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  1. On ‎11‎/‎12‎/‎2015 at 15:45, Gashead1105 said:

    Anything with gold wheels is awesome. 

    You might want to rethink that statement - I had this in the early 80's, :lol: , although in its defence it did have a 3.5 litre V8 under the bonnet.


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  2. Following on from the thread running in the 'Wanted' section, this item is very nearly ready to come to market. As already mentioned in that thread, the fabricator has produced these for a wide variety of cars on a made-to-measure basis up to now so offering an off-the-shelf mail-order type product is a new departure for him.

    Consequently, to ensure that this diffuser is a perfect fit for all, what is needed now is a volunteer to leave his car with him for a couple of days so that the first production-run diffuser can be fine-tuned in situ. In return, you'll get your Evora back sporting a snazzy new motorsport-style multi-blade diffuser, powder-coated in the colour of your choice, at a nicely discounted price. I'd offer up my own car for this if I weren't 300+ miles away from his facility.

    So, if anybody is in the market for a diffuser and can spare their car not being with them for a day or two, please contact Steve Adkins at SA Fabrications and Motorsport in Hinckley and negotiate a cracking deal. Once this first diffuser is millimetre perfect, he can start taking orders from the rest of us waiting in the wings.


    diffuser 2.jpg

    diffuser 3.jpg

    diffuser 1.jpg

  3. Sorry I didn't make it to this (looks like you had a good one too) but as feared my scheduled end of shift at 8.30 didn't quite materialise. It was gone 2.30 in the afternoon by the time I got to the Edinburgh depot so I didn't think it would really be worthwhile backtracking to Powmill then, :ermm: .

    But hey, at least the world's only factory-prepared excuse for it always looking unwashed Evora was there for you all to enjoy - Sorry Jason, :P .

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    Firstly, the fabricator apologises for the delay since my previous post due to being inundated with orders, including a batch of Evora barge boards for export.

    On the diffuser front, he is making the final tweaks to the aesthetics this week so very shortly we should be seeing the first images of this new 'off-the-shelf' version of what was until now a bespoke product requiring the car to be in his workshop.

    Watch this space - won't be too long now.

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  5. Patience you must have my young Padawan.

    I'll be speaking to the fabricator this week to get his latest update on progress. He was 'up to his eyes' with orders for his existing product range when I last spoke to him but was expecting to get things rolling on 'our' project during November so fingers crossed for news in the not too distant.

  6. My somewhat shaky recording of her farewell flight over East Fortune on 10th October. I'd like to say that the unsteady camera-work was down to my being overcome by emotion at her 'passing' but the reality was that it was a new camera and I hadn't realised just how sensitive to movement it would be at the upper end of its zoom range.


  7. Like those above, I'd also like to express my thanks to Craig for his fettling of my P & J during its 4-day stay with him.

    Serviced (5 year/45k miles), MOT'd, traced the nest of young birds at feeding time (at least that's what it sounded like) to a stretched auxiliary drive belt (like Al's and similarly caused - Ingliston Revival for mine - and I'm equally relieved and grateful that it didn't entail an engine-out repair process), fixed the inoperative high-level brake light and boot interior lights, swapped the 4 tyres for the ones I recently bought in the Lotus production overstock sale, swapped the original Alpine 505 'Blackbird' ICE unit for the much more recent 920 (also from the Lotus parts sell-off) which required a new reversing camera to be sourced and fitted (a bumper-off job) along with a complete rewire of this as the old installation isn't compatible with the newer head units and yet the final invoice (including the contribution to Mr Osbourne's coffers) was still the right side of £1k.

    He phoned me daily with updates and the car was returned like it was just out of the showroom. Fantastic customer service and I wish him every success for the future.


    Written on Craig's Facebook page:

    David Boyd5 star
    Just picked up my Evora from Craig and I can honestly say that, in 40+ years of driving, this has been the best customer... service I have received from any garage. I left him with a fair old list of things to look at and every one has been attended to, I was kept well-informed of progress every step of the way, the car was returned spotless inside and out, and best of all the invoice total was a lot less than I was expecting. I can't recommend Craig and his team highly enough - I'll most definitely not be taking my P & J anywhere else. See More
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  8. Don't know what Difflow use but 'our' UK guy uses 1.5mm alloy, which judging by the stated weights of the finished products must be about the same - Difflow quote 9lbs versus 4kg for the 'local' item.

    Andy, as you're interested in something other than black, will this fit the bill?..................

    green diffuser.jpg

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  9. I'm inclined to agree with you that less is more in the aesthetics department, but he'll do whatever number of elements you desire which will be reflected in the price too - and on the subject he has come back to me this afternoon confirming that the prices would be around the £180 - £200 mark plus another £20 or so for shipping to any UK address. This price includes powder-coating in pretty much any colour you desire, it doesn't have to be the 'standard' black.

    If you want it fitted, I'm afraid you'll need to plan a few days holiday 'darn sarth' as he's based in Leicestershire. He's going to get back to me next week sometime with firmed-up prices and production lead times, although on this latter matter he has warned me that he is up to his eyes with race-car work at the moment so it would probably be mid-November before he could look at starting production.

    So for now, keep watching this space.

    p.s. He can also do barge boards in powder-coated alloy (you can just see them in one of the pics above) for £100 - just wish I'd found him sooner!

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