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  1. @DrRick You have no case to answer - for some reason my dashcam had stopped recording so there is no evidence to present.

    I've got a 2bular valved rear box, with the matching decat pipe on mine. Part of my fettling plan is to fit the headers (and so having lost the primary cats, replace the decat pipe with a sports cat) and also look at the BOE intake. That should give a whole new meaning to the word LOUD, not that it's exactly whisper-quiet at the moment, :whistle:- my good lady informs me that our dogs station themselves behind the front door a good few minutes before I pull up outside whereas if I'm in one of the other cars their reaction time is reduced to just a few seconds.


  2. That's the one!

    Didn't notice the stickers (did notice the plate, and the exhaust note, :thumbup:) as you 'steamed' past. You were mixing it out in lane 3 on the uphill stretch immediately after junction 3 whilst I was slugging up lane 1 in my artic.

    My P&J is already off the road for the winter - a deliberate if somewhat painful decision so that I'm forced to get on with the much talked-about but so-far little-actioned fettling that I have planned for it.

  3. This turned up at a monthly breakfast meet that I attend. I've never seen it around before (I'm sure I would have remembered it!) but I've got to say the Chrome Purple is :wub: , however the orange detailing is more of an acquired taste - the stripes maybe but those wheels, :sick: .


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  4. Took the Evora for her final run before a winter lay-up. I really didn't want it to end, which is probably why I left the house at 9am to take a quick turn through to Glasgow for the monthly Tartan Tarmac breakfast meet and didn't arrive home until 7 hours and 200 miles later.

    She's 7 years old now and nudging 60k miles so there are a few things needing 'fettled' to get her back to better than showroom condition. Hopefully when she re-emerges in the Spring, all the stonechips on the front clam and along her flanks will have been dealt with, the peeling headlamp lacquer will have been rectified along with the handful of dead LEDs in both front sidelights, the interior Oyster leather will have been refreshed, the alloys will have been restored to their previously high-gloss black finish (destroyed by the application of an expensive and highly recommended fallout remover which also removed the surface finish - see pic below, :angry: ), I'll finally have gotten around to having the Motorsport GT4 rear wing that I acquired 18 months ago painted and fitted, and last but by no means least, I'll also have decided which WinAce front and rear bumpers to get after more than a year of procrastination and will have had them painted and fitted as well.

    So a busy few months ahead, but not being able to take her out for a blast is going to be agony.


    Evora wheel disaster.jpg

  5. About 4 o'clock this morning, travelling along the A770 towards Gourock. Was that you @mik?

    I was in the trailer-less artic unit (with the blue marker lights between the headlights) going in the opposite direction as you pulled away from the traffic lights near the McMillan Motors showroom.

  6. I'm afraid that we're now going to have to take a rain-check on this - Jennifer is not too well at the moment as the post-surgery treatment seems to be taking its toll, :( .


    1 & 2 Brian & Jackie - Breakfast & Bunker visit chippy

    3 & 4 Johnny & Audrey - Breakfast, Bunker visit and fish and chips too

    5 & 6 David & Jennifer - Breakfast & Bunker visit or possibly Bunker visit and Chippy

    5 - Scott McCaughran - breakfast, bunker and chippy

    6 - Mark McCaughran - breakfast, bunker and chippy

    7 & 8 -  Kay and Mark - breakfast ,bunker and chippy

    9 & 10 - Mark and Jane - breakfast, bunker and chippy

    11 - Duggie - breakfast, bunker and chippy
    12 & 13 - Sharron and Dave - breakfast, bunker and chippy
    14 - Liam - Breakfast, bunker and chippy I presume. 
    15 & 16 -  Andrew & Alister Breakfast,bunker and chippy.
    17 -  Susan - breakfast, bunker and chippy
  7. I wasn't surprised to be pulled over, I was just surprised it had taken so long, :rolleyes: .

    I had genuinely put the plates on for a car show - the tiny porkie-pie was that it hadn't been the day before but about 6 months previously, :whistle:. In that time, I'd covered about 8k miles all over the UK including a number of trips through Essex where they're not exactly renowned for their tolerance of even the most miniscule motoring misdemeanours. On several occasions, including at least once in that fine east of London county, I'd had a cop car directly behind me with no reaction whatsoever.

    A mate who's a traffic officer in the Edinburgh area said that they wouldn't pull anybody just for just a plate unless it was well-dodgy, but they would introduce it into the conversation if you'd been stopped for some other indiscretion. The guy who stopped me was probably trying to impress the young blonde in his passenger's seat who had her pen poised over her notebook in eager anticipation of her first scalp, :( .

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  8. 20 hours ago, andyj007 said:

    ......................... you might find that someday some  pedantic traffic policeman may decide he doesnt like it as much" 



    If you want to meet one of those, I can 'recommend' Central Scotland.

    I had a traffic Beemer stop the traffic on a busy main road whilst it performed a 3-point turn, then go on full 'blues and twos' as they charged up behind me. I obligingly pulled into the kerbside to allow them unimpeded progress towards the bank robbery, murder, or other heinous crime scene that they were rushing to attend, only for them to pull in and stop too. After the usual "Is this your car sir? opening gambits, I was then informed in no uncertain terms that "You can't have those!" as an accusatory finger was pointed in the direction of my [A L07US A] number plates.

    The plates were fixed on top of the totally legal versions by some strips of Velcro so I quickly removed them, offering the excuse that I'd been at a car show the day before and had simply overlooked them, :whistle:. Apparently, my immediate rectification of this cardinal sin was all that saved me from purchasing 2 tickets to the next police ball at a cost of £100 each, :angry:.

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  9. Slight amendment to our intentions - we can't do all 3 elements as we can't leave the dogs shut in the house all day, and the chippy visit does have a certain appeal, :lol: .

    1 & 2 Brian & Jackie - Breakfast & Bunker visit

    3 & 4 Johnny & Audrey - Breakfast, Bunker visit and fish and chips too

    5 & 6 David & Jennifer - Breakfast & Bunker visit or possibly Bunker visit and Chippy

    7 - Scott McCaughran - breakfast, bunker and chippy

    8 - Mark McCaughran - breakfast, bunker and chippy

    9 & 10-  Kay and Mark - breakfast ,bunker and chippy

    11 & 12 - Mark and Jane - breakfast, bunker and chippy

    13 - Duggie - breakfast, bunker and chippy
    14 & 15 Sharron and Dave - breakfast, bunker and chippy
  10. I've had my 2011 NA for 212  years and covered 27 k miles (now sitting at 59k). In that time, the only 'beat missed' was a failed clutch master cylinder so not a bad reliability record by any standards.

    Brings a huge smile to my face every time I drive it, and will hopefully continue to do so for a long time to come, :thumbsup: .

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