to my Evora, the GTE style rear wing that I bought about 2 years ago - I know, I know but I don't like to rush into things, :rolleyes: .

    However, being a Lotus Motorsport item, it doesn't have a high-level brakelight and I'd like to fit one. I was about to break-out my trusty Dremel and hack a hole in the new wing then try to replicate the mounting and surrounding 'moulding' for it but it's quite a complicated shape and would involve too much fiddly work for me to undertake at the moment.

    The answer would therefore appear to be to cut out the relevant section from the old spoiler and graft it into the new wing but I'd rather keep the OE piece intact if I can.

    So if anybody out there has a redundant OE rear spoiler, or better still a damaged one (so I don't feel as guilty about cutting into it) but with the section shown below still in one piece, please let me know what you'd like for it.

    Thanks in anticipation




  3. After many months of deliberating over it (for that read: doing nothing) I finally got around to switching energy suppliers a few weeks ago after receiving a bill from Scottish Power, for the 3 months October to January, of £920!  :ouch:

    With the help of Martin Lewis's 'Money Saving Expert' website I switched to Our Power, a not-for-profit local supplier who predicted an annual saving of around £500 based on my usage with SP.

    The changeover took place on March 5th and I looked forward to spending the money saved on something much more useful, like a service or some tyres for the Evora.

    Then in today's post I receive a letter (dated March 2nd) from OP advising me that "due to an increase in costs of wholesale energy, we are increasing your electricity unit rate by 11% and your gas unit rate by 27%, effective 4th April". So that's the £500 saving effectively wiped out then - great! :angry: 

    The good news is though, they're keeping the standing charge the same for electricity and decreasing it by 16% for the gas supply - WOW!! That's a whole 4.3 pence reduction every day right there, :rolleyes: . Wonder what I can find to blow that windfall on?

  4. @electro_boy I looked at getting a Difflow a while back but by the time I'd factored in shipping, import duty and VAT the price had almost doubled to about £750.

    In the end, I had one custom-built by a motorsport fabricator in Leicestershire - in fact, my car was used as the development mule to produce the pattern for a small production run. Unfortunately, he has put this side of his business on hold for now but I've messaged him to see if he might still have one 'in stock'. I'm sorry if I raise your hopes needlessly but here are the details I posted at the time:


  5. Although I changed the headunit on my S1 (only because the sat nav function on the OE 'Blackbird' unit was so clunky), I'm not bothering upgrading any of the rest of the system as the best sound quality by far for me comes from here...................................................:D



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  6. Sorry for the 'no show' folks.

    Veterinary emergency took priority. Went out with the dogs first thing and Alaska managed to slip badly on some ice and tore open her wound from the recent surgery so a trip to the out-of-hours vet in Falkirk was necessary.

    Just back home now, with pooch freshly stitched back together.

    Look away now if you're of a squeamish disposition...............









  7. I think the guttering around our conservatory may have been a little 'overwhelmed' these past few days, :lol: .

    (Apologies for the image quality - it was taken through a snow-splattered window which I wasn't prepared to throw open at -7C)


  8. Unfortunately, we don't have enough room to park all our fleet within the boundaries of our property so our 2 daily runners are consigned to the communal parking area across the road.

    Thinking it was about time we considered becoming mobile again, I went out this morning to dig-out the SAAB as it's the most practical of our options in this weather only to find that the thoughtful oik opposite had already beaten me to it and extracted his Pug 307 from alongside, in the process depositing all the snow he'd shovelled directly in front of the 9-3, :realmad: . Is there such a thing as 'justifiable homicide' in the British justice system


    Oh well, Jennifer's Alfa it is then with Autosocks fitted.




    I was planning on having mine serviced, MOT'd and back on the road this week after it's winter lay-up. Think I'll leave it where it is for another couple of days.



    At least I've found my front gate - for now anyway as it's started falling again, :( .


  10. I currently have a 5-year agreed premium (subject to there being no major 'material changes' in the schedule) insurance policy for the non-Lotus cars on the household fleet. Even when I swapped-out our old MG ZT-T diesel dogmobile for a much newer and twice as powerful SAAB 9-3 a couple of months back, that wasn't even deemed significant enough of a change to affect the premium.

    So when the annual renewal notice (for year 3 of the 5) arrived in the post this morning, I thought it would be no more than the formality it was this time last year - simply check the details and file the new certificate away. However, I couldn't help but notice that the 'premium due' figure this time around was somewhat different to the previous 2 - it had jumped up by over £100 on the sum that had initially been quoted and agreed.

    Straight on the phone I went - fortunately my 'platinum customer' status furnishes me with a dedicated number that gets through to a human being within seconds rather than spending the rest of my life listening to a recording telling me that "your call is important to us; you are currently position 697 in the queue".

    It transpires that there has in fact been a 'material change' of sufficient stature to trigger this renewal increase. Apparently my inability to move my 44-tonne truck out of the path of a C-Class Merc on the M74 one night last year when its driver fell asleep at the wheel and subsequently rammed into the back of my trailer makes me now a much higher risk to insurers, :realmad: .

    Being the up-front chap I am, I informed my insurer at the time (as one is obliged to do) but thought little more about it other than to remember to plan my work rota around my 'witness for the prosecution' appearance at the forthcoming court case. Now my honesty has come back to bite and it's probably too late to try and recover the additional costs, more as a matter of principle than anything, from the 3rd party.

    Do insurance companies just make these things up as they go along?

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  11. On ‎12‎/‎02‎/‎2018 at 16:07, The Pits said:


    See, now that's what happens when you leave it sitting at the side of the road instead of driving it, and you're not the first owner of a British sports car to fall victim either, :P .............


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