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  1. We only flew with RA once, many moons ago when their aircraft were 'sponsored'  - as I remember outbound was 'The Sun/News of the World' and inbound was 'Jaguar', but I digress. Even back then I wasn't too sure it was a wise decision (you get what you pay for and all that) but they were the only airline with flights available at short notice to where we wanted to be, the Adriatic coast of Italy.

    The flight out was unspectacular - we got to our destination reasonably on time and in one piece so couldn't really ask for more at the price. By the time of our return flight, we had amassed a nice little collection of bottles of wine for our cellar (that's the 3rd cupboard to the right of the kitchen sink, :rolleyes: ) but had them well packed with loads of bubble-wrap in a sturdy box.

    At the check-in desk at Rimini, no problem - "Just take it on as hand luggage, sir". On board the aircraft, a crew member took the box and placed it in a locker in the galley area. Back at Stansted for the flight to Prestwick - "No, you can't take that on board. You'll have to check it into the hold, but not here. You need to go to the desk at the end for fragile and oversize items". OK, so joined another queue and eventually got it accepted for carriage.

    Fast forward to baggage reclaim at Prestwick and what emerged was a sodden lump of alcohol-infused cardboard enclosing a random selection of glass fragments - so much for the 'special' treatment at the fragile desk. Apparently, the next item down the luggage belt was a heavy surfboard which effectively decapitated all our bottles. Bizarrely (or should that be worryingly?) they had still then proceeded with loading the remains into the baggage hold and transporting them to Prestwick rather than calling us back to the desk at Stansted. Nobody would take responsibility and our travel insurance then drew our attention to the 'nothing fragile is covered' clause buried away on something like page 327 of their Ts & Cs.

    I'm not saying that this couldn't have happened with another full-fare carrier, but it certainly soured our one-and-only experience at the budget end of the market, :( .

  2. 19 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    .......................You get jack shit with most US and Canadian airlines in my experience.

    ........and in ours. Flying back to Manchester from San Fran a few years ago on Northwest and they cancelled the Boston to UK leg when we were already seated on the aircraft. Back in the terminal and several hours of faffing about later, we were put on a flight to Paris, where we then had to wait around for 5 hours for a connection 'home'. Meanwhile our baggage went to Amsterdam and sat there for over a week before it was finally returned to us.

    Their compensation for all this messing around.................................................. a $100 discount voucher, valid for 6 months, for a future flight with them. I think I've still got it lying crumpled in the back of a desk drawer somewhere, :rolleyes: .


    Getting back to Ryanair, isn't it ironic that a company who's CEO is not shy when banging on about how worker's rights will be eroded in the UK after Brexit clean forgot about their own worker's rights to have an annual break?

  3. 20 hours ago, Loose Cannon said:

    A lime green V8-S is still on the bucket list. Jawdropping when new.



    Just for you.



    The official name for the colour is Triton Green just in case you need to know. I had a TR8 in that colour - very left field in that 80's world of beige and brown, :lol: .

  4. A quick 'search' didn't reveal anything, so apologies if this has appeared here and I've just overlooked it.

    A guy over in the Alfa forum that I also frequent has just posted up these photos of a fully road legal tandem 2 seater drawing on the Type 49 for its design inspiration - in fact the nosecone is apparently an actual Type 49 item obtained from ACBC himself.

    It's badged "S2 Engineering" as one of the conditions of being able to use the nosecone was that it wasn't badged "Lotus" and is owned by a guy down in Blisland in Cornwall.

    Anybody know anything more about it?


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  5. I'm supposed to be going to an event for my other motoring passion (clue in my user name) at Abbotsford House that day but I've just noticed (and pointed out to the event organisers who were unaware, :rolleyes:) that a lot of the roads down there are going to be closed for the lycra-clad velocipedists taking part in the 'Tour of Britain'.

    Therefore, I may well become a last minute gate-crasher on this instead.

  6. Many's the time in my younger days, I've sat in the Still & West pub there and thought that the ferries to France sailing past looked pretty big at close range but that thing is humungous, :o .

    We did sail down the River Forth when she was still under construction at Rosyth, but with nothing nearby to give an accurate sense of scale it was difficult to appreciate her sheer scale.


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  7. Good to see that the black wheels come with the rim edges pre-scuffed for those that indulge in park-by-feel kerbside parking, :P .

    That rear bumper design is the perfect deterrent for the tailgating Audi brigade - they get too close, you drive slightly off-line and all that lovely gravel in the gutter (or centre-line) gets fired straight into their windscreen, :whistle: :thumbup: .

  8. I had the same issue with mine and couldn't see any easy way of getting them out.

    In the end, I left them in-situ and 'attacked' them with a small paintbrush and bottle of Hammerite Kurust. It does take a bit of time (as in you could lose the will to live whilst you're doing it :rolleyes:) but the end result is quite pleasing with all the rusty bits turning a nice satin black.

    It lasted a good 8-9 months before I felt the need to do it again so it's relatively durable too. The only thing you have to be careful about if you go this route is to wipe-off any splashes on the bodywork with a damp cloth before they dry or you could be left with a stain on the paintwork - it does polish out, but it's just an added chore.

  9. On ‎10‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 10:55, JayEmm said:

    I can confirm the petrol flap does indeed hit the bodywork when opening, and wears the paint. I pointed this out to the factory 17,000 miles ago. I now have a little wear mark on my paint from the flap opening. Hopefully an item that just polish will solve.


    On ‎10‎/‎08‎/‎2017 at 10:58, CocoPops said:

    Keep thinking about making a little strap that is just long enough to stop the flap reaching the body work.

    On my S1, I removed one of the little springs that 'fires' the flap open to introduce some 'added lightness' to the system so now it just pops up clear of the bodywork enough to get a finger in and open it the rest of the way manually.

    Colin P's photo 'stolen' and edited to save me going out in the rain to take a pic of mine.



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