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  1. Off-topic I know, but that is a good road for pushing car components beyond their design limits. For me, on an Alfa club run a few years back, I blew the pressure-relief valve out of the cooling rail on my 159 just as we reached the summit after tackling El Pas de la Casa. At least the huge cloud of steam pouring from the grille added to the head-in-the-clouds feel of the place.

    Alfas in Andorra.jpg

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  2. @Jmanji Thanks for the 'offer' of first refusal on your (hopefully) soon to be redundant OE diffuser but I'd already offered to send mine down to Steve at SA and he replied that he'd much prefer to have a whole car. Although he can fabricate around the dimensions 'lifted' from the old diffuser, he really needs to mount the new one on a car to check and fine-tune all the angles to ensure optimum aero performance.

    Cheers anyway, :thumbsup: .

  3. I'd love to get mine on a 'proper' track day but there is no way it's ever going to pass a noise test. I had a meter on it recently and even with the exhaust valve closed it registered 92dB at idle and 105dB at 3000rpm let alone the 3/4 max revs required in a pre-track test. Maybe I could claim it's a classic F1 car in disguise and see if there's some sort of exemption available? :cry:

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  4. I don't know if it's the onset of senility or just that I need to try harder, but I'm ashamed to admit that I hardly ever push the Sport button. In my defence however, most of my driving is divided equally between in town crawls and motorway blasts with a nice cross-country B-road being an extreme rarity. I do use the ASBO button (opens the exhaust valve independently) at every opportunity though so maybe the 'yoof' in me isn't quite dead and buried just yet.

  5. @C8RKH Andy - it looks like it's down to you or me, 2 of the furthest away from the 'source', to get the ball rolling on this. I was looking at incorporating a visit to SA with a visit to relatives in Stevenage in the near(ish) future - once the worst of the winter weather is past (so that'll be the third Wednesday in August then, :lol: ) - but if you get there first then that's all to the good. I'll keep you posted on developments so we don't both turn up there mob-handed.

    Like you, I've got an ever-increasing list of 'modifications' on my wish-list so any money saved here is then available to spend elsewhere.

  6. 3 hours ago, steamdriven said:
    1. Bibs - Elise S1.
    2. theelanman - Evora
    3. j141 -Evora S
    4. ROJ - Exige V6 Club Racer
    5. bingoking - Evora GTE #8
    6. The Pits - Dry Sump Turbo Esprit
    7. Sparky - Esprit GT3 & clipboard
    8. Sizona - expect Evora GTE #16
    9. ChrisJ - '82 Turbo Esprit
    10. Choppa '86 Esprit S3 (no clipboard, but I'll bring a pen)
    11. Royal - '95 Esprit S4S
    12. Peapod - Exige S2
    13. UNLUCKY FOR SOME! SnoBoardr & Dexter - Evora S
    14. Mayesprit - M100S2 Elan
    15. Pig - '95 Esprit S4 (Maybe) Hi Viz I expect x 2 (One for Wilf) Experienced finger pointing device and do as I ask face - No you cant park in the concours with your mate !!
    16. Dave Eds. Yellow E....
    17. Kevin E -Elise S2 Red
    18. Alex L - Red 2-Eleven
    19. DaveC72 - Evora S
    20. Bazza - Dry Sump Turbo Esprit
    21. Paul-lotusesprit1 Lotus Esprit SE
    22. JAWS - Evora
    23. Rupert - Elise
    24. DanChantler - Evora
    25. Gavin '21GG' - Evora GTE #2
    26. Delhard - S2 Exige RGB
    27. Steamdriven -'98 Esprit GT3 'the purple one'
    28. Alfa2Evora - Evora NA


  7. Checked the coolant this morning after the car having sat since Friday night and the level is right up to the mark - could the heater matrix airlock but the level in the rest of the system look OK? Car was covered in snow this morning and when I removed that layer the interior of all the glass was completely misted over which took an absolute age to clear due to no heat coming through. I'm going to have to get this fixed sooner rather than later as leaving the car running long enough to demist at 9 in the morning is one thing, but if I'm heading off to work at the back of midnight I'm not exactly going to be Mr Popular with our immediate neighbours.

  8. On ‎05‎/‎01‎/‎2016 at 20:32, Gravel said:

    Yes, I've got the same issue - glad it's not just me either :)

    I still think this lovely car needs climate control - my brain's too busy driving to worry about what mix of hot and cold air I need to keep the car comfortable.

    Hot air? What's that? At best, mine does a couple of degrees above ambient - is that similar or am I missing out on something?

    Sounds like it's another item to be added to my list of little niggles to be fixed when I can spare some non-driving time.

  9. It's just the decat and back-box for now - headers and sports-cat on the wish-list along with a raft of other items that will need to be sneaked under the radar of SWMBO. The box is one of Jim's early development versions of the valved one he now offers. On mine, he put all the pipework inside the main casing rather than having all the crossover sections exposed. As a result, there was very little room left inside for sound-packing so mine with the valve closed is probably not far off being as loud as the current ones with the valve open, and with the valve open it's ..................INSANE. I'm sure I've left a few bleeding eardrums in my wake - Al did comment after following me for part of the Rannoch run that he could hear my every change of throttle position, even when I was a fairly small speck up the road.

  10. My hope of avoiding posting in this thread has now proven to be in vain. During the course of the past week or so, what started out as a tiny area of 'discolouration' in the black area at the top of the driver's side light unit has turned into obvious lacquer delamination, having grown to involve over 50% of that 'zone' and flaking off like oversized dandruff. So far, the other light looks OK but who knows?

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