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  1. I've just demolished a very nice piece of Ribeye, accompanied by potatoes, carrots and broccoli - all organic and locally sourced.

    Conscious that I could do even more than I have already to limit my environmental impact, I decided that rather than my usual rare I'd have it blue rare. Less time in the griddle = less gas consumed = healthier planet, ^_^ .

    Delicious it was too!


    blue steak.png

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  2. My abiding memory, from a number of years ago, is of being driven for several laps around Knockhill in an AMG Merc with the great man at the wheel.

    Enjoy your well deserved retirement, Sir. :thumbsup:

    Note to self: must dig out that video tape from the day and have it digitised.

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  3. 22 hours ago, Daniel said:

    Mine are going up next weekend but only because I'm doing some work on the house..... otherwise they would be up this weekend.

    Mine will be going up, if at all, on Christmas Eve.

    Last year, I couldn't be bothered even getting them down from the attic and this year may end up being no different. Bah humbug! :devil:

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  4. On ‎20‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 21:31, Bravo73 said:

    Unfortunately, history has shown that those buyers who are too fussy about their colour combinations invariably have to wait a very long time (if they even ever manage to find their perfect combo). 

    Agreed. My 'perfect' choice was Laser Blue/Oyster.

    I was tempted to stray to another combination a few times but I managed to hold out. In the end it took 15 months to get it but I think it was worth the wait, however agonising it became staring at the personalised 'LOTUS' plates sitting on the shelving in my garage with nothing attached to them.

  5. @DrRick Currently, the solenoid for the valve is triggered by the heated rear screen button - downside of that is that it means I have no screen-clearing facility other than to wait for Toyota to provide sufficient heat, and it cuts off after 15-20 minutes so you have to push the button again to keep it open for longer.

     More recent versions of the backbox (mine was one of 2bular's prototypes) have a remote fob to actuate them so it should be possible to programme one of the Homelink buttons in the roof panel for this function - that's one of the things on my fettling list for the over-winter lay-up.

    Pity I didn't know sooner that you'd be looking for a splitter - I had one (unfitted) until a few months back, when having decided to go for a different bumper instead, I sold it to a guy in the West Country who mentioned on here that he too was looking for one. They're like hens' teeth, so I wish you luck in your quest.

  6. Being of 'that certain age', my pension provider has today sent me an updated projection of what I can expect to retire with in 3 years time.

    In the words of Robbie Williams when he landed his record deal, "I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams".......................................NOT!!! 

    To continue enjoying a lifestyle approaching that to which I'm accustomed from my current salary, I would need to have something close to £2m invested in my pension pot, and then live until I'm at least 106 to be able to withdraw all that I've put in. :angry:

    Whatever they're on, can I just invest the entire sum that I have actually saved in some of that instead?

  7. 3 hours ago, Bravo73 said:

    It sounds to me like the SGS struts are at the correct pressure whilst the original OEM ones might have been too high. 

    I'd maybe better order a set of the OEM ones then if that's the case as I'm about to fit a GRP version of the GTE rear wing which will add a bit of extra weight (I know, so very un-Lotus of me, :blush:) to the tailgate and the current ones (now 7 years old) aren't coping as it is.

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